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10th > December > 2014 Archive

Virgin Media's ad fibs EXPOSED by bitter rival BT

Blighty watchdog punishes cable ISP for 'misleading' customers with savings claims

RIP P4ssw0rd? IT giants agree to share patents to rollout two-factor auth

FIDO big dogs promise not to bone each other

Mom and daughter SUE Comcast for 'smuggling' public Wi-Fi hotspot into their home

Californian family upset router went to Xfinity and beyond

AWS control freak can now manage ON-PREMISES servers

Reverse hybrid cloud with a double twist!

The Pirate Bay SUNK: It vanishes after Swedish data center raid

Arrr-gh! We don't mean disk RAID – outage after cops nab servers in Stockholm

Confused about 5G? So are we, say carriers

It'll be really cool, as soon as we know what it is

Dirtbags dressed up malware as legit app using Sony crypto-certs

Code-signing certificate revoked in wake of discovery

NGINX scores $20 MEELLLION to remind people it sells stuff

All web servers are not created equal

Apple lawyers fight to silence dead Steve Jobs: 'No right' to hear him from beyond the grave

Assuming someone alive can be found to sue

Brit boffins debunk 'magnetic field and cancer' link

Another mobes-kill-you theory bites the dust

.Bank hires Symantec to check credentials

Soon you might be able to trust that financial email

Australia to block piracy sites if Big Content asks nicely in court

ISPs and Big Content told to self-regulate in six months, or have the job done for them

Chinese responsible for 85 per cent of website scams

And Apple is their number one target

Boffins: We have found a way to unlock the MYSTERIES OF SHEEP from old parchments

And it's not by reading the stupid writing on them either

DoJ's extra-territorial data demands: now Ireland is baulking

Asks for European Commission's opinion

Parliament face-sit-in to spark mass debate on UK's stiff smut stance

Brits plan Python-powered protest (of the Monty kind) over XXX web stream rules

IBM ponders least-cost cloud-brokering service after scoring patent

Big Blue wants to sniff all clouds and send them your workloads when the price is right

Fujitsu boss: UK's 2015 elections won't make any difference to us

Interview'They know they need the big companies' says EMEAI chief

Uber? Worth $40 BEEELLION? Hey, actually, hold on ...

Worstall on WednesdayWhat will happen when the ROBOTS turn up, eh?

1&1 goes titsup, blames lengthy outage on DDoS attack

REALLY? Who would do such a thing?

MPs in SHOCK discovery: G-Cloud yet to impact govt SME biz

Multi mega contract juggernauts roll relentlessly on

Satyam Computing Services founder jailed over $1.4 BILLION fraud

Book-cooking saga still ain't over yet

Will tech titans SWALLOW upstart where Apple guru Steve Wozniak works?

CommentStorage blogger gives his take on Primary Data

Belden buys Tripwire for $710m: Will keep network burglars out of Internet of Things things

Firm hopes to fatten bottom line

WD and HGST: We tried to merge our two drive makers, MOFCOM said NO, NO, NO

AnalysisChinese regulations cost $$$

Pricey buys pay off for shape-shifting Alternative Networks

Growing tech portfolio steadies AIM-listed telco biz

Firms will have to report OWN diverted profits under 'Google Tax' law

It's reporting yourself to cops, then having to defend yourself, quips beancounter is HERE: Sckipio slurps funding to cook up SPAWN of VDSL tech

Israeli firm charges ahead with gigabit-over-copper kit

Boffins cure BONING PROBLEMS in 'virtual lab'

Composite material sims reduce need to 'hope for the best'

The Great Unwatched: BBC hails glorious digital future for Three

+CommentSee this hair shirt? It cost a fortune (we've expensed it)

Who won all-flash sales sash, sucked up all the cash? – IDC report

Plus: Back-of-envelope figures for raw flash storage prices

Tech Data jumps into Dell's corporate hot tub

Volume distie shakes hips, Texan tech titan puckers lips... deal done

Microsoft: Hey, don’t forget Visual Basic! Open source and new features coming

Keeping the faith ... but it is past time to move on

Creating more harmony around end user computing

Compromise is not a dirty word

Taxi app Uber plugs 'privacy-threatening' web security flaw

UpdatedForget VW, watch out for the XSS bug

Computacenter UK MD heading to Daisy Group as CEO

Neil Muller set to grab reins from January when firm goes private

EU bangs drum over its openness rules – from which it is exempt

I am a private citizen with rights. You are the great unwashed. He is a secretive lobbyist

Remember that Big Blue Apple? Biz apps for iPads are here

If only there was an app for bankers! Oh, there is, and retail, and...

US Congress in cash freeze bid to DERAIL global DNS handover

More bad politics as internet heads in a partisan direction

Net neutrality: Cisco, Intel, IBM warn FCC NOT to crack down on ISPs

Dozens of IT giants claim Title II will stifle broadband growth

Hipsters snap up iPod Classics for $$$s after Apple kills rusty gadget

Storing music on portable spinning magnetic surfaces? Crazy talk

Microsoft's dodgy new Exchange 2010 update breaks Outlook clients

Uninstall if you want to keep using email

'Critical' security bugs dating back to 1987 found in X Window

27-year-old flaw and others slain in open-source patch batch

Security holes in iOS? We've heard of them, says Apple (as it fixes vanishing ringtones)

Still, the jailbreakers are happy with new 8.1.2 update

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