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31st > October > 2014 Archive

Sony borks fanboi funboxes with dodgy PS4 update

Ready for the new firmware? Not so fast

Google's Mr Roboto Andy Rubin bids sayonara to Chocolate Factory

Android daddy heading off to startup land

Desktop Linux users beware: the boss thinks you need to be managed

VMware reveals VDI for Linux desktops plan, plus China lab to do the development

Plasma-spaffing boffins plan spaceships driven by FRIKKIN' LASERS

It's all about how you spread the love if you want bottom-up action

Microsoft gets storage QoS and software-defined storage religion

IOPS sniffer and Windows Server technical preview show Redmond's hand

FIFTEEN whole dollars on offer for cranky Pentium 4 buyers

Miracle of US legal system delivers almost-resolution to long-running class action

Google heads out the back with rifle, puts down POODLE

Next Chrome includes death knell for SSL

Multi Jet Fusion: THAT's HP's promised 3D printer, not crazy 'leccy invention

Hang on Meg, didn't you tell us you'd have one by mid-2014?

So long, thanks for all the, FISH BRIGHTER than boffins thought

Don't let the dolphins keep you in your, er, plaice

Free government-penned crypto can swipe identities

Beware of Australians bearing gifts

Facebook says vendor secrets forced it to homebrew switches

Network Veep spills how switch vendors keep diagnostic tricks to themselves

Microsoft patches GroupMe 'full account' hijack hole

Researcher rates Redmond after rapid responds to rathole reveal in Group TXTing app

One hard ghoulie: 1985's Ghosts 'n Goblins

Antique Code ShowTake me dancing naked in the… graveyard

How many telecoms firms left in Europe? Another mega-billion deal slated in France

Numericable's acquistion of Vivendi's SFR approved

Pixel mania: Apple 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display

ReviewCupertino computer in value for money shocker

Hungary PM ditches internet tax plans after mass protests

Want cash from internet? Say, $100/hour in your spare time?

Popular Science site shrugs off malicious code infection

No warning, no response... at least it killed the code

Facebook sticks vid ads on faux retro photo app biz Instagram

Maybe it'll make some money off users now


Deadly fungus EATS AWAY the beasties' SKINS

Google’s dot-com forget-me-not bomb: EU court still aiming at giant

'Right to be forgotten' only extends to EU borders

Seth Rogen bags Woz role in Sorkin's Steve Jobs biopic

Another big name added to starry cast and crew

Samsung launches 'perfect pair' of skinny mid-range phones

A3 and A5 to paper over cracks in finances

Marc Benioff tethers Salesforce cloud to Blighty

First European data centre spotted off west London

Trolls pop malformed heads above bridge to sling abuse at Tim Cook

Apple CEO under Twitter attack after 'I’m proud to be gay' letter

Fujitsu Services ordered to reveal size of pay scale for ALL TECHIES

Unite union action settled

DDN sails into Amazon clouds, adds Wonderful S3 for WOS

Object store, meet Jeff Bezos and chums

More Home Office and MoJ jobs could move abroad, union warns

Outsourcing giant Steria scoops two new clients

PureStorage flies flash arrays into OpenStack clouds

Upstart hopes for Purity parity

OFFICIAL: Fondling of Apple's slab declines – iPad sales DOWN in Q3

Pile 'em high, sell 'em cheap' vendors blamed for decline

Sky ponders 200,000-customer MVNO 'trial'. Soft launch, anyone?

A decade of 'will they, won't they' rumours reawaken

Insight: Tech market's stabilising, time to start hiring again

Q3 sales and profits up - but not enough to hit certain vendor rebate targets

Virgin's SpaceShipTwo crashes in Mojave Desert during test flight

UpdatedOne pilot dead, the other seriously injured

Facebook lifts Tor ban, touts encrypted onion access point

Anonymized traffic now A-OK

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