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10th > November > 2014 Archive

NASA floats million-dollar airship prize for 20-20-20 vision

Balloons wanted: must stay 20km high for 20 hours and return 20kg payload

Oracle gives HR tool to track your fitness

This gives a whole new - and scary - meaning to 'performance review'

Russian internet traffic detours through China's Frankfurt outpost

A tale of twisted traceroutes

Sysadmins disposed of Heartbleed certs, but forgot to flush

Slack sysadmins stopped working weekends to staunch the flow

Raspberry Pi mini-puter TOO BIG and EXPENSIVE for you? Think AGAIN

PicsJust the one USB port, though

Boffin imagines Wi-Fi-defined no-shoot zones for wireless weapons

Is that an Internet of Things in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?

This 125mph train is fitted with LASERS. Sadly no sharks, though

+Vid & PicsNetwork Rail's New Measurement Train - not new, but still pretty nifty

Emoticons blast three security holes in Pidgin :-(

Dump docs on users' disks using only ASCII art (°O°)

Pica8 adds 'transitional' SDN capabilities

Mix L2, L3 and OpenFlow on one switch

BEHOLD Apple's BENEVOLENCE! iMessage txt BLACK HOLE finally fixed

Thanks, Apple ... so VERY kind of you

Aussie feds consider job offer to 'LulzSec leader' who wasn't

Man jailed for simple website defacement protests his technical impotence

NHS XP patch scratch leaves patient records wide open to HACKERS

Trusts fail to sign up to extended Windows XP support

Samsung slams door on OLED TVs, makes QUANTUM dot LEAP

AnalysisLG says will stick with it, but be ready to watch it cave in...

Words to put dread in a sysadmin's heart: 'We are moving our cloud from Windows to Linux'

If you must pick Windows, pick early and stick

CSC set for ANOTHER re-org but no redundancies involved

But 'wait' cry some workers, please swing the axe on us

Managing BYOD starts with asset management

I think therefore ITAM

Online tat bazaar eBay collapses in UK

Second-hand rubbish sellers RAGE as auction site goes down

HPC ace grills vendor over virtual desktop flavours: What about the POWER USERS?

HPC blogCloud service


RoTM33% of Blighty workers crushed by machines by 2034

Cameron Diaz covers top boffins in gold at Breakthrough Prizes

Benedict Cumberbatch, you really shouldn't have ...

Someone has broken into your systems. Now what?

Never let a good crisis go to waste

The Pirate Bay co-founder exits jail, now, er, free to eat vegan food

Peter Sunde survives 'boring' but safe period in jail

Don't assume public trusts you, MI5. 'Make a case' for surveillance – Former security chief

'Do you trust us... Snowden or ...the Islamic State'?

BlackBerry chief vows: We'll focus on 'core devices' and on, er, not losing money

Don't expect tons of new BlackBerrys

Tintri takes on hybrid storage startup rivals with VM-eating array

Fifth-gen product ups capacity, performance, management

Converge THIS: Network titan Cisco on how to VDI in 10 days

HPC BlogI got your convergence right here, pal

It's a bad day to be Serco's CEO... or an investor, come to that

4th profit warning, $1.5bn goodwill hit and cover for lousy contracts. Ouch!

BrowserStack HACK ATTACK: Service still suspended after rogue email

Admits breach, but only within email address list

Reg mobile man: National roaming plan? Oh, you've GOT to be joking

CommentLess is more plan not big or clever

Kryder's law craps out: Race to uber-cheap storage is voer

AnalysisBad news for cloud and archive

Samsung, Vietnam in talks over $3bn mobile phone factory

Smartphone giant already has $2bn plant in the country

Feeling safe in your executive hotel suite, Mr CEO? Well, DON'T

Corporate bosses clobbered on luxury venue networks by 'Darkhotel'

MoD releases code to GitHub: Our Ideaworks... sort of

'We don’t pretend that the code is the best ever written'

Got an iPhone or iPad? LOOK OUT for MASQUE-D INTRUDERS

UNjailbroken iOS 7, 8 open to evil, says secbiz FireEye

Obama HURLS FCC under train, GUTPUNCHES ISPs in net neut battle

US President: 'I want Title II' ... Verizon: 'We want a LAWYER!'

Names, ages, addresses, SSNs of US postal staff slurped in 'mega-hack'

Beware of the dog ... or the dragon?

Yahoo!-backed Hadoop biz Hortonworks flings itself at the stock market

Open-source big data upstart in $100m IPO bid

GOD particle MAY NOT BE GOD particle: Scientists in shock claim

'Data not precise enough to determine exactly what it is'

Juniper boss exits after board probes his 'leadership and conduct'

'Customer negotiation' queried

Has Switzerland cracked the net neutrality riddle?

AnalysisAs internet's stop-the-beastliness movement faces a fork

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