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22nd > December > 2014 Archive

One third of servers, storage and switches are sold to clouds

$6.5 BEEELLLION of cloud sales per quarter, half to public clouds

IsoHunt releases roll-your-own Pirate Bay

Open source 'OpenBay' gives YOU the chance to become Cop-bait

Dangerous NTP hole ruins your Chrissy lunch

Sysadmins: Down beers and patch now!

Microsoft shutters Office 365's free web site service

Feature won't be replaced but price stays the same

STAY AWAY: Popular Tor exit relays look raided

USB plugged into Atlas, Global servers before control was lost

Working over Christmas? Government tech suppliers will be

Network Services tender and 700 questions cause Xmas upset, delays

Space Commanders lock missiles on Elite's Frontier Devs

Elite: Dangerous launches but offline mode rebels have gone guerilla

Hackers pop German steel mill, wreck furnace

Phishing proves too hot for plant

YEAR of the PENGUIN: A Linux mobile in 2015?

Choh. Just as they sort the desktop out, bloody PCs disappear

Big Blue stuffs data into backup at GIGABYTES/sec

Unparalleled results from parallel system in German trials

Irish data cops will be ROLLING in CASH for 2015

Emerald Isle won't rule the whole of Europe's personal data, though

What's Jimmy Wales going to do with $500k from the UAE?

He's gonna set up one of them darn foundations, of course...

Careful - your helmet might get squashed by a Volvo

Car-dodging tech for cyclists unveiled's a good thing? Tell us WHY, thunders watchdog

Patients need more info before letting world+dog read their med records

BONK for CASH in Brixton and help us EAT the RICH

Contactless payments, meet South London’s anti-gentry

Sneaky hackers slurped $15 MILLION from banks

ATM malware, remote employee monitoring – you name it, they did it

Sound and battery: 20 portable Bluetooth speakers

Product RoundupMusic on the move

Flash breaks free from the storage flat earth society

An exit route from the trap

Bitcoin exec gets two years over illegal Silk Road funny money trading

'Knowingly and wilfully' involved, says judge

EU breaks 'legally binding' lobbying register promise

Plans reveal only a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ on unregistered infuencers

NUKE HACK fears prompt S Korea cyber-war exercise

Reactor blueprints leaked on social media

Symantec becomes Gold OpenStack member - while suing it

Keep your friends close, and your enemies ...

Fancy a .trust domain? How's $150,000 sound?

Pricing gone crazy or an effort to control domain sales?

Google's first stab at control-free ROBOT car rolls off the line

No steering wheel, no brakes; Total Recall's Johnny Cab has arrived

Split could force NetMundial Initiative back to the drawing board

Technical community gives ICANN a slap over net governance overreach

Edu-apps may be STALKING YOUR KIDS, feds warn

Vendors scolded over possible privacy violations

Norks' internet goes TITSUP in possible DDoS attack

Complete outage for Little Kim's kingdom

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