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21st > January > 2015 Archive

Bush-first NBN build was back to front says NBN Co CEO

David Morrow tells Tasmania building in cities would have given NBN Co experience to tackle tougher spots

Samsung joins BlackBerry in trashing Reuters biz gobble 'exclusive'

Breaking breaking news

Ad agency Turn turns off Verizon's zombie cookies

Privacy chap re-thinking how to stalk consumers in future

ONE in A HUNDRED reported bugs exploited, says Cisco

Why exactly are you in a patching frenzy? Just go home and have a cold one

Notorious skin-flick master Max Hardcore goes limp over namesake dot-com

US government lets domain lapse

Ailing AMD battered by goodwill, inventory charges

Unsold PC product weighs down chipmaker in rocky Q4

Tap sat app gap, yaps Inmarsat chap: Orbiting bird API opened to devs

Satnav to sat-have

Data centre hunger gives Ethernet switch market a boost

Market getting ready for 25/50 Gbps

Polish chap builds computer into a mouse

Mighty mouse is major miniaturisation

Prosecutors have 'EVISCERATED' my defense, cries Silk Road lawyer

Ulbricht's attorney claims 'unfair' treatment after 'hearsay' testimony thrown out

It's a very freaky cloud, the kind you don't take home to mother

Platform9 suggests OpenStack act as SUPERFREAK for vSphere control freak

SoShabby GoDaddy flings patch at domain hijack hole

No fix -chipped security bod drops blog

Network virty comes to VMware's cloud

vCloud Air gets closer to servers-by-the-hour and hangs out the 'startups wanted' sign

Obama makes net neutrality pledge in State of the Union

Promises to protect 'free and open' internet and waves security stick

Wizard of Oz OFFICIALLY 'most significant movie' EVER, says PNAS

Battlefield Earth left unrated by comedy pseudo-boffins

GDS builds UNICORN HERDER, plays with Puppets

To the barricades, taxpayers, they're GIVING IT AWAY (as open source)!

It's 2015 and default creds can brick SOHO routers

Remote reboot and takedown tricks detailed by security chap

Alan Turing's lost notebook goes under the hammer

56-pager has never been seen in public, contains formative comp sci doodlings

Facebook worth more than Portugal? Hell, it's worth a LOT more than THAT

Worstall on WednesdayZuck should have hired ME

Cheer up UK mobile grumblers. It's about to get even pricier

Consolidation mania. Kerr-ching!

Come and Twiddle Tek Gear's one handed keyboard

ReviewLefties rejoice: You can use either hand

Will fondleslab's fickle finger of fate help Windows 10?

Even if it does, Microsoft’s price genie is hard to rebottle

Mega-firm Carphone Dixons toasts £375m profit forecast

Unlikely to bring cheer to 800 made redundant since merger

NASA probe snaps increasingly detailed shots of MOIST DWARF goddess

What lies beneath Ceres' icy mantle?

SECRETS of the LOST SCROLLS unlocked by key to HEALTHY BOOBS

Crispy Roman database yields to cunning scan tomography

'Success'? Verify FAILED for 40% in self-assess tax trial

Good luck with that March 2016 deadline,

God bless Brit biz spending, gushes Computacenter

Group sales up despite weakness in continental ops

Elon Musk snowed under with Googley dollars for Space Internet

Ad giant now owns hefty chunk of rocket firm

Facebook: Yo 'people'! Zap fake news on our giant ad farm, would'ja?

But ridiculing Zuck is FINE

Windows 10, day ZERO ... Will Nadella be the HERO?

Putting success on hold for another two years?

Eurovision tellybods: Yes, you heard right – net neutrality

Broadcasters suddenly start caring about the internet

Copycat drug souk Silk Road 2.0: Another man cuffed

Site had been generating $8m in sales PER MONTH, say Feds

Capita IT Services raises the axe AGAIN

Closes OPENHIVE's last office, puts staff at risk of redundo

Microsoft just saved Windows Phone... Now stop whining

AnalysisMobile platform definitely needs TLC

Memory market climbs out of toilet: ASML reports beefy financials

World's largest semiconductor kit maker says demand is back

Pure Storage confirms EMEA veep Rose has left the building

CEO Dietzen talks up flash, his EMC hire and plans for IPO

Microsoft: Flunked our test? Fear not, techies...

Take a second shot at your Certified Pro exams

Speaking in Tech: Google takes Glass out to the wood shed

PodcastPlease, I'd never use 'password'.. my login is 12345

Evernote says goodbye to Hello, shuts lid on Peek

Oddball experiments canned

Microsoft will give away Windows 10 FREE - for ONE year

Plus, Cortana gets 'Yoda mode'

SCREW you, GLASSHOLES! Microsoft unveils HoloLens

Holographic glasses for Windows 10

Judge to Dish Network: your Hopper's hip, it ain't no Aereo

Ruling excludes service from TV streaming ban

Turnbull says big telcos should subsidise bush comms

Command and control in a free telco market

Snowden SLAMS iPhone, claims 'special software' tracks users

Or at least his lawyer did ... in an interview with state media ... hmm

Oracle opens Uncle Larry's cut-price bit barn emporium

Weary of price vs. performance arguments, Big Red undercuts everyone

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