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22nd > November > 2014 Archive

Judge OKs $450m deal to end ebook price-hike row. But Apple just won't let it die

Who's winning? The lawyers

HP boss Meg Whitman shuffles exec pawns just before biz splits

CEO aims to 'minimise disruption' of PC and printer break out while rivals sneer

Leaked screenshots show next Windows kernel to be a perfect 10

Not since Vista has this happened

I need a password to BRAKE? What? No! STOP! Aaaargh!

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Welcome to the age of the self-crashing car

'It is comforting to know where your data centres are.' UK.GOV does not

QuoTWPlus: Anons are 'wannabes', KKK says, before being pwned

BOFH: WHERE did this 'fax-enabled' printer UPGRADE come from?

Episode 13Don't worry about that cable, it's part of the config

Pervert's Guide man's new book, an urban myths tome and Youth, an underrated gem

Page FileSome juicy reads for your weekend

Ford's B-Max: Fiesta-based runaround that goes THUNK

Vulture at the Wheel... when you close the slidey doors, that is ...

Criticism of Uber's journo-Data Analytics plan is an Attack on DIGITAL FREEDOM

¡Bong! ExtraFirst they came for Emil – and I'm damn well SPEAKING OUT

Yahoo! blames! MONSTER! email! OUTAGE! on! CUT! CABLE! bungle!

Weekend woe for BT as telco struggles to restore service

UK's non-emergency police and NHS Vodafone systems go titsup NATIONWIDE

Updated101 and 111 collapse due to technical gaffe

What We Do In The Shadows? Laugh ourselves silly, mostly

Film ReviewVampire mockumentary is brilliant fish-out-of-water fun

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: Bryndzové halušky

Slovakia's finest, featuring spuds, cheese and ... BACON

Pitchfork-wielding villagers hunt hairy shapeshifters in One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Board game reviewDo you have a cunning plan?

Culture CLASH: Wuzhen Declaration spurned at World Internet Conference in China

AnalysisPositive energy zapped, cyberspace shivers

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