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26th > December > 2014 Archive

LG Flow punches Sonos right in its portable battery speaker hole

Also: Bonky play tech for seamless cans handoff

'I've got a brick feeling about this' - El Reg's guide to the best Lego films + TV

Ditch the Christmas Radio Times, surf this lot

Festive post-pub noshtastic neckfiller: HEARTY HOG MAW

Offally good pig haggis (piggis?) from the cheery Pennsylvania Dutch

White hats do an NSA, figure out LIVE PHONE TRACKING via protocol vuln

SS7 hole already used in Ukraine & Russia

Mobe not-spots 'landmark deal'? We ain't thick, Javid

Coverage increase promise is (mostly) cobblers

Online armour: Duncan Campbell's tech chief on anonymity 101

Crypto toolbox, Part IIOf Tor, TAILS and Jabber

BOFH: A miracle on PFY Street

Episode 17Secret Santa shamescapades...

Dotcom 'saved' Xmas for Xbox – but no one can save Sony's titsup PlayStation Network

UpdatedRotund baron pays off gang to end DDoS spree

Tesla parades sleek model body and fab batt at Roadster fans

More power + less drag = 400-mile range between charges website hacked: Scan your PC for malware if you stopped by

Cryptographically signed BIND, DHCP code safe, we're told

NSA's Christmas Eve confession: We unlawfully spied on you for 12 years, soz

Agency cynically dumps blunder dossier at 1:30pm on Dec 24

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