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17th > December > 2014 Archive

Gigabit-over-TV-cable spec DOCSIS 3.1 passes interop test

Saviour of Australia's National Broadband network edges closer to real-world deployment

Screwball ruble closes Apple's Russia store, whole kit and caboodle

Crazy exchange rates force iGiant to give up for now

Back dat app up: Microsoft opens Azure Backup to Windows PCs

Cloudy data protection no longer just for Windows Server

Google bakes W3C malware-buster into Gmail

Content Security Policy standard means non-complying extensions SHALL NOT PASS!

It's whiff, Jim, but not as we know it: Curiosity sniffs ORGANICS on Mars

But David Bowie still waiting for his answer

Telstra scores deal to drive data to Teslas

At last! The information superhighway comes to Australia

FCC to smack Sprint with $105m fine over 'cramming' – report

Stuffing customers' bills with bogus charges will cost it

IBM and Red Hat power up for virtualisation on Power systems

Billion-buck-bet on Linux bears fruit

30,000 people buy a box of BOVINE EXCREMENT

Cards Against Humanity pwns its customers (or provides a 'life lesson')

Pacnet becomes 'potential' prey for Australia's Telstra

Oh great. Dominant telco from five eyes member bidding to buy US-to-Asia cables

Why is ICANN rushing its 'UN 'net security council'? So it can be announced at Davos

Fascinating tale of world elites, anti-NSA rumblings and the web's future

At last! Something else for smartwatches to do as BMW promises park-by-wristjob demo

GPS-free parking proposed thanks to carpark plans baked into beemers

HOW MUCH did WD pay for Skyera? Join the dots, work it out

CommentWD gros fromage: It wasn't $400m

Beware of merging, telcos. CHEAPER SPECTRUM follows

Worstall on WednesdayHOW will shareholders rip off taxpayers now?!

UK cops caught using 12 MILLION Brits' mugshots on pic database

'Reliability' of face-matching tech vexes legal eagle

Profit-shy Instagram adds 5 new filters for hipster-photo types

Wow. So photograph. Much lighting. Very colour

EU VAT law could kill thousands of online businesses

Selling knick-knacks? Register or face taxman's wrath

Speaking in Tech: MICROSOFT to buy out TWITTER? Nah

PodcastBlabbermouths' site could become the new Skype

London teen pleads guilty to Spamhaus DDoS

Sentence will be passed in January next year

Keep an eye on those Object Storage critters, y'hear?

StoragebodAnother year in bits, bytes, and bods

NY premiere of The Interview cancelled after hackers' terrorist threats

GoP hint at 9/11-style attack for screenings of Nork assassination movie

Dixphone's half-year P&L accounts are in. So much RED INK

Restructuring charges wipe out 'barnstorming' UK sales at Frankencorp

Dr. Dobb's Journal sails into the sunset - yet again

Specialist programming site will post no new content

ASA slaps Ebuyer AGAIN - this time for ignoring regulator

Toothless watchdog growls, firm says 'LA LA LA, WE'RE NOT LISTENING'

Little big phone: Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, a toothsome hand-fulla Android

ReviewLess really is more this time

American bacon cured with AR-15 assault rifle

SPB chief takes up arms against Stateside culinary outrage

Can't stop Home Depot-style card pwning, but suppliers will feel PCI regulation pain

Third parties must comply to new standard

If 4G isn’t working, why stick to the same approach for 5G?

AnalysisTalkin' 'bout an evolution...

Could Cisco's Intercloud give it another chokehold on the Internet?

InterviewWe asked senior veep Nick Earle what it means

ICANN HACKED: Intruders poke around global DNS innards

Spear-phishing attack timing couldn't be worse for domain name overseer

ESA: Venus probe doomed to fiery death on weird planet's surface

Nine years of exploration ending up as Venusian rubble

Pitch Black: New BlackBerry Classic is aimed at the old-school

Hands onThis mobe is all tool belt and braces

Microsoft says to expect AWESOME things of Windows 10 in January

Next build to be a major update

Sony looks at unpopular Google Glass, shouts 'ME TOO!'

Electronics giant wants to clip a computer to your specs

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