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30th > November > 2014 Archive

Under the Iron Sea: YES, tech and science could SAVE the planet

Worstall @ the WeekendC'mon, hippies ... at least LOOK at this sensible energy option

Eat FATTY FOODS to stay THIN. They might even help your heart

Why gov food advice might have been wrong all along

BORGED! Expat moves from New Zealand to Norway to be acquired by Cisco

eXpat FilesFrom global heights to a local help desk

Be your own Big Brother: With the help of Apple, Facebook ... oh, HANG ON

(Don't fret, there are other options to keep tabs on kids)

'America radicalised me!' cries Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom

QuoTWPlus: 'Let’s face it, most people click yes to Ts&Cs contracts without reading them'

Social media data is riddled with 'human behaviour errors'

Faulty barometer

Trevor contemplates Consumer Netgear gear. BUT does it pass the cat hair test?

Sysadmin blogA real life furball survivor

Men, Women and Children: Shows how crap the internet is via the medium of crap film

Film ReviewThey should have cut out the bit on Earth

Some of the week's tech news in video egg form!

What was happening right now with Regina Eggbert

Did North Korean hackers nobble Sony Pictures?

Massive attack stung film studio ahead of The Interview release

Star Wars: Episode VII trailer lands. You call that a lightsaber? THIS is a lightsaber

VidThe Force Awakens parodies. Naturally, that is

NBN Co details fibre/copper divide in new rollout plan

These are the places NBN Co promises - probably - to get something working by 2016

Author fined $500k in first US spyware conviction

100,000 creeps buy mobe-watching wares

Australia dumbs down: Chief Scientist says research performance lags the world

Chief Scientist Benchmarking ALL the stupid

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