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7th > January > 2015 Archive

Verizon wants to sell 'antiquated' copper assets, stick to wireless for voice

Death knell for wired xDSL

TCL confirms plans to 'bring back' Palm – provided you tell it how

CES 2015Firm seeks input on reviving former PDA king 'in a meaningful way'

Hubble 'scope snaps ENORMO SPACE ERECTION: Pillars of Creation 20 years on

PicsGaze on the awesome Eagle nebula while it's still there

Ford recalls SUVs … to fix the UI

Clueless control placement puts drivers at risk

WAM, bam, thank you QAM

CES 2015MagnaCom uncloaks high capacity modulation at CES

ISS Robonaut gets LEGLESS ... in spaaaace

Busted bot's so high it can't walk or talk

Microsoft lets devs with form skip MCSD exam

If you coded something Redmond approves, you get exam credit

FTC chair worries about IoT privacy in CES speech

CES 2015Wearables and sensors crowd get a warning about acceptable behaviour

Toyota to Tesla: we can play the free patent game as well

CES 2015Thousands of hydrogen fuel cell patents to go royalty-free

You like that E Ink book, huh? How about an E Ink HOUSE

CES 2015Animated patterns painted on walls by ebook screen bods

Buffer overflow reported in UEFI EDK1

Firmware patching scramble begins

The Wi-Fi Alliance wants to get you off Wi-Fi

CES 2015...And onto the Wi-Fi Aware peer-to-peer pingapalooza

Yes, we need two million licences - DEFRA

Just 200 per civil servant, perfectly reasonable

Hackers pilfer $5 MEELLION in BTC from Bitstamp

Exchange promises service - and funny money - will be restored in a day or two

If Europe is against US's Irish email grab, it must pipe up now

AnalysisEuropean Commission still silent despite Ireland's plea

It's 2015 and ATMs don't know when a daughterboard is breaking them

Cash machines pay out after USB module gets a call from a Galaxy S4

Sardine fishing in Kerala: Who benefits from mobile phones?

Worstall on WednesdayHow govt rakes in taxes (DON'T hand them more!)

3D printer bods offer New Year's resolution (geddit?)

Claims it's smaller, faster, cheaper... all thanks to software

UK data cops warn Optical Express to stop spamming 1000s of customers

Look into our eyes: Do we look like we're kidding?

Right, who feels like going to an Ofcom meeting? Anyone? Bueller?

Show 'em how 'public' feels about ‘effective competition’

Elite: Dangerous 'billionaire' gamers are being 'antisocial', moan players

Action Group formed after swingbellies allowed to keep $$

AWS adds multi-account support to control freak console

End of log in, log off irritation for admins

Watch out Seagate: Here comes WD with a hybrid flash/disk drive launch

‘Moving toward simplification of the PC subsystem’

BILL GATES DRINKS 'boiled and treated' POO. Ah, 'delicious'

Microsoft founder trials machine that turns sh*t into gold

DRAM-firm-fattened flash bods double last year's profits

The lesson? Buy Japanese

Burglars' delight no more: Immobilise UK secures property list

Names, addresses, lists of valuables had been at risk

G-Tech goes full lumberjack with drive for hard storage heroes

CES 2015HGST RaW spinner rival to Rugged RAID

IBM hastens END OF HUMANITY with teachable AI 'brain'

Could also bust annoying CAPTCHAs, if that's your thing

NHS refused to pull 'unfit for purpose' leaflet

Who cares if it's untrue, we have a budget to worry about

ALIEN EARTH: Red sun's habitable world spotted 470 light years away

'These are the planets we're looking for' - SETI boffin

Cyber crims put feet up for Chrimbo: 2014's seasonal retail breaches fell

The bad news? Attacks are continuing to evolve

Stuck on a coding problem – should you Bing it?

Bing Developer Assistant brings web search to Visual Studio editor

LOHAN sponsor Pulse-Eight: Supplier of hi-def TV to dogs

SPB's mutt pack applauds HDMI extender kit

Cloud Backup stew in Docker container? Check – Asigra

Claims 6x app density increase

Meru Networks ready to DECIMATE its workforce

Sales stumble leads to global re-org, 1 in 10 to go

Aw, don't be iDict! Apple kills brute force iCloud cracker

Nefarious activities? I did it 'cos I could – hacker

Right to be forgotten? That’s not Google’s call – data MEP Albrecht

And don't you dare swap our privacy for, um, potatoes

Speaking in Tech: The Interview? PAH. Nobody'd bother if the Norks had kept quiet

Podcast'Made nowt at the box office ... still earned $31m'

ALIEN fossils ON MARS: Curiosity snaps evidence of life

Pics'Worm' trails in lake bed remarkably similar to Earth rock

Intel offers big bucks for black women

CES 2015CEO pledges $300m and exec pay tied to new diversity goals

FBI boss: Sony hack was DEFINITELY North Korea, haters gonna hate

Claims Nork IP addresses tell the tale

4K off, Google Fiber: Comcast, Broadcom tout 2Gbps cable

Assuming streaming sites can keep up

BlackBerry: Internet of Things! Smartwatches! Anything but the sound of a flushing toilet

CES 2015On-wrist BBM touted to help bowl-swirling biz

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