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31st > December > 2014 Archive

Survey: Tech has FREED modern workers – to work longer hours

Internet, email make you more productive, more of the time

NASA preps lobotomy for Opportunity rover to cure amnesia

A decade on Mars and it's losing its marbles

El Reg tests portable breathalyzers: Getting drunk so you don't have to

Putting booze readers through the paces (all for science, of course)

If BT gets EE, it will trigger EU treasure hunt for fixed lines

OpinionExamining the motives of EU telco 'old boys' networks

Really, govt tech profit cash grab is a PRIZE-WINNING idea?

Worstall on WednesdayWhere's the incentive to innovate?

El Reg's Giant Mobile Industry Roundup of 2014

Part 1iPhone-gasms, a Wintel for phones and more...

Office MACROS PERIL! Age-old VBScript tactic is BACK in biz attack

'Office macro exploits only cool thing Visual Basic used for,' quips securobod

T-Mobile US CEO on wearables: 'Apple Watch is the tipping point'

...and contracts are history, says crystal-ball-gazing bigwig

Stale pizza, backup BlackBerrys, payroll panic: Sony Pictures mega-hack

What went down when it all, er, went down

QWERTY-tastic BlackBerry Classic actually a classic

ReviewBack to the future with jolly useful tool

No wind-up: Second New Year's honour for Baylis music box

Hoberman and former Dragons' Den star Caan also awarded medals

Universal Pictures told off for scaring kids with nasty vid

ASA asks: 'Won't somebody please think of the children'

World, face Palm: PDA brand to RISE FROM THE GRAVE

Chinese mobe maker bags trademarks from HP

Want to have your server pwned? Easy: Run PHP

Over three-quarters of all installs are insecure, research shows

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