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11th > November > 2014 Archive

Facebook: Over half a BEELLION loyalists have SPURNED our Messenger app

Chat app rapped in yap gap flap

Ex-EMC exec to head up SDN switch vendor Plexxi

Rich Napolitano hired to scale-up the scale-out biz

AT&T drops plans for LTE data networking on commercial flights

Never mind your seatbacks and tray tables, this thing isn't taking off

TPP takes another tiny step forward

Communiques don't mention deadlines, though

Mozilla makeover to boost Tor torque, capacity

Privacy pundits launch Polaris project

Hacker Hammond's laptop protected by pet password

'Chewy123' easy as ABC

IEEE turns crank on new wired Ethernet standards

Following NBase-T trailblazers down the 2.5/5 Gbps track

EMET 5.0 crashes Patch Tuesday party

Patch this and this and this and this

Texas boffins put radio waves in a spin

Circulator would enable full-duplex cellphone operation on single frequency

Microsoft to bring back beloved 1990s super-hit BATTLETOADS!?*

* Or maybe not. It is just a trademark filing, after all

British drones target ISIS for the first time

Reasons to fear the Reaper

Chinese coder's got 99 problems and getting hitched is one: Huge iPhone woo plot FAILS

I feel bad for you, son

German spies want millions of Euros to buy zero-day code holes

Because once we own them, nobody else can ... oh, wait

Italian appeal court clears seismologists of manslaughter

Sanity prevails, for now

Bendy, but hangs loose too: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 10-inch Android tab

ReviewFit for purpose?

Are open Wi-Fi network bods liable for users' copyright badness?

EU top court to make ruling

What kind of generation doesn't stick it to the Man, but to Taylor Swift instead?

InterviewDavid Lowery on the new Robber Barons

Microsoft snorefest: For crying out loud, Nadella – just channel Ballmer!

Future Decoded'Blah, blah, blah', as Uncle Fester once said

Vodafone's 4G investment is beginning to pay off

Voda to focus on beating BT

Behold the Lumia 535 NOTkia: Microsoft wipes Nokia brand from mobes

Finns finally expunged from Redmondian handsets

Fridge-size probot headed for comet touchdown

El Reg Vulture heads for Darmstadt mission control

Are CSC's mega-costly NHS contracts finally turning a profit?

Stench of splurged billions still hangs over trust deals

Bullish Vodafone barges back into UK consumer broadband market

Just as BT eyes up mobile opportunities. Funny that ...

Most convincing PHISHING pages hoodwink nearly half of you – Google

Please update your details...

Rackspace CEO Rhodes: Just months on the job and look at our swollen digits

Sales bounce at cloud biz

Consumer group SLAMS NASA for letting Google rent $1bn 'playground'

Mountain View gets 60-year lease on historic Moffett Airfield

We don't NEED NO STEENKIN' DRONE RULES, peers told

Red tape not needed for privacy, says DfT minister

FCC to Obama on net neutrality: We work for CONGRESS, SIR, not YOU

Lobs his submission in with 'Lord of the Rings' oddness

EU battles over 'anti-terrorist' passenger records slurper law

Cops want your name, number, email, credit card data, itinerary

Red Hat goes nuclear in Linux container wars with Atomic Host beta

Lean, mean server OS that's custom tailored for Docker

Loss of Wales PSN gig? No worries, says Logicalis UK boss

'Smaller deals are less risky and more profitable anyway'


PicsPhilae probe readied to touch down on surface of comet

Through the Looking Glass: Vulture pecks at software-defined storage

CommentAll the king's horses & men can’t find a decent definition

Vodafone: For Pete's sake! Apple’s 'soft' SIM's JUST AN EE SIM

+CommentWe feel like we're taking crazy pills...

Euro space boffins ready, mere hours from flinging Rosetta lander at Comet 67P

GO for mission to probe Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Patch Windows boxes NOW – unless you want to be owned by a web page or network packet

Someone, come up with a catchy logo for this SSL hole

Amazon bags control of .book and .pay domains – but NOT .cloud

dot-Explosion in dot-words dot-continues with dot-millions dot-blown by dot-biz

Net neutrality, Obama, FCC, Title II:Your ESSENTIAL guide to WTF is happening

AnalysisA law on publishing collides with TCP/IP

Groupon flees from army of angry GNOMES: Trademark bid for 'Gnome' tab scrapped

Run away, run away!

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