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13th > November > 2014 Archive

NHS: Go digital or you won't get paid, warns Kelsey

National patients director: Funding carrot also available

Samsung: Every breath you take, every step you make, we'll be watching

Developer conferenceVirtual reality cams and wristwatches that phone home your health stats

ITU thought bubble ponders mass mobe-tracking to kill fake IT

Gabfest to consider how to spot and track counterfeit kit before it crocks networks

Ethernet patents claim smacked down by US judge

World+Dog's blue cables and springy plastic toggles safe from troll, for now

'Chinese hackers' pop US weather bureau, flatten forecast feeds

NOAA hack was COVERED UP yells congressman

Google begins to roll out Lollipop to Nexus devices

Android 5 is coming – IF you're lucky enough to have the right gadget

Cisco ends Q1 an inch ahead of guidance

Lines up new CFO to start in 2015

Mellanox preps to ship 100 Gbps adapters

Pitching InfiniBand beyond the supercomputer biz

NBN 'working' on pay-for-fibre-to-your-premises product

New multi-technology principles mean if you're not getting FTTP now, paying's the only option

Stop coding and clean up your UI, devs, it's World Usability Day

Of course we've shoved the usability website through the W3C HTML validator

GIANT sunspot returns, bigger and belchier than ever before

Helioseismologists - they're a thing - warn of solar flares and coronal mass ejections


Lander now screwed down good and tight ... we hope

Pay-by-bonk chip lets hackers pop all your favourite phones

Think your phone is safe? You've got NFC

U wot? Silicon Roundabout set to become Silicon U-BEND

Crap-spouting London upstarts to get permanent road closure

Structural storage industry changes green light Cisco

No legacy drag and server-led opportunity

Hey, Apple! We can land a probe on a comet, but we can't have a 12.9in iPad 'until mid-2015'?

Priorities, people, priorities

Is your kid ADDICTED to web porn? Twitter? Hint: Don't blame the internet

New study: What parents worry about – and what they definitely SHOULDN'T worry about online

SAVE ME, NASA system builder, from my DEAD WORKSTATION

HPC BlogAnal-retentive hardware nerd in paws-on workstation crisis

PRAISE the $DEITY! Quantum preaches the joys of StorNext for religious video folk

Virty file management bods spot market gap, leap in

'Net Neut' activists: Are you just POSEURS, or do you want to Get Something Done?

AnalysisYou'll have to go to the Hill, so deal with it

Alcatel-Lucent buries EDGE routers in x86 server fleet

Who needs ASICs with 320Gbps half-duplex performance?

Sky: We're no longer calling ourselves British. Yep. And Broadcasting can do one, too

'B' bookends bumped

Amazon cloud apps LIVE! Bezos' boys spin up 'lifecycle management' services

Integration, deployment tools to speed AWS development

Philae healthier: Proud ESA shows off first comet surface pic

Harpoon horror over, it's now 'stable'

Bible THUMP: Good Book beats Darwin to most influential tome title

Folio Society crowns fittest of surviving volumes

CityFibre feeds hungry EE and Three customers with dark fibre

Lighting up masts for data-munching mobile networks

Don't like droopy results, NetApp? Develop server-side SAN

+CommentDeclining revenues becoming a common theme teams up with moneymen on HACK ATTACK INSURANCE

+CommentCover for biz ... but you'll have to jump through hoops

£2k burning a hole in your pocket? Let this 'advanced' DRONE relieve you

360˚ rotating camera

OMG, that CLOUD has a TV in it! Sony goes Over The Top in telly wars

Cloudy tumult: Years to come seemed waste of breath without streaming

All-flash fight looms as SolidFire nabs former Bocada CEO

Hurley Burley lighting up a marketing fire for the array startup

Why did men evolve map-reading skills? They were PAID BY BONK - study

Easier to travel, easier to reproduce...

Welcome to the fast-moving world of flash connectors

A guided tour

Lads from Lagos using 'Predator Pain' on hapless 419 victims

Emails from thieving RATs contain keyloggers

How many digital commissioners does it take to change a lightbulb? 13!

Worried no one would show up?

HMRC dishes out tax rewards to GOV.UK... for inking deals with MEGABUCKS SIs

Little guy pushing cloud services? 20% VAT please

Rosetta probot drilling denied: Philae has its 'leg in the air'

Not best position for scientific fulfillment

Judge: Terror bomb victims CAN'T seize Iran's domain name as compensation

ccTLDs aren't like cars or houses

Tape vendor sueball match over: SpectraLogic and Overland down rackets

US Patent Office referee calls time

Ha ha, fooled you! Shares tumble over G4S fake website profit warning

Some journos briefly taken in by the elaborate hoax

Facebook's plain English data policy: WE'LL SELL YOU LIKE A PIG at a fair

All the rest is just waffle

The Lambda that ROARED: Amazon unveils event-driven AWS compute service

Triggered code free devs from IT management woes

Amazon, Docker hop in bed: What happens in Vegas WON'T stay in Vegas

AWS EC2 makes trendy Linux containers first-class citizens

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