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11th > December > 2014 Archive

Wanna buy a dot-word? If you want a .pizza the action, now's a chance

RoundupPuns aside, here's what's going on this week with new gTLDs

Did rock-hard aliens turn young Earth MOIST? New probe data emerges

H ain't heavy, H's my comet

Microsoft lets YOU kill POODLE in Protected Mode sites

Christmas gift to be default by Feb

Alleged Silk Road boss's lawyers want murder-for-hire evidence blocked from trial

Claim it's 'irrelevant' to drugs prosecution

SURPRISE: Oz gov gives itself room to NEVER finish the NBN

But it WILL spend more money on inquiries

Merry Xmas, Neohapsis, here's your Cisco-dollars

Advisory service borged

China's smartmobe darling Xiaomi locked out of India

Patent spat sees Ericsson take on World+Dog on the subcontinent

Bernie Madoff's coders jailed for role in $65bn ponzi scheme fiasco

Two blokes to be thrown in cooler as prosecutors attack short sentences

DNA egghead James Watson sells Nobel prize for $4.8m, gets it back

Russian billionaire says he can’t bear to keep gong

eBay planning massive job cuts following PayPal split – report

Layoffs to hit as much as 10% of workforce, sources claim

Boffins weigh in to perfect kilogram quest with LEGO kit

Bricked-up watt balance is 99 per cent accurate

Google+ to offer 'infinite' gender identity options

Choose your gender, or none if you like

Blu-ray region locks popped by hardware hacker

ODM firmware allows code to run from USB sticks

Your data: Stolen through PIXELS

KiwiconCan't detect what you can't see, Oz hacker says

Govt spaffs £170k to develop the INTERNET OF SHEEP

Forget the networked fridge, it's time for the IPv6 addressable ovine

Death to Benevolent Dictators says Pivotal as it frees Cloud Foundry

Linux Foundation takes over operations of Cloud Foundry Foundation

Microsoft says January Windows 10 build will excite sysadmins

Business users become the focus from early 2015

Crims at vendors could crock kit says ENISA

Secure procurement guide wants suppliers to disclose employees' colourful pasts

Charge Anywhere? More like Hacked Everywhere: Mobe cash biz admits 5-year security breach

Who's been spying on our network? Anyone know?

Car-crash IT: HUGE write-off for Universal Credit - PAC

Just £34m re-usable from £600m. It's not a shambles, insists DWP man

Roll up, roll up for Oracle database flash tune-up – Violin

CommentFaster DBs to be won

Cloud Printing from a Chromebook: We try it out on 8 inkjet all-in-ones

Product RoundupScanning? We've heard of it, says Google

Thought your household broadband was pants? Small biz has it worse

Ofcom: Only 56% of SMEs can access 'superfast' connections

GCHQ, police to team up to hunt down child abuse on the darknet

Major crackdown includes new 'self-abuse' grooming laws

IDC Storage Tracker in Hitachi Data Systems number-fumble

HDS's Q3 progress stronger than suggested

Daisy Group asks exec newbie to deliver managed services glory

Yes El Chan, you were RIGHT, our next CEO will be Neil Muller

Assange's WikiLeaks: Give generously this Xmas – for statue of our dear leader

Julian to grab spotlight in 'courage monument' (w hangers-on Manning, Snowden)

So, does anyone in actually know what G-Cloud is for? Apparently not

UpdatedArk backtracks on MoD hosting deal... it's only for, er, 2 years, not 10

Spanish scraper scrapped: Google axes Google News

+CommentIs that copyright levy still a good idea, Herr Oettinger?

Oh SNAP, Microsoft! Asigra steals a march with Office 365 cloudy backup

Obvious market gap filled by non-Redmond outfit

The future looks bright: Prepare to be dazzled by HDR telly tech

Breaking FadBut will the EU take a dim view of things?

Don't you forget about VCE... Cisco gets cosy with Pure Storage

CommentPartnering up with XtremIO rival

Hungry, hungry CPUs: Storage vendors hustle to get flash closer to compute

PUSH that data faster, storage boy

Elderly zombie Asprox botnet STILL mauling biz bods, says survey

Unkillable nasty still climbs out of the grave to this day

Microsoft BEATS Apple, Google ... to accepting limited Bitcoin payments

Oh yeah, and you can’t actually pay for anything. Oh well.

Dedupe, dedupe... dedupe, dedupe, dedupe: Oracle polishes ZFS diamond

Using slurped firm Greenbytes' tech

FreeBSD developers VANQUISH Demon bug

Hostile code injection averted

Microsoft shells out the pucks for analytics firm HockeyApp

For all apps ... except Windows

Storage firm Box: We're BIG enough... to FLOAT

IPO here we go, IPO ... IPO here we go, IPO, oh

Lawmakers should grab red pen and let it RIPA on snoops law – experts

Updates to the snooping code of practice simply not enough

Speaking in Tech: Sony breach proves you can NEVER defend perimeter

PodcastComing wars in 'Cloud Space': grab your weapons

No more free Windows... and now it’s all about the services

Microsoft's ‘new business models’ on way

Lenov-OUCH! 500,000 laptop cables recalled in burning mains cock-up

PC giant so sorry for sparking, melting cords

Web daddy Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Back off Putin, I'm no CIA stooge

WWW inventor hits back at Russia's claims 'net was an intelligence plot

Hinge: An app that scours Facebook friends for dates banks $12m

Hopes to compete with Tinder by getting better results

Dell draws Midokura into Open Networking project

Adds network virtualisation on OpenStack

Europe's top court mulls vandal's right to privacy after bloke catches thug on home CCTV

Pointing a cam at footpath means you gotta obey data law

HE'S DONE IT! Malcolm Turnbull unites left and right with piracy policy

United in HATRED, that is, as both sides of politics label it an internet filter

US Navy's LASER CANNON WARSHIP: USS Ponce sent to Gulf

Pic and videoNext job, a way to strap it to sharks

Canadian watchdog goes to court to probe Apple's iPhone deals with mobe networks

Sorry, eh?

Get comfortable with mobile device management

A walk through Casper Suite

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