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9th > November > 2014 Archive

Japan: Land of cheap booze and slippers in the office

The eXpat filesNo, the two aren't related, says chap who moved from Swindon to Tokyo

Be Your Own Big Brother: Going to pot

FeatureCloud computing for gardeners

Horizon finds new potential in the sci-fi staple deepsleep tale

Page FileParanoid interstellar travel and complex politics elevate Keith Stevenson's debut

Firefox decade: Microsoft's IE humbled by a dogged upstart. Native next?

AnalysisBrowser turns 10 today. El Reg talks to CTO Gal

Apple fanbois are 'MENTALLY UNSTABLE' but you still have to 'SERVICE' them

QuOTWFear, loathing and rudeness in an iStore

Elon Musk and ex-Google man mull flinging 700 internet satellites into orbit

Report says billionaire is in early talks to build factory

If only 0.006% care about BLOOD-SOAKED METAL ... why are we spending all this cash?

Worstall @ the WeekendDodd-Frank is POINTLESS

Does Father Christmas expect a happy ending with Clara in Doctor Who?

VidNick Frost sports festive red suit to visit the Time Lord

Police in U-turn as 'shop a gun-owner' hotline is scrapped

DownrangeNow, about that random spot check campaign...

What? El Reg had a cheap dig at Putin?! SAY IT AIN'T SO

CoTWMan up – everyone loves a good erection-pulling moment

Race is on to touch down on COMET 67P before WHIFFY SPACE DUCK breaks up

VidSecrets of the Solar System could be hidden inside

Virgin Media CUTS OFF weekend 'net surfers after embarrassing smut-filtering snafu

Web Safe FAIL kills access to loads of 'respectable' sites

'Tech giants who encrypt comms are unwittingly aiding terrorists', claims ex-Home Sec Blunkett

Labour MP is never far away from Fear Agenda script

Printing Bad: Meth found in laser printer cartridges

Contents may still have been cheaper than actual toner

Fire fighters call for no-drone zone around bushfires

UAVs can take down water-spaffing 'copters, so firies want them to butt out

Juniper shrinks its MX monster router onto a USB stick

Gin Palace also clambers aboard DevOps bandwagon with scriptable stuff

TORpedo'd dev dumps Doxbin files after police raids

Find the 'magic onion de-cloak trick'

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