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4th > December > 2014 Archive

Facebook cosies up to ESET for malware detection

Is this the world's largest comparative test?

NetApp goes for a ride on VMware's EVO: RAILs

ROBO RAIL FlexPod-style, but nobody knows where the compute will come from

Developers offering Mozilla-like experience will work on Firefox-like experience for iThings

Moz caves after years of stalling

Magnifico! Galileo satellite nudged back into correct orbit

Second system still AWOL for the moment

Oz lawyers wig out over data retention

Too much data, too little protection

Microsoft: So sorry for NOT paying Xbox indie game devs on time

$397bn IT giant says payment will take two weeks

Squashed bug opened EVERY PayPal account to hijacking

Yet another tale of incredibly crocked software

#Gamergate folk load flamethrower, roast own feet over GTA V 'ban'

Protestors target wrong Target after petition sees game pulled from shelves in Australia

Who is taking the hyperconverged piss at

Startup Simplistic Storage may not be what it seems

Cisco and IBM team on 'VersaStack' integrated infrastructure bundle

Cisco brings compute and networking, IBM brings storage, NetApp and EMC take a whack

Deloitte's files on bean counters swept up in Sony hack stash – report

Breach gets a bit stranger as auditors' wages seemingly spotted in movie studio dump

Big Blue patches big blooper in Endpoint Manager for mobes

Hole means bad guys could manage your mobile devices for you

Apple knob refusenik Sir Jony Ive handed award - for talking BOLLOCKS

Plain English Campaign gives exec Kick in Pants award for Watch words

Pluribus ships network OS update and switch

Bare metal, with fewer nekked bits

GOOAALLL! Back of the net! 'Millions of dollars' score .football gTLD

Private auctions also settle .news, .golf, .school, .latino

Euro spacemen clear Ariane 6 for liftoff

European Space Agency commits to next-generation launch vehicle

Quantum computing is so powerful it takes two years to understand what happened

Boffins: 'We factored 143', 'no, you factored 56,153', which is bad news for crypto

The age of the hybrid cloud desktop hypervisor is upon us

VMware workstation 11 arrives, complete with cloudy connection

Seagate adds FIFTY PER CENT more capacity to new NAS drive

Similar specs but subtle differences

Meet Jack and Jill: Google’s new Android compilers

Android diverging further from official Java? Don't go breaking your crown

Oh dear, traders: Banker bosses are monitoring your smoke breaks

Note to big data spies: must notify data protection authorities

Sonos rattles begging bowl, hopes for $130m cash stream

Wi-Fi speaker streamer flings doors open for investors

Orion 'Mars' ship: Cosmic ray guard? Go. Parachutes? Go. Spacerock shield? Go!

Oh yes... fuel. NASA Mars craft in test flight TODAY

A brief history of BLADE SERVERS: From the Big Bang to the, er, 'unblade'

Ease of use is hard to kill

What a pity: Rollout of hated UK smart meters delayed again

Diddums. 'No feasible way to maintain time-scales' - Crapita

Yotaphone 2: The two-faced pocket-stroker with '100 hours' batt life

PicsGet a load of this Russian Android mobe

DeathRing: Cheapo Androids pre-pwned with mobile malware

Ringtone app's crap, dangerous and impossible to remove

Docker part 4: Microsoft CAN'T ignore it. Aux armes, citoyens!

Prognostication, Redmond and the Red Wedding

It was space vs boat at Orion launch. The boat won

'Mars hopeful' craft only has 2 hours left to blast off

IBM's ownership of x86 biz comes to a bloody end

Things can only get better... but maybe not for a few quarters – Gartner

Regcast followup: Identity management in a connected world

Know your customers

Violet, you're turning violet! Imagination unveils graphics-tastic hobbyist board

You'll need to bring the ideas, though

Pub time for NASA bods? Orion spacecraft test launch called off

Boat, high winds and pesky fuel valve scupper Mars-aiming craft's first flight

Violin Memory hires ex-Egnyter to add heat to global channel sales

Fills hole left by Hoppe

Internet gossip has NOWT to do with data protection, EU Commish

CommentJustice bod's story shows worrying lack of knowledge

'Identity skills shortage' will be problematic for Verify ID. (So not the TECH FAILS, then?)

*Cough* First get it running, m'kay? *cough*

Permabit: Wham, bam, box of data shrink SAN... for NetApp E-Series only

Partner programme progressing pretty pleasingly

Commish: Stop playing that Spanish jazz, Orange. Wait until we’ve done our homework

Prices of mobile/fixed offerings a cause of concern

Sony Pictures MEGAHACK: Securobods pull out probes, analyse badness

Experts start dissecting HDD-busting nasty

Docker grabs conductor's baton, jumps into cluster orchestration

DockerCon EUForget containers – are you ready for a platform?

Apple deliberately wiped rivals' music from iPods – iTunes court claim

iThing giant says MP3s were risk to its anti-piracy protections

Snowden files show NSA's AURORAGOLD pwned 70% of world's mobe networks

Brits and Yanks snoop on security standards bods

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