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6th > November > 2014 Archive

Net neutrality Thursday PROTESTS: Time to learn your chant

Netizens unhappy at leaked FCC plan

158 new malware created EVERY MINUTE

One for YOU and YOU and YOU and YOU

Qualcomm: Chinese patent licensees still aren't playing fair

Chipmaker lowers guidance for 2015 as China thumbs nose

CERN: 2015 restart causes tech rethink

VidOpenStack helps LHC boffins cope with predicted 400 PB / year firehose

EFF: VPNs will crumble Verizon's creepy supercookie stalkers

Now that ad networks are jumping on the privacy vulnerability

Not even 60,000 of you want an ethically-sourced smartphone

But FairPhone's going to have another crack anyway

Microsoft releases free anti-malware for Azure VMs

Tick a box, zap the baddies, annoy the competition

Google gives Microsoft office an awkward hug with new plugin

Chocolate Factory retools Drive to drive desktop apps

Luxembourg: Engine-room of the tax-break economy

Giant auditors fingered for helping globals dodge taxes

Tinder swipes left on CEO Sean Rad, journalists swipe right

CommentI hope someone like Eric Schmidt replaces me, dreams ousted cofounder

Elon Musk hits the brakes on Tesla's e-SUV Model X production

While raiding showrooms for any Model Ses he can find to flog

It's the WORST game ever, just pulled from a desert DUMP ... now ET can be yours for $500

Use your best movie voiceover voice to read this

NSA director: We share most of the [crap] bugs we find!

Crypto, crypto everywhere, 'til all the boards databases did shrink

Languages don't breed bugs, PEOPLE breed bugs, say boffins

You say C++, I say Python, you say JavaScript, I say Erlang ...

Robot deputy blasts possibly explosive Mexican beans with CANNON in 'controlled explosion'

Package 'ticking', says Koran

Poll: Yes, yes, texting while driving is bad but *ping* OH! Hey, GRAB THE WHEEL, will ya?

Many text-and-drive despite the dangers – 'because dopamine'

Apple's strap-on will set you back just '$5,000' – what a BARGAIN!

Golden arm-slab Watch is positively cheap next to real wristcandy, allegedly

Canonical pushes LXD, its new mysterious drug for Linux containers

AnalysisWe take the hype out of Ubuntu maker's non-hypervisor hypervisor

Big Blue brandishes Big Brother bundle, bars big biz byte blab blunders

For data out of site, not out of sight, nor out of mind

Forget Paris: OpenStack is not a cheap alternative to VMware

StoragebodLinux-type vibe is great, though

Hide your Macs, iPhones and iPads: WireLurker nasty 'heralds new era'

A new era of pain, apparently

Old hat: Fedora 21 beta late than never... and could be best ever

ReviewAn alternative to mobile-obsessed Ubuntu

OpenStack's success depends on IBM and HP's tech queens

+CommentPlus: Will NASA return to the fold?

Million Mask March: Anonymous' London Guy Fawkes protest a damp squib

PicsAnd Vivienne Westwood got refused entry to a pub

US reseller titan buys minority stake in Kelway MBO – sources

ExclusiveCDW comes to Blighty, watch out channelites

Lenovo still ‘not satisfied’ despite MEGA PROFIT rise

PC success set to be replicated across other divisions

Forget 5G, is making 2G fit for the 21st century!

AnalysisMinistry of Fun gets tough on everything ... except NIMBYs

OpenSUSE 13.2: Have your gecko and eat your rolling distro too

ReviewNew development model, new distro, same class

3D printed guns: This time it's for real! Oh, wait – no, still crap

It turns out you can make a real gun ... from steel and gun parts

Microsoft improves Azure SQL Server cloud service, simultaneously makes it worse

SQL Server compatibility better, reporting as a service chopped

First space Hasselblad goes under the hammer

Mercury mission snapper up for grabs

Rovnix Trojan infection outbreak infects 130,000 machines in Blighty

Email-borne nasty slurps your banking details

PRE-SPLINTERED Symantec's Q2 revenue slips, net profit rises

Steady as she goes for information protection company


Piggybacking drones, of course, says boss of new £1.25m lab

BYOD: don't let the dream turn into a nightmare

Take back control

REVEALED: Apple fanbois are 'MENTALLY UNSTABLE' - iShop staff

'My job is to make you happy with your product, not to fix it'

100+ trade buyers and private equity bods eyed up Kelway

CDW grabs 35% stake, valuing biz at a cool £200m

Hackers use DRAFT emails as dead-drops for running malware

Python bite opens doors to get into Gmail, Yahoo! accounts

Is new EU digi chief H-dot Oettinger starting a war with his boss?

Gaffe-prone Gunther calls EC Vice President Ansip a 'leftover'

HP gives StoreServ a speed boost with flashy cachey spit'n'polish

Hybrid flash/disk StoreServs get dedupe

Bitcoin is great and safe, says, er, the Bitcoin Foundation

Web SummitGros fromage: As long as operators aren’t in jail, digital cash is the future launches one kit-buying framework to rule them all

Public sector lifts shutters on internal Compare The Market-style site

New Euro digi chief says he WILL consider an EU-wide copyright law

But sets ridiculously tight timeframe for it, say sources

All but full-fat MS Office to be had on iPads, Droidenslabben for NOWT

Office 365 subscription still needed for 'full experience'

SCC: Brit biz are buying again, but as for mainland Europe ...

Products sales dip, services come good for Rigby tech dynasty

Cheap blow-up baby incubator bags James Dyson award

Less cool than last year's robo-arm but still useful

Tech bubble? No, no way, nope, says Silicon Valley investor

Web SummitThiel claims tech firms actually the bubble safety net

Down in the Dell, Compellent and EqualLogic are stirring

All-flash arrays now somehting of a minority interest

Fujitsu's ETERNUS CD10000: Better Ceph than sorry?

StoragebodIs it too soon for mainstream production...

Ericsson boss sticks a pin in Google’s loony Loon bubble

Buy Earth-based radio gear instead, says maker of Earth-based radio gear

Bloke, 26, accused of running drug souk Silk Road 2.0 cuffed by Feds

Meanwhile, someone really needs to take away that prosecutor's CSI boxsets

Murder suspect charged after pics of strangle victim posted on 4chan

He turns himself in after high-speed car chase with cops

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