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3rd > December > 2014 Archive

An alleged 27GB Sony Pictures data dump. 65 PlayStation web servers. One baffling mystery

What were those EC2 cloud instances doing torrenting files?

Tenacious Twitter tries to topple terrible trolls

Blocked twits won't be able to stalk your account

Top Apple exec: 'I knew [ebook] prices were going to go up – hell, the whole world knew'

Eddy Cue blasts cyber-tome price-fix ruling ahead of appeal

Interop lab cranks up speed for a 100 G Ethernet world

Uni New Hampshire also preps for PoE and auto standards

Gangnam Style BREAKS YouTube

64-bit upgrade required to keep K-Pop tune's hit counter aboard its prancing pony

Donors back boffins' wireless eye replacement

2015 targeted for trials of camera-to-optic-nerve kit

Iranian CLEAVER hacks through airport security, Cisco boxen

Plausibly-deniable Iranians suspected of Stuxnet reprisal attacks

Fort Lauderdale websites DDoSed after Anonymous threats over feeding ban

Turns out the whole thing was pointless anyway

Google will see other clouds and raise them a PCI certification

Chocolate Factory's cloud now cleared for credit card crunching

Evernote aims at corporate market with new chat feature

Hopes to become workflow software

GCHQ boffins quantum-busted its own crypto primitive

'Soliloquy' only ever talked to itself

Apple denied 'App Store' trademark by Australian court

Selling software online? There's LOTS of app stores for that

Alca-Lu security stuff goes virtual

'Your device may be infected with malware'

Australia to social media: self-censor or face AU$17,000 FINES

Anti-bullying bill calls on social networks to help out or be banished to naughty corner

Man asks internet for $1k for pebbles. INTERNET SAYS YES the tune of 13x times what he asked for...*

Microsoft hikes support charges by NINETY TWO PER CENT

$259 per call becomes $499. And a Merry Christmas to you too, Satya

Sony Pictures struggles as staff details, salaries and films leaked

Fury and Annie now doing the rounds - along with staff's privates


Prof Steve also says net firms should do more to fight terror and crime

Yes, you heard me – the storage infrastructure WARS are over

Sysadmin blogPlayers are still fighting for dominance, though

Is EU right to expand 'right to be forgotten' to

Worstall on WednesdayThe basic idea might be nuts, but the specific point is spot on

Ten Linux freeware apps to feed your penguin

Product round-upOut with the old and in with the GNU

EE's not-spot-busting small cell trial delights Cumbrian villagers

What’s the opposite of a NIMBY?

Should you call on comms suppliers when you go for a BYOD setup?

Help is at hand

Outage STILL hitting Virgin Media Business broadband customers

13,000 affected; company says number is “small”

Give nerds their own PRIVATE TRAIN CARRIAGES, say boffins

The Thinkfluencers' Express will depart from platform 94 5/4...

Dead Steve Jobs accuses Real Networks of 'hacking' iPods

Fruity firm's co-founder testifies from BEYOND the GRAVE

Dig into Iron Mountain and you'll find Seagate and EVault

Cloudy DR dares to enter underground data dungeons

US retail giant Target fails to get banks' MEGABREACH lawsuit slung out of court

Judge cites its actions and inactions when hackers hit

Firmware update kills Lenovo Home Media Network HDDs. Here's how to resurrect them

'I am disgusted with their attitude' huffs angry customer

Huawei and Inspur Electronics challenge Q3 server status quo

IBM, HP under threat from Asian invaders

Concerning Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Sysadmin Adam Fowler puts Azure AD to the test

UK slaps 25 per cent 'Google Tax' on tech multinationals

Tell us, Chancellor, how you plan to tax 'profitless' firms

Storage for BUILDERS: No, it's not a roomy cupboard, it's Nasuni's BIM file bash

Cloudy firm looks towards architectural market dumps another £40m into unpopular SME broadband scheme

Only £7.5m of £100m available has been allocated

Not sure what RFID is? Can't hack? You can STILL be a card fraudster with this Android app

Sorry, mate - you want iOS? We can't help you

Rethinking desktop delivery

Time to break out of the Windows upgrade cycle

IBM inks another billion-dollar deal... with The Other Advertising Giant

Not Google, WPP - and $1.35bn buys it 7 years of cloudy IT services

Speaking in Tech: Android 5.0 Lollipop is a TRAIN WRECK

PodcastI'm a Google fandroid, but WTF was it trying to achieve here? quietly slips extra cash to self-driving car trials

£9m added, fourth city added

IDC revises mobe sales forecasts. New crystal ball, anyone?

CommentBeancounters lick fingers, pick random numbers

Google kills CAPTCHAs: Are we human or are we spammer?

Do you make up these questions, Mr Wonka?

Darwin, Beer and Big Data? Must be a Reg Lecture Video

Reg EventsLet's hear it for the data geeks

Another lick of Lollipop: Google updates latest Android to 5.0.1

Will the second lick taste better?

Why Intel's Kings of Xeon handed Cloudera a $740m cash pot

AnalysisTaking the long view

CoreOS's Docker-rival Rocket: We drill into new container contender

AnalysisCan CoreOS achieve liftoff in Linux container space race?

Double hammer blow to ICANN and pals' internet power grab bid

Controversial 'net governance program rejected by businesses and IGF

Microsoft shareholders wave through CEO Satya Nadella's massive pay package

Windows supremo banks $84m

FCC puts AT&T and Comcast gobbles back on the table

Deadlines set for merger decisions after commission restarts clock

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