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7th > November > 2014 Archive

Apple blats WireLurker OS X, iOS malware – but fanbois aren't safe yet

Control servers go dark, crypto-cert revoked ... for now

EMC Federation working on rack scale converged architecture

It's not EVO:RAIL or bigger vBlocks, but it might be a DSSD FLASH MONSTER

Internet of ... cars? Auto infotainment systems boost Nvidia's Tegra biz

Chipmaker's CPU unit showed double-digit growth in Q3

Aussie spooks warn of state-sponsored online attacks during G20

Attendees at global gabfest to be hit with phishing, poison USB sticks

Wind farms make you sick claims blown away again

Canadian study finds no link between illness, stress and wind turbines

ICANN creates 'UN Security Council for the internet', installs itself as a permanent member

Now to 'protect children through a browser'

Amazon: Put our ALWAYS ON MICROPHONE in your house, please. WHAT?

Echo – listen to me all day ... 'OK, will do'

Ex-NSA lawyer warns Google, Apple: IMPENETRABLE RIM ruined BlackBerry

Hint, hint ... now show us your backdoors

Lindsay Lohan ignores El Reg's tender twitterly advances

Will thesp honour namesake spaceplane mission?

If you're suing the UK govt, Brit spies will snoop on your briefs

Families taking Blighty to court over CIA torture role and their lawyers put under surveillance

Yes! It's DRONE PORN. And we don't mean shiny pics of UAVs

SFW-ishWay to lower the tone: Low-flown drone shown prone bone

Dating website for damaged-stiffy sufferers suffers stiff damage: £10m bill for leak

PositiveSingles not as confidential as promised

Microsoft warns of super-sized Patch Tuesday next week

More security bulletins in November than in any prior month

Search engine guru sniffs cloud, makes it rain in Amazon jungle

Harmsel biz blogUpstart promises Amazon S3 compatibility, cost on premises

Mobile giants: 4G is so yesterday. Better IT can kickstart revenue growth

Hear that, IT crowd?

ONE FIFTH of Win Server 2003 users to miss support cutoff date

Migration is not a dirty word. Crevice, on the other hand...

Boxing clever? Amazon Fire TV is SO CLOSE to being excellent

ReviewTelly box with gaming for the price of a tank of petrol

By the way, Home Depot hackers also grabbed 53 million email addresses

Win 0day poppers made killing in carder shop

Europe's cyber security agency wants pick your infosec BRAINS

Reg readers... anyone... Bueller?

Shove over, 2FA: Authentication upstart pushes quirky login tech

All login tech is hackable (except ours, natch) claims securo-upstart

Why solid-state disks are winning the argument

Count the reasons

Guess what's missing from Ofcom's big MoD spectrum sale ... YEP, coverage obligation

Public sector bonanza, but not if you live in the country

Spyware-for-cops Hacking Team faces off against privacy critics

Defends 'lawful intercept and surveillance' tech

High-end SAN clan Dot Hill outshone by software biz Veeam

Double-digit revenue growth... but from what to what?

Security products: Best of breed or create your own monster?

Beware the Frankenstack

Pimp my HPC cluster: Luscious cores, GPU gravy, optimised apps...

HPC blogBut DON'T FORGET to defang angry end users

HOT YOUNG STAR about to GIVE BIRTH, long range images show

'The level of detail is so exquisite'

Brit cops nab six in Silk Road 2.0 drugs sting

Suspects seized across Blighty as police crack down on dark web souk

'Older' WireLurker previously tried, failed to leap from Windows to iThings

Mal-volution: How new version wormed its way into Apple

Array with you: Hybrid upstart Tegile kicks out new flashers

Two new all-flash arrays

Home Depot: Someone's WEAK-ASS password SECURITY led to breach

It wasn't me, says mega-retailer

Tick-tock, CDW: Mega reseller has 30 months to buy the rest of Kelway

But if not, it still has a multi-BEEELLION $ US operation

We must SMASH the Democratic Deadlock with MINDFUL EVIDENCE

¡Bong!Bongotopia in INFOGRAPHIC form

Belkin flings out patch after Metasploit module turns guests to admins

Open guest networks turned on by default

German telco watchdog bitten by hound with bigger teeth

Euro Commission gets angry over call termination fees

Microsoft's 'loss leader' Office 365 pricing strategy? NO THANKS

Partners survive on thin margin as it is, the hordes tell us

HP emails personal data of 1,000 CDS workers to 3rd party

Human errror blamed, ICO probing

Avere: Cloud storage needs caching too. Why? Because latency...

CommentGet your Amazonian data flowing faster

Revenue drops at IT giant CSC... 'Good progress' says chief

Don't worry, 'transformation' efforts are underway

Wipro uses Nexenta to blast its way out of the hardware prison

CommentSoftware-defined eclipses software-based

EU cyber-cop: Dark-net crooks think they're beyond reach (until now)

G-men all smiles after this week's raid on Tor hidden servers

Mystery Google barges TORPEDOED by US govt: Showrooms declared death traps

EXPLOSION fears scuttle plans for floating wow-boxes

At last! Now you can STIFLE dull chums you can't really unfriend on Facebook

Can't ditch your oldest mate, but let's lose the baby pics

Crooks are using proxy servers to build more convincing phishing sites – new claim


Farewell Nokia: First ever 'Microsoft Lumia' set for Tuesday reveal

PicTeaser image suggests Fin for Finn smartphone brand

Why 120 people protested outside San Francisco City Hall (Hint: 'Hybrid' net neutrality)

Vid+CommentHere's what you need to know in latest web fast-lane row

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