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16th > December > 2014 Archive

Branson sinks sub dream: Plan to explore Earth's bottom scrapped

Deep-sea tourism craft won't be happening after all

Watch out, Samsung! 3 of top 5 smartphone makers are now Chinese

Xiaomi, rivals gnawing at Korean firm's lunch

Chrome devs hatch plan to mark all HTTP traffic insecure

Browsers tell us when content is secure, but not when to feel NAKED AND AFRAID

Sony hackers dump more hunks of stolen data, promise another 'Christmas gift'

Still creepily trying to woo Sony staff too

Terror bomb victims demanding Iran's .ir will appeal US ruling

Judge's uncertain decision to face scrutiny

Microsoft to open source HALO's cloudy back-end

Azure, meanwhile, advances its hybrid march

Microsoft opens smiley-kids jangly guitar doc-maker to all

Heir apparent to Word and PowerPoint, 'Sway', gains UNDO function

easyGroup railroads owner

Let's do the timewarp again

France says 'non' to UberPop

Ridesharing service hit with ban by Le Frenchy Feds

Ofcom mulls selling UK govt's IPv4 cache amid IPv6 rollout flak

CommentStrategy picked apart by own expert

El Reg's mighty rocket spaceplane Vulture 2 arrives in US of A

LOHAN's massive box thuds down in the Mile High City

European Commish asks for rivals' moans about

It's illegal and anticompetitive for people to know where to get the lowest price

EMC: People are going to be FLASHING their RACKS next year

And I for one am very excited at that prospect

Ofcom's new broom Sharon White sweeps into office

Fresh chief will replace Ed Richards in election year

Goes like the blazes: Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 late 2014 edition

ReviewDolby Atmos enabled fondleslab, anyone?

Server SANs: Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater

Killing shared array complexity

Amazon workers in Germany stage Christmas strike

Frequently-revolting staff stomp off for three days

Banks, must work together to beat cyber-nasties

BoE also warns of IT failures 'exacerbating' sector instability

FLASH! Aaa-aaah. 3D NAND will save every one of us

Comment19TB flash cards? Not as far off as you might think SLASHES ICT frameworks by more than HALF

Where the hell's our support, shout disgruntled SMEs

Penguin porn? NO! Linux folk in #LCA2015 standoff

Live Cam Awards or Linux gabfest? Hmmm...

IBM: Get yer cloud services! Analytics, mobile, ten a penny

Mouthpiece gives us pile of guff about Cloud Marketplace - so we cut through it

Human hair will soon be found on moon: Brit astronauts aim for Space

Lunar Mission One hits crowdfunding target

Oi, channel peeps. Stop giving money to AWS for IaaS - EMC

Build your own hybrid cloud for apps and give the bricks 'n' mortar cash to us

Unlock your mobe by STROKING it with your PEARL

1. Ram silicon into hapless mollusc. 2. ???? 3. Profit

IS there anything sexier than hype-converged systems?

CommentFirst Map Reduce, then Hive/Impala, but what’s next?

Boggling bum babe Kim fails to 'break the internet' – Robin Williams instead tops Google charts

Millions search for comic online after star's death

NASA asks world+dog to name Mercury's craters (back off, 4chan)

Can't wait for Messenger probe to crash into Crater Moot

Apple WINS iPod antitrust fight, jury nixes BILLION-dollar payout bid

Cook & Co defeat long-running suit over scrubbed MP3s

Sony sued by ex-staff over daft security, leaked privates

What if movie studio loses? Big biz liable for big data blunders?

Google Cloud gets 'snappy' with Ubuntu Core support

Canonical's Docker-friendly micro-OS arrives on Compute Engine

How does the US government run the internet? This is how

Step-by-step guide to IANA role in global DNS revealed

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