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15th > December > 2014 Archive

Sony to media: stop publishing our stolen stuff or we'll get nasty

Is this the moment celebrity rags get busted for making stuff up?

Uber surge pricing kicks in during Sydney siege

UpdateBig bucks go to drivers, passengers go free

Pirate Bay towed to

Isohunt claims to have tossed copy of Pirate DB into a lifeboat

Swiss McDonalds serves up no-holes-barred cheesy action to punters

Hot muffins on the menu as staff 'concentrate on serving customers'

Parallels to adopt Docker as native app format in Cloud Server

Early container enthusiast forced aboard the bandwagon

MARSQUAKES shook up range of hills in ancient lake bed

Xenogeologists release new map of 'Candor Colles' down low in the Valles Marineris


sdaehbus fo esrevinu egnarts eht si ti ylbaviecnoC

Win Server 2003 custom support: That's NOT going to be fun

Forrester: Forget profits, Microsoft just won't want to do this

Four tuner frenzy: The all-you-can-EEat TV Freeview PVR

ReviewEnough functionality to fight YouView et al?

Plusnet could face DATA BREACH probe over SPAM HELL gripes

ExclusiveICO tells El Reg it's gathering evidence

LOHAN's Plucky Playmonaut touches down at Spaceport America

El Reg recce team scouts New Mexico facility

UK banks ill-prepared for return of the rabid POODLE

Only 4,096 requests needed to uncover a 16-character cookie

Samsung brings out new longer-lived 1TB Flash podule for PCs, notebooks

Write cycles to write home about

Independent inquiry into British air-traffic-control IT nightmare

Vince Cable accuses NATS of 'skimping' and running 'ancient' systems

Secretive Chinese smartmobe colossus Xiaomi is on wafer thin margins

Rare filing shows cheap handsets mean teeny profits

Imation rolls out the Barrall

Does the storage big-shot have a big storage shot in the arm in store ... age?

'Shadow IT' gradually sapping power and budget from CIOs

Clouds and - gasp! - users buying their own kit mean 'Darwinian moment' for techies

Failed would-be COMET saviour now FAILS to save his own biz

'Harder to make money in electronics than he thought'

Heyyy, you seem to be trying to post a drunk picture You know your boss looks at this?

Facebook mulls assistant for the tired and confused

Vodafone poised to ink chumship pact with T-Mobile and get back into US enterprise

Just 900 customers need apply – NOT consumers

Next gen ransomware: Elliptic cryptic, talks on Tor, demands Bitcoin

All the gear and will cost you dear

Drive-making kingpin WD gobbles Skyera... to give to HGST

Flash array packing density king bought

Private equity downs WAN furtler Riverbed in $3.6bn gulp

+CommentThoma Bravo gives Elliott its payout

We are never getting back to... Samsung's baking Apple's 14nm 'A9' chips?

Promise of 14nm has Cupertino back in Sammy's arms - reports

TalkTalk customers demand opt-out fix for telco's DNS ad-jacking tactics

Error Replacement Service is a neat moneyspinner for ISP

Google must free us from 'invisible web of our personal data' – DPA

And NOT using the fine print, say Dutch watchdogs

BT to gobble EE for £12.5bn – BTEE phone home

+CommentSoz Telefonica, BT's gone for the other one for home, mobe, TV, web 4-way

Tintri adds Hyper-V to its virtualised server support

Oh Hyper-V, oh Hyper-V, now you are but one of three

Cool Large Hadron Collider to fire into doubly powerful ring

Dark matter probing scientists fire up system by cooling it down

Senator: Backdoor for the Feds is a backdoor for hackers

Wyden pushes for law banning special access in software, hardware for cops and spies

Pirate Bay admins 'couldn't care less' about police raid

Claim sweep that sunk site is just 'part of this game' – but will the Bay be back?

Microsoft, rivals together fight US govt's cloud data snatch

When Irish eyes aren't smiling

Roll up, come see the BOOMING HACKER BAZAAR!

Fake credential, premier credit cards, and 100% satisfaction, guaranteed

Microsoft whips out real-time translator for Skype calls

Babel Fish in your ear not required

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