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12th > January > 2015 Archive

Size matters, says Microsoft, as it flops out fat cloud VMs

Azure's instances look gruntier than all cloudy rivals

Symantec wins spot on OpenStack Foundation board

Elections for individual members under way

Malware coders adopt DevOps to target smut sites

Linux VXers are aiming below the belt

Boffins' quantum USB stick trumps fibre optic reliability

Caveat: the 2 Kelvin pants you need to carry it would put you in a state ...

Docker's just a bit dodgy, but ready for rollout says Gartner

The cavalry's coming with crypto, backup and proper management

Google crashes supposedly secure Aviator browser

Goog: 'Your code sucks' ... WhiteHat: 'You sell-out users'

Boybanders ONE DIRECTION launch DoS attack on open-source bods

Teen heartthrobs TAKE DOWN Cardiff conference

DAMN YOU! Microsoft blasts Google over zero-day blabgasm

Choc Factory reveals new flaw 2 days before Patch Tuesday

Security's revamped index of pain readies for release

Comments sought on draft Common Vulnerability Scoring System 3.0 bug rating scheme

It's 4K-ing big right now, but it's NOT going to save TV

CES 2015High-res revs? You spoke too soon, screen giants

In the EU? Setting a 'retain that data' rule? Better comply with e-Privacy

OpinionEU Parl legal bods: There are LIMITS on data-snaffling

Boss splits as Symantec UK consciously uncouples

Simon Moor off as execs line up behind storage or security divisions

HTC Desire Eye: The Android superior selfie shooter

ReviewNarcissism goes hi-res

Cash-burning Box makes yet ANOTHER IPO promise

Now, about those losses you keep posting

Atlantis Computing CEO stands down

+CommentSwaps hotseat with founder

Had a data breach? Well, SPEAK UP, big biz – Obama

POTUS 'n' pals ask Congress to ink law after Home Depot fail

Peers warn against rushing 'enhanced' DATA SLURP powers through Parliament

Counter-Terrorism Bill needs proper scrutiny, says committee

Trial of alleged Silk Road kingpin set to begin

Ross Ulbricht faces seven charges and 20 years' porridge

Hawking and friends: Artificial Intelligence 'must do what we want it to do'

Rise of the Machines*Cough* Don't enslave us *cough*

Android users are massive wan … er … smut consumers

Brits top for tablet content views. Stiffen your sinews

Lenovo, Huawei could face SanDisk FlashDIMM dam – analysts

Preliminary injunction mandated 'in part'

Boomerang rebound: Site shut amid credit card securo-fears

For 'maintenance' read 'oh bugger'

Cut a few BILLION off projected IT spend, m'kay? – Gartner mages

Currency, market, tablets, spending, mutter ball strokers

ROBOT-ON-DRAGON GRABHAND ACTION: SpaceX supply podule arrives at ISS

H2G2-fan 'nauts get mitts on delayed Xmas goodies

I don't think you're ready for this Jelly: Google pulls support for Android WebView

Soz, 60% of active user base, your sh*t is too OLD

IBM: Hey, Intel and pals. Look on our massive patent pile and despair

Tops ranking for 22nd time

Lenovo sings distie initiation song, adds Westcoast to line-up

Chinese biz seeks B2B goodness in Blighty

Activist Elliott gets two seats on the EMC board

Budge up, and welcome their 'added depth and insights'

'American soldiers, we are coming...' US CENTCOM military in Twitter hijack shame

UpdatedBogus 'leaks' posted with threats to families

What do UK and Iran have in common? Both want to outlaw encrypted apps

Tearing down security will make us all secure? WTF

Google v Oracle: US Supreme Court turns to Obama in Java copyright war

Seeks 'views of United States' in code ownership case

SpaceX drone hovership ROCKET LANDER BURN: Musk to try again

PicMay the (hydraulic) force be with you next time this month

Dot-word domains 'a shakedown, designed to get money out of people'

NamesCon keynotes tell uncomfortable truth

Apple Watch support spotted hiding out in iOS 8.2 beta

Integration tools spotted in latest builds

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