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systemd row ends with Debian getting forked

Greybeards vs. Gnomes fight sees creation of new 'Devuan' distro

IETF takes rifle off wall, grabs RC4 cipher's collar, goes behind shed

Vulnerable cipher is about to go to crypto heaven

Weather Channel forecast: Bleak, with prolonged XSS

A billion visitors exposed to scripting storm

ESA finds FOURTH comet touchdown for Philae lander

Lander grazed comet between first and second bounces

By the Rivers of Babylon, where the Antikythera Mechanism laid down

Boffins have new theory about origins of 'first computer'

ESA and Airbus test LASER data networks IN SPAAACE

Satellite-to-satellite link at 0.6 gigabits per second

SUPER-SUEBALL heading IBM's way in Australia

Billion-dollar blowout for health payroll debacle headed for court despite past settlement

EVIL researchers dupe EVERY 32 bit GPG print

Keys fall in four seconds

Docker, Part 2: Whoa! Spontaneous industry standard! How did they do THAT?

Sysadmin BlogOSS guys acting as one ... it's not natural

Bought an iPhone 6 Plus? Odds are you've binned the iPad

Fondlers keen on smaller things... except in the bedroom. True story

Netflix: Sacre vache! French resistance from the vestibuleurs de consommation

AnalysisOTT giant plays its blagueur with Maison de Cartes

Get your staff working on the move: Develop that app for mobile

Mind the gap between the data centre and the handset

What's that rumbling sound? It's HP preparing to deliver truckload of storage products

Barcelona launch to StoreServ you right

Pay with your credit card at station kiosk? 'Dare Devil' is targeting YOU

Please collect your ticket and change (& ta for the card data)

Ex-GCHQ boss: Hey,, have you heard how crap iPhone biometrics are?

CommentLast year in El Reg? Hmmm, OK. Did I mention I now flog mobile biometrics kit?

Brits to teach Norks hacks about 'multimedia websites'. 5% of DPRK is in for a TREAT

Kim Jong-un, elites, academics only ones with 'net access

Shin avoids boot: Samsung hangs onto mobile chief despite crappy Galaxy S5 sales

BK for JK play stayed – WSJ

Sony Pictures hires Mandiant, asks FBI for help after massive cyber attack

Four upcoming films leaked – is there a connection?

APPLE set to Air PLUS-SIZED iPAD – claims mag

Now where are those reliable sauces?

E-cigarettes fingered as source of NASTY VIRUS

Not the mouth-hole kind, says IT support bloke

Yahoo, Bing beg 'right to be forgotten' wipers: Don't FORGET about US

Some people do actually use Microsoft's search, apparently

Amazon DROPS next day delivery amid Cyber Monday MADNESS

UpdatedFirm 'fesses up: Last-minute prezzie-hunters could be disappointed

Kim Dotcom Dotcan remain on bail, despite Fed protests

But get out your hankies... he can't fly in his chopper

Loved-up 'frictionless' EMC bods slide ScaleIO into VMware kernel

Who us, competitors?

Intel buys Canadian ID-wrangler PasswordBox

Lazy aboot passwords, eh? Intel to cash in

XML daddy Tim Bray pops his head in the Amazon cloud

'Work looks in­ter­est­ing' says Tim as he slips into the trench

Dead Steve Jobs to give iPod MP3 evidence from beyond the grave

Memos from Apple's billionaire biz tyrant to be used in monopoly lawsuit

Juniper whips out knife, slices off security products

Remember that, er, 'end-to-end' security play? Yes, forget that one, please

Hightail buddies up with Cleversafe

Massive cost hike causes software/hardware switch

IBM bags multi-billion dollar outsourcing deal with ABN AMRO

Megadeal follows slooooow September sales

Wikipedia won't stop BEGGING for cash - despite sitting on $60m

+CommentAre your ads Legal, Decent, Honest and Truthful, Jimbo?

Fait Acompli: Microsoft gobbles Android email upstart for $200m

Thanks Redmond for the easy headline. Slotted away nicely

LA schools math quiz: $500 Chromebooks or $700 iPads for students?

District bosses lob Google-powered laptops into formerly exclusive deal with Apple

CONTAINER WARS: CoreOS blasts Rocket rival at Docker

Claim's Docker's direction is 'fundamentally flawed'

Feds dig up law from 1789 to demand Apple, Google decrypt smartphones, slabs

We're sure the Founding Fathers would approve

ICANN and co U-turn on permanent seats for 'net 'UN Security Council'

NetMundial Initiative tries to save itself

CommBank throws AU$5m at UNSW quantum computer lab

Because everyone wants their bank balance stored as a superposition

RIP Microsoft Clip Art – now you can fill your slides with web cat pics

Need a pointless, daft image? Redmond wants you to Bing it

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