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18th > November > 2014 Archive

Samsung, Apple soap opera drama: Korean giant WILL churn out chips for iPhones, iPads

Report suggests TSMC just can't satisfy Cook & Co.

CSIRO carves out another 75 jobs

Digital productivity, manufacturing, agriculture in the firing line

Heyyy! NICE e-bracelet you've got there ... SHAME if someone were to SUBPOENA it

Court pops open cans of worms and whup-ass in Fitbit case

Big shadowy orgs should stop scooping up everyone's personal info – say Google, Facebook

Tech titans want freedom to record your lives on hard drives

The optic NERVE of it: Intel declares WAR on InfiniBand

Chipzilla emerges from ocean belching flames. Again

Nvidia doubles Tesla grunt at SC14

2.9 teraflops, 4,992 cores: here comes the K80

Intel's LAME DUCK mobile chips gobbled by CASH COW

Chipzilla won't have money-losing mobe unit to kick about anymore

'Pirate block' proposal back on Oz agenda

Because it works so well everywhere else

Feds to auction off second tranche of Silk Road Bitcoins worth $19 MEEELLION

Civil forfeiture laws could mean big payday for police

USB coding anarchy: Consider all sticks licked

Thumb drive design ruled by almighty buck

Deloitte builds sofa-and-slippers startup fund ... where's the fun in that?

Accountancy firm takes Silicon Valley culture, gives it a nice cup of tea

NASA launches new climate model at SC14

75 days of supercomputing later ...

Sealed with a kiss: Er, 80 MILLION BACTERIA

Let's hope Angelina Jolie and her brother don't read The Reg

Cries of spies as audit group finds possible 'backdoor' in Bittorrent Sync

Updated: BitTorrent respondsHashes gone AWOL: bugged or just buggy?

Bug fixes! Get your APPLE BUG FIXES! iOS and OS X updates right here!

Yosemite fixes Wi-Fi hiccup, older iOS devices get performance boost

Gee THANKS: Cryptoscum offer a free decrypt in latest ransomware racket

Back up! Back up! Back up! Back up!

UK urged to stop bigging up startups, feed 'growing' firms

TechCity? PLEASE. Fast-growing science-based firms all outside London

Keen to get CRITICAL PAYMENT systems up QUICKLY after HACK?

Mmm. OK - but you'll never catch the bad guys then

So you want to introduce a BYOD plan. Where do you start?

It's all about control

China BLOCKS Verizon's EdgeCast before internet meeting

Content delivery network buried under Great Firewall

NOKIA - Not FINNished yet! BEHOLD the somewhat DULL MYSTERY DEVICE!

N1 mini-'slab to plop into crowded pond next year

Can’t be TRUSTe-d? Online privacy firm coughs $200k to settle 'deception' charges

FTC acts after regulation oopsie

YIKES: Combination of LIVING WOMAN and MACHINE sighted in NYC

Intel 'Mica'. At least it isn't pink

Mystery Russian satellite: orbital weapon? Sat gobbler? What?

Watchers confess they're baffled

Vulture 2 spaceplane tumbles onto BBC World Service

LOHAN team chews the fat with Click

Ofcom tackles complaint over Premier League footie TV rights

Virgin Media: UK fans pay the most for the fewest matches

Northern Ireland website leaves front door open, spills users' data

No theft necessary, just search ...

PHONDLESLAB-ULOUS: Motorola Moto X Android phablet

ReviewThe little big phone

Multi-petabyte open sorcery: Spell-binding storage

Not just for academics anymore

Syscap waves £50 million in CASH at UK tech channel

Boxes of chocolate not enough to win back its former relationships

Nokia's N1 fondleslab's HIDDEN BRILLIANCE: The 'Z Launcher'

Sugarcoating Android's Lollipop makes tab easier to swallow

Has your STARFISH been DRIBBLING awful SLIME? Scientists now know WHY

Just a ghastly virus, they do say

Anonymous ‪hacks the Ku Klux Klan after Ferguson‬ threats


Attack of the drones: ‘Nefarious’ private use rising, says top Blighty copper

Met big boy admits most info on the subject comes from 'net

HPC bods boogie to 68 new Top500 hits at New Orleans show

SC14Intel, IBM and ARM flex flop-tastic muscles

SAN gang at Nimble jump in Fibre Channel pool, but how big will the splash be?

Full SAN connectivity, and expanded array capacity

That dreaded syncing feeling: Will Microsoft EVER fix OneDrive?

Microsoft's long history of broken Windows sync

Seagate and SGI buddy up to flog HPC bigness to big business

Another ClusterStor reseller appears

Fujitsu boss sets CDOs against CIOs at annual do

EMEAI chief tells traditionalists: ‘Don’t be a bottleneck’

EMC CEO Joe Tucci tries to win hearts and minds from VC backers

AnalysisVMware spin-off? Let the shareholders decide

Mozilla, EFF, Cisco back free-as-in-FREE-BEER SSL cert authority

Let’s Encrypt to give HTTPS-everywhere a boost in 2015

It'll all end in tiers: HP tosses small biz another 3PAR-flavored bone

Data tiering and virtualisation come to MSA array land

Uber exec wanted to sic private dicks on critics ... Hey, Emil Michael, COME AT US, bro

Exec sorry after dreaming of exposing journos' private lives

LIFE, JIM? Comet probot lander found 'ORGANICS' on far-off iceball

That's it for God, then – if Comet 67P has got complex molecules

Microsoft: Your Linux Docker containers are now OURS to command

New tool lets admins wrangle Linux apps from Windows

HALF A BILLION TERRORISTS: WhatsApp encrypts ALL its worldwide jabber

Default set to keep texts from prying eyes

Patch NOW! Microsoft slings emergency bug fix at Windows admins

Vulnerability promotes lusers to domain overlords ... oops

Boffins train robots to pull apart LCD screens – without breaking them

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