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6th > January > 2015 Archive

Cheap Android phones? Bah! How about a $29 mobe from Microsoft?

New Nokia 215 brings mobile internet on a budget

Australia: even more empty than you imagine

Stats boffins make squares of us all

Google casts about for wireless audio

Chocolate Factory-powered speakers on the way from Sony, Denon

THREE MILLION Moonpig accounts exposed by flaw

Custom tat outfit p0wned, hard, by simple API flaw

HTTPS bent into the next super-cookies by researcher

Even your security can be abused

GoGo in-flight WiFi creates man-in-the-middle diddle

Join the mile-high club by getting screwed with fake certs

Sony's well and truly 4Ked with skinny TVs and cheap cams

CES 2015Kaz and Co. crack the $1K barrier for 4K Handycams

Siri, are you afraid of Facebook's new speech recognition tech?

Zuck & Co gain mobile speech APIs with gobble

Boffins spy I in your little eye

Reflections on the cornea contain recognisable images

Marriott: The TRUTH about personal Wi-Fi hotel jam bid

We'll just block conference and convention areas instead

The weirdly-synched life of the Google Nest household

Like The Truman Show, only in the cloud

A Cambridge boffin told me YOU'RE A BIG, FAT LIAR

Brainboxes develop fib-detecting tech

Samsung forks 4K with Tizen tellies

CES 2015Some UHD sets are more equal than others, says Korean colossus

Snowden leaks lack context says security studies professor

Slideware is not a good place to start asessing an intelligence program says OMG Cyber! author Thomas Rid

IDC: Who's HOT and who's NOT (in object storage) in 2014

EMC's presence shrinks

Suits vs ponytailed hipsters: What's next for enterprise IT

CommentEnrico tells you what you won’t see in 2015

'Open' SIMs, brain chips and Google's Nest: What to expect in wireless in 2015

AnalysisWe look at events that will shape the industry this year

Micron stacks its 3D NAND high in 2015

Technology continuing to scale with ‘higher densities, lower cost per bit’

Twitter hit by giant go-slow days after last mega-wobble


UKIP website TAKES A KIP, but for why?

UpdatedDomain name doesn't expire until next year ...

Avnet TS names vet Zammit as global el presidente

Man from Brussels dispatched to improve distie's fortunes

FREE EBOOKS: Apple falls into line with EU refund laws

Buy digi-thing, return within 14 days. What could go wrong?

SpaceX ROCKET HOVER-SHIP space station mission now on Friday

Bringin' it down on its tail

Cap’n Ericsson and his great SEABORNE CLOUD wheeze

CES 2015A life on the ocean wave, a node on the rolling deep

Kodak fires a Bullitt at oldsters with 3G mobe launch

CES 2015Point-and-shoot mobe to sell more printer paper, perhaps?

Dev put AWS keys on Github. Then BAD THINGS happened

Fertile fields for Bitcoin yields - with a nasty financial sting

Samsung revs flashy 1TB road warrior (then crawls away)

CES 2015Handy, easily moved about, pretty secure too

No one trusts Oracle, shrieks CCL as cloudy ball misses its goals

If only they did as I want them to, sighs pressure group

Alien Earths are out there: Our home is not 'unique'

'Recipe for habitable planets' issued by Harvard

Lenovo: We now OWN IBM's shrinking Euro server biz. It's OURS!

Happy New Year HP et al, the Chinese are coming for ... you!

Dixons Carphone bye-bye'd 800 staff since merger

Half went from Dixons' Hemel HQ as folk say 'meh' to Acton

Ex-Microsoft Bug Bounty dev forced to decrypt laptop for Paris airport official

Airside Clouseau in search of something, anything

'Twas the night before Christmas, and Rossi was OUT!

Not an Acer bod stirred as pres left EMEA house

Chip bods ride the Snapdragon, yell: Mobes are consoles, lightbulbs are mobes

CES 2015Pumping Qualcomm's 810 crazytech

Qualcomm prez says nowt about $1bn China fine rumours

CES 2015Aberle remains tight-lipped on speculation

Arrr: The only Pirate in European Parliament to weigh in on copyright

Hmmm. What do YOU think 19 January report will say?

Mock choc shock: 3D candy printer is good news for sweet-toothed swingbellies

CES 2015Bad news: It squirts Hershey's

Morgan Stanley fires rookie for stealing thousands of fat cats' financial files

Bank lost data on 10 per cent of its most valuable customers

Tor pedo torpedoed: Ex-US cybersecurity guru jailed for 25 years in abuse pics sting

Maintains innocence, claims he was just trying to 'defeat Tor'

Brandis and PwC silent on Xmas Eve metadata quiz

No comment on 36-month metadata retention question and timing of consultation

Microsoft flings Office apps for Android slabs at world+dog

Right, never mind that iPad, then

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