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24th > December > 2014 Archive

Hack flings bootkits from Macs' Thunderbolts

Thunderbolt not lightning, very, very frightening

POS malware crooks hack IP cams to validate targets

Is that a cash register or are you just pleased to see ,e?

ICANN's technical competence queried by Verisign report

EXCLUSIVEUpcoming dossier highlights dozens of problems with domain name overseer

Rackspace restored after DDOS takes out DNS

11-hour incident blocked traffic from reaching and some subdomains

Devuan rebels hope to deliver Debian fork in 2015

343 people on the mailing list, €3,473 in cash and systemd replacement under way

2014: The condensed conference keynotes

We sit in the dark to bring you disruptive enlightenment

Makers of Snowden movie Citizenfour sued by ex-oil exec

'The film glorifies international espionage for profit' it's claimed

Privacy-loving boxing kangaroo biffs drone out of the sky

Testy marsupial mum deals harshly with electric pest

Windows Phone bumping along the bottom

Microsoft's stats for developers advise them to aim low … in Russian or Spanish

Cambridge boffins and Boeing fly first hybrid airplane over British skies

VideoNew battery technology shows promise for future flying

Internet community split on who should run IANA

ICANN Board pushes for ICANN control; others disagree

2014 AD: A year in storage. STILL not enough nails for the disk coffin lid

Beard StrokeFat lady's not singing, but she is sitting on it

Pond, rocks or quicksand in your 1km garden? Get a rugged DECT phone

Help! Muriel! Wolves are overhauling the ride-on!

We can change a bit from 0 to 1 WITHOUT CURRENT, say boffins

And we can do it at room temperature. Ha! Stitch that

Grab a SLIM MODEL for Xmas cheer: Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact

ReviewSony's new small slab pulls Nexus 9’s hair and steals its lunch money

Mysterious STAR set to appear on Christmas Eve above Blighty: The ISS

No forecast of wealthy Oriental visitors following, however

Vid: Reg lecture launches readers from Clerkenwell to outer space

Reg LecturesWe lay on liquid and solid fuel, naturally

Microsoft promises open plan mobile Office. Who sits by the Windows?

Open Document? DropBox? Check. Google Drive? NOOO

Q*bert: The Escher-inspired platform puzzler from 1982

Antique Code ShowYou had to be elegant then, there was no brute force option

Xiaomi: It really ISN'T a biz-miracle idiot tax like Apple

Worstall on WednesdayChinese customers won't pay Cupertino's 50 per cent markup

Internet governance group pushes on without, er, internet organizations

We're going to Davos, baby!

Ireland: Hey, you. America. Hands off Microsoft's email cloud servers


Wanna play PlayStation games but don't have a console? Samsung's got a TV for that

2015 models to include built-in support for PlayStation Now

Sony releases Nork flick The Interview straight to DVD (digital video download)

Oh look, like we totally didn't see this happening

Judge kills Facebook's bid to dismiss private message sniffing case

Users will get their day in court

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