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5th > January > 2015 Archive

VMware planning 'biggest launch' on Feb 2

vSphere 6, step into the spotlight

By the power of Xbox, WE HAVE THE POWER! - Leakers publish One's SDK

Sandbox poppers may have may have Halo 5

Even China's Academy of Science thinks wearables are privacy problem

Multi-boffin study says users need more information before they share data

Saudi Arabia hires 'ethical hackers' to silence smut slingers

The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice strikes again

This one shall pass! Not even a flesh wound from ‘Monty Python’ SPACE ROCK

Comic asteroid set to return in five years, but with no new material

Nvidia flops out teraflop X1 for self-aware cars

CES 2015New Tegra chip boasts 256 GPU cores, 8 CPU cores, and is baked into car kits

You're late, Falcon 9: Look what you've done to NASA’s DSCOVR launch!

Windy instrument's lift-off held up until after 29 Jan

Finally, some recognition: 'Selfi' snaps Spanish Word of the Year

No escape from these egotistical, ubiquitous, self-indulgent self portraits

Snooker WPA secrets with this Wi-Fi tool

Jammed and canned

‘Get off of my Cloud’ Verizon tells users ahead of 48-hour maintenance outage

Still able to upload morphed pics of Douglas Jardine though

Elite:Dangerous goes TITSUP

Rift in space-time crashes servers, freezes cargo bays and relocates players

Software-defined everything: So, WHEN is the 'future'?

Claims of invisibility and IT ‘as a service’ need to be tested

NoSQL pioneer to inject your database with ACID

FoundationDB fires up NoSQL-engine strategy

Whew, US cellcos... Better find a new revenue stream, QUICK

AnalysisValue crashes across American mobile companies

Double-digit tablet growth spurt is OVER, say pundits

Crystal ball gazers reckon fondleslab sales are set to slow

Facebook privacy policy change leaves Dutch stomping feet

Google also giggling from Irish data law haven

Finnish bank takes cricket bat to wave after wave of DDoS varmints

When they were up, they were up, and when they were down...

Seagate makes CES splash with $99 drive, 'personal' cloud offerings

CES 2015Two 500GB external drives, new brand... and, er, new cloud

VMware: Storage data functions can and will migrate to flash media

CommentSpeed and simplicity

Sales flat for takeover-tastic Brit IT bods Daisy Group

Continued losses could bode ill for nearly private biz

Ladies and trolls: Should we make cyberbullying a crime? – Ireland

Legal watchdog wants public help on possible new laws

Mirror, mirror: Seagate shows off 1TB data shiny at HDD beauty contest

CES 2015Glorified desk toys fight for floorspace at tech show

No cellphones in cells, you slag! moots prison mobe zap law

Best hope you're not a PAYG user outside Pentonville

End well: this won't. European Copyright Society wants one EU law to rule 'em all

Not as if members have hugely divergent IP traditions, right?

NASA to launch microwave SPACE LASSO to probe Earth's wet spots

VideoWater a great idea

About 4King time: Panasonic finally reveals voice-control Firefox OS TVs

CES 2015Plus full HD camcorders and home spycams

RMIT boffins fast-track space junk search

Got five seconds? That's all you need to spot a flying tin can

TPG unplugs NBN rival fibre to the basement service

Requirement to create wholesale service proves too painful

SpaceX: CATS with FRIKKIN' LASERS to blast off to space station

PicWhat's inside the Dragon Capsule bound for orbiting lab

Intel touts tardy Broadwell Core CPUs for laptops, PCs

CES 2015Expect first devices on store shelves this month

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