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Huawei: 'Nobody made any money in Windows Phone'

Chinese firm says no more Microsoft mobes, even if the OS is FREE

Globe-spanning SEA-ME-WE 3 sea cable feared cut, broken or ...

ISP issues frag susceptibility warning as routes through Asia slow down

Vendors coalesce around 'MGBase-T' 2.5/5 Gbps Ethernet

It's hard to keep up with 802.11 ac without wires nobody wants to buy

OpenVPN plugs DoS hole

VPN providers patch! Everyone else relax.

Japanese monster manifests new PETAFLOP POWER

Astronomy boffins swap out ATERUI's brain

Boffins challenge Internet of Things' lust for power

20 billion sensors are all very well but nobody wants to pay the electricity bill

Australian Government funds effort to secure wearable data pulses

Skipping hand-in-hand with government and insurance company databases

While the web stares at cat pics, the glue of the internet is being shifted from US govt control

Proposal for key IANA contract published for public comment

Silver-tongued phish bait lures execs, hooks M&A deals

Swindlers savvy with corporate comms

Sick of the 'criminal' lies about pie? Lobby the government HERE

That's just a stew with a pastry lid, sputter furious pie-botherers

FOUR, count 'em, FOUR big rockets launching in next seven days

NASA tests Orion, Japanese head to asteroid, France and China loft satellites

Hominid ancestors beat humans to the drinks cabinet, say boffins

We're just aping our boozy ancestors

Never fear, Glassholes – Intel to the rescue! 'New CPU' for tech-specs

Chipzilla rumored to be lined up for Google headgear's next processor

Device fingerprinting tech: It's not a cookie, but 'cookie' rules apply

EU: You can't 'secretly identify or single out users'

Pebble: The brilliant stealth wearable Apple's Watch doesn't see coming

InterviewMeet the man who accidentally created the smartwatch hype

Part 3: Docker vs hypervisor in tech tussle SMACKDOWN

CommentWe see you by the virty containers, VMware

UK national mobile roaming: A stupid idea that'll never work

Plus: Not spot rural mobile coverage sites each require NINETEEN signatures

Knockoff knockdown: Euro cops shutter 300 'counterfeit' domains

You're just gonna have to pay full price for your prezzies

No wristjob, please, we're Apple fans: Just 10% would buy the Apple Watch

Don't scoff, though, that's still 24 million units – analyst

Ausgezeichnet! Logicalis devours German channel biz

Infra-kit and services outfit Inforsacom joins parent group Datatec

Hortonworks falls well short of billion dollar IPO expectations

We've Had it Oop to here with over-enthusiastic valuations

Brits conned out of nearly £24m in phone scams in one year

Folks keep handing out financial data to cold callers

What benchmarks can tell you about your solid-state drives

What if you don't wish to torture data until it confesses to anything you want?

FBI warns of disk NUKE malware after Sony Pictures megahack

This thing could spread, say g-men

One year on, Windows 8.1 hits milestone, nudges past XP

Funny what lack of choice can do

Orion: To Mars, the Moon and beyond... but first, a test flight through Van Allen belt

With handy 'any-time abort' should a KERPLUNK occur

US parking operator: YEP, hackers got your names, credit card numbers, secret codes...

DOH! Card expiration dates too

Apple patents NEVERSMASH iPHONE for fumbling fondlers

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's an expensive mobile phone

Sinclair is back with the Spectrum Vega ... just as rubbish as the ZX

CommentSomething a little sad about Sir Clive revisiting his old hit

Legendary Brit physicist Stephen Hawking gets full Intel comms refresh

First kit-swap in 20 years after rapid word-per-minute decrease

MEPs want 'unbiased search', whatever that is – they're not sure either

Don't feel lonely, Google, EU Parl takes swing at Amazon, eBay too

All-flash upstart Kaminario trousers $53m, spills scale-up secrets

K2 can grow higher

Gorilla Glass maker gobbles Samsung's fibre optic biz

Corning beefs up optical comms in Asia

Horton Hears an IPO: Hard work for Hadoop

Comment$659m? REALLY? Silicon Valley's well-paid propellerheads

Chef and HP cook up partnership for infrastructure as code – even on Windows

HP DiscoverInfrastructure automation goes mainstream?

Alternative Networks CEO talks up the fluffy white stuff

LSE-listed biz works on single cloudy platform to launch.... in 24 months

TAPE LIVES... virtually: SpectraLogic and Veeam twin old and new tech

Fresh take on the 3-2-1 rule

If the COMMISH says block that email account, BLOCK IT!

Listen carefully, and you’ll hear Larry Page hitting the delete button

FCC bigwig grills Netflix: If internet fast lanes are so bad, why did YOU build them?

Commish demands answers on 'conflict of interest'

Brit smut slingers shafted by UK censors' stiff new stance

No sex please, we're idiots – new ban on XXX acts in effect

Bloke, 36, in the cooler for leaking ex's topless pics on Facebook

Scumbag jailed for a year in California revenge porn first

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