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23rd > December > 2014 Archive

Stop Xiaomi, oh stop Xiaomi: Samsung to debut Tizen mobe in India in January

Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before

Australia's IT industries were repeatedly humiliated in 2014

Metadata farce capped a shocking year for tech policy

FCC hits pause on Comcast-TWC gobble AGAIN

More time needed to review documents, say feds

Apple scuttles NTP flaw in OS X – with 'first ever' silent auto update

Don't start that holiday just yet, admins…

NASA's 'crazy' plan yields dramatic pictures of our X-ray Sun

NuSTAR could solve the riddle of the flaming ice cube

Facebook slammed for blocking protest event page at Russia's request

That's a big NYET to you, with love from Zuck

Sucker for punishment? Join Sony's security team

Wanted: experienced hacker to pen 'cohesive vulnerability management strategy'

Microsoft patch mashes Office forms and macros

Fixing Redmond's fixes … AGAIN!

Frustration with Elite:Dangerous boils over into 'Refund Quest'

>> You are trying to secure a refund from an unscrupulous developer

Telstra goes for Chinese takeaway with Pacnet buy

AUD$697m buys Australian carrier bit barns and subsea cables across Asia

Reg Oz chaps plot deep desert comms upgrade

We'll be heading back to the remote community of Willowra in 2015

Solar-powered bra maker suffers 20,000 TITSUPs all at once

Firm tells women to take them off immediately

Who wants SLEEP DEPRIVATION for Christmas?

Boffins say iPads-as-books mess with your circadian rhythms

Easy Tinder prank hack lets you play stupid cupid

Engineer details method for 45-minute romp arranging dates for unwitting mates

China fingered for Afghan Govt attacks

Aussie embassy among Govt websites serving malware

EU flings €1m at open source security audit wheeze

Might also think about encrypting stuff. Maybe. You know... next year, perhaps?

Elasticsearch tells us all about its weighty Big Data tool

Customers include EMC and Cisco, says firm

HOLD IT! Last minute gifts for one's nerd minions

Sysadmin blogLate? Not according to my corporate NTP server, sonny

Doh! WikiLeaks' PDF viewer springs XSS vuln

Just link directly to the docs, says frustrated surfer

BT takes broadband to NEW PLACES. That's right: CITIES

Will ‘cabinets in the basement’ be the next big thing?

Google it! Ruskie gov user data slurps jumped 25% last year

Let it Snowden, let it Snowden, let it Snow ...

Nimble lives up to name after eating flashy DIMM brekkie

AnalysisGetting data quickly to the heart of the compute

Google rams Landfill Android into Indian Ocean folks' faces

Pakistan temporarily escapes Android One launch

Oracle snaps up Facebook data slurper Datalogix

Database giant wants your 'comprehensive consumer profile'

GCHQ: We can't track crims any more thanks to Snowden

Whinge, whine, sniffle, et cetera

Outsourcer Capita snaps up Solid State Solutions for undisclosed wonga

Year of the Gobble for acquisition-happy biggun

Blind justice: Google lawsuit silences elected state prosecutor

CommentMountain View moneybags tip the scales

JPMorgan Chase mega-hack was a simple two-factor auth fail

Bank bods didn't follow security 101, mayhem happened

Revealed: This year's STUDENT RACK WARS winner

HPC blogUnprecedented and surprising ISC’14 Kluster Kampf results analyzed

CLOUD-to-CLOUD backup: A chasm-Spanning leap

CommentIt's gonna boom as public cloud use for apps grows

Shock! Nork-grating flick The Interview WILL be in cinemas – Sony

A beautiful sight, we're hyping tonight. Walking in a Sony wonderland

Hilton, Marriott and co want permission to JAM guests' personal Wi-Fi

Let's get ready to grumble

Apple and Microsoft backed Rockstar flogs zombie Nortel patents for $900m

New owner claims it will use portfolio only for good

Australia's future tech news headlines ... for 2016!

In which Vulture South hacks peer into a beer glass and see Telstra buying a bit of NBN Co

New Zealand Supreme Court says Kim Dotcom search warrants were legal

Which means it's time for him to PAY UP, again

FCC: A few (680,000) net neutrality comments lost in 'XML gaffe'

Views vanish in IT cock-up – claim

Uber apologises for Sydney siege surge pricing SNAFU

An apology The Fonz would be p-p-proud to have uttered

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