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19th > January > 2015 Archive

Is is a Bird? Is it a Plane? NO! LOOK OUT it's an ASTEROID!

Low flying 2004 BL86 set to be visible with just binoculars

Verizon sprints to crush FiOS account exposure hole

ALL accounts exposed, private messages accessible

Apache retains perch atop global web server market

Microsoft goes OVER A CLIFF

Siri? Are you seeing another man?

Steganographic man-in-the-middle diddle can force Apple's digital assistant to spill secrets


Presumably a slight latency problem for red planet users

Dongle bingle makes two MEELLION cars open to exploit

Progressive Insurance's Bluetooth fob is a security slob

AT LAST: Australia gets its very own malware

Carberp and Cryptolocker target Aussies with local variants

Microsoft and mate release Azure transporter beam

Open source migration code shunts your IaaS around inside Redmond-land

Alabama tops US teacher-pupil sex league

Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Vermont also right up there

Buggy? Angry? LET IT ALL OUT says Linus Torvalds

'I'm not a nice person and I don't care about you': LinuxLord

Firefox 35 stamps out critical bugs

Nine flaws scrubbed out

Want an Internet of Stuff? Not so 4K-ing fast ... yet – Akamai

Analysis4K speeds long way off, but IPv6 growing – report

Samsung's 850 EVO 1TB SSD appears live ... in 3D

ReviewEnterprise tech for the rest of us

Qubole rains down analytic insights from Hadoop cloud

CommentFacebook-style tools for business development

Migration skills shortage looms as Server 2003 DEATH DATE approaches

179 days to escape Microsoft's day of doom

Just WHY is the FBI so sure North Korea hacked Sony? NSA: *BLUSH*

+CommentDOH! Clapper smacker for crapper tapper

GDS: We might miss our digi-goal. Quick, MAKE IT BIGGER

'Beta' is near-as-dammit 'live', who'd notice that...'

China's Apple? PAH! We're looking for SUCCESS in internet TV – Xiaomi

We've $1bn to back that up – report

Yep, we'll judge WHOLE DARN storage config. Problem with that?

Adios SFS 2008. SPEC SFS 2014 is here – benchmarkers

SFO: 'Insufficient evidence' for conviction over HP-Autonomy deal

UpdatedRegulator notes US watchdog's probe is ongoing

Which of UK's major ISPs will let you have exotic p0rn? NONE OF THEM

Firms vow traffic throttling WON'T damage OTT players

Nice SECURITY, 'Lizard Squad'. Your DDoS-for-hire service LEAKS

You just exposed your users to world+dog, buddy

EU copyright law: Is the Pirate Party's MEP in FAVOUR of it?

Do bears poo in, um, towns? Could the Pope ACTUALLY be a Buddhist?

'If you see a stylus, they BLEW it' – Steve Jobs. REMEMBER, Apple?

Report fingers finger-replacing pen ... for the iPad?

Behold our swollen sales digits, crow Microsoft enterprise partners

Profits harder to come by for some...

Microsoft Outlook PENETRATED by Chinese 'man-in-the-middle'

Gov officials fingered

Alca-Lu's Chinese joint venture in corruption scandal

Manager missing after flinging accusation of insider deals

THREE vans and FIVE people: that's what Telstra needs to fix one fault

Surprise: lightning and copper don't mix


Victims? More like SCAPEGOATS

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