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8th > January > 2015 Archive

Australia ignores data retention in summer slack-off

Cops 'n' spooks dominate dribble of submissions to Senate inquiry

Top senator blasts US Homeland Security for leaving cyber-drawbridge down

$700m a year in taxpayer cash blown on IT defenses

Lollipop licked: KitKat still king in Android land

Latest stats show Android 4.4 leading the pack

Microsoft tests waters for cloudy System Center heir

Quiz hints at hybrid cloud omni-manager to rule them all

Google's plan to become your phone company

Unused spectrum could mean higher data rates and lower bills

Antarctic boffins hope stratospheric gravity wave hunter returns to Earth

Telescope circles globe propelled by polar winds

CES: WELCOME YOUR ROBOT OVERLORDS... and, er, co-workers

CES 2015Sheldon Cooper goes to Las Vegas

Hang on a second – Time Lords have added one to 2015

Brace yourself for software SNAFUs in July

Cray, IBM to boost NOAA's super powers

Nine month upgrade to deliver five PETAFLOPS of grunt

Dread Pirate Roberts suspect's defence holed below the waterline

Judge scuppers attempt to maroon some charges for supposed Silk Road skipper

Hey, bacteria: Resistance is FUTILE – boffins grow new super-antibiotic

Drug could save millions of lives lost to killer microbes

Thunderstrike shocks OS X with firmware bootkit

Permanent backdoor affects all Macs packing Thunderbolt ports

Notebook news: Dell does density, but Lenovo's a lot lighter

CES 2015Laptop season brings a pair of intriguing new models

BAN email footers – they WASTE my INK, wails Ctrl+P MP

Bill will now be printed thanks to Parliamentary rules

Windows XP beats 8.1 in December market share stats

Merry Christmas, Satya Nadella

Cryptowall's ransomware's tough layers peeled

Cisco researchers reveal cunning crypto and 64-bit emulation tricks

Pastebin: The remote backdoor server for the cheap and lazy

Web clipboard should be a mainstay of enterprise blacklists

Samsung’s SUPER-speedy SSD is a real power-sipper

512GB drive draws a TINY 2mW: Yes, that's two milliwatts

EU net neutrality: Don’t worry, we’re now safely in the hands of … Latvia

Talk of 'compromise' makes telcos happy. Euro Parliament, not so much

Police radios will be KILLED soon – yet no one dares say 'Huawei'

Why 4G is no solution for emergency services

Get your special 'sound-optimising' storage here, hipsters

CommentIf you believe that, you'll believe anything....

Tesco tosses loss-making Blinkbox into TalkTalk's basket

Oh, BTW, please take our fixed line and broadband too

Channel: IBM stamps us into the dirt in race for cloudy glory

Direct salesmen tap up customers, claim partners

Funster drone jock? Please don’t be a twit – US industry group

CES 2015Insists: We commercial bods stick to rules

Erik Meijer: AGILE must be destroyed, once and for all

CommentEnough of the stand-up meetings please, just WRITE SOME CODE prompt payment promise is POPPYCOCK - NAO

Trickle-down economics ain't happening for subbies

Frontier wipes credit of Elite: Dangerous 'billionaire' badboys

What you gonna do when they come for you

Sony boss: Nork megahack won't hurt our bottom line

O RLY, says top securo-bod with calculator

CES 2015: The good, the mad and the POINTLESS

Breaking FadComing to a living room near you – yikes!

Tesco preps for Big Data Engine dump: Laters, Clubcard dev

Retailer parts ways with Dunnhumby

Lube company merger receiving second 'in-depth' probe

Durex, KY union leaving smaller players without any action - CMA

Users shun flagship digital service

'Service so good' NO ONE USES IT. Money well spent, eh?

Boffins open 'space travel bureau': Come relax on exoplanet Kepler-16b, says NASA

PicsWith neat posters in a 1930s style

Euro Parliament: Time to rethink DRIP, other snoop laws

Report says all blanket data retention violates EU rights

Sphere 3D: Our pop-out 2TB disk product? Of COURSE it's rugged

Tape cartridge replacement

Ukraine PM: Hacktivists? C'mon! Russian spies attacked Gov.DE

Bundestag, Merkel websites blockaded for hours

SanDisk opens its cages, sets its mutants FREE

Spins off borged NexGen amid 'not core business' spiel

Peak Samsung: Bottom line walloped in Chinese mobe, slab war

Q4 profit down '37 per cent' ... but that's still a tidy £3.1bn

Not app-y with VAT: Apple bumps up prices in Blighty, Europe, Canada

UpdatedCupertino gives $10bn to devs but something's upset the Apple cart

US kills EU watchdog's probe into EU cops sharing EU citizens' data

Report sought on banking records handed over to the Feds

Broadband isn't broadband unless it's 25Mbps, mulls FCC boss

4Mbit/s no longer cutting the mustard

Saudi Arabia to flog man 1,000 times for insulting religion on Facebook

UpdatedSo much more civilized than shooting satirists

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