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30th > October > 2014 Archive

The NO-NAME vuln: wget mess patched without a fancy brand

Directory overwrite bug threatens all *nix boxen

Australia's media regulator to oversee new data retention regime

Bill pitched as essential anti-terror and crime measure

Microsoft opens Office 365 to devs with APIs, SDKs

Put a REST into your calendar

NATO declares WAR on Google Glass, mounts attack alongside MPAA

Yes, the National Association of Theater Owners is quite upset

Has the United Nations taken over the Internet yet?

Impress at your next dinner party with this primer on what's happening at the ITU gabfest

Big Retail: We don't hate Apple, we hate the credit card companies

Group opens up (slightly) about Apple Pay rival CurrentC

DRUPAL-OPCALYPSE! Devs say best assume your CMS is owned

SQLi hole was hit hard, fast, and before most admins knew it needed patching

Twitter, IBM, in deal to create brainy Big Blue Bird

#Enterprise #BigData #Analytics #BuzzwordFest

Mozilla releases geolocating WiFi sniffer for Android

As if the civilians who never change access point passwords will ever opt out of this one

Carders offer malware with the human touch to defeat fraud detection

Huge credit card heists mean crims want to cash out - fast

Remember Internet2? It's now a software-defined metacloud

Boffins can slice network into their own private connections for research and fun

NASA: Spacecraft crash site FOUND ON MOON RIM

'What fun!' exlaims NASA boffin who found the LADEE

Amazon's hybrid cloud: EC2 wrangled by Microsoft's control freak

Plug-in for System Centre gives Windows Server control of Bezos' bit barns

Microsoft fitness bands slapped on wrists: All YOUR HEALTH DATA are BELONG TO US

Wearable will deliver 'actionable insights for healthier living'

Humanity now making about 41 mobes EACH SECOND

327 MEEELLION mobes shipped in Q3, say very tired analysts

China set to be buried under mountain of surplus robots, warns biz chap

Can't stop the damn things reproducing. Unlike humans


StoragebodReaders: Could you build a complete data environment off eBay?

This time it's SO REAL: Overcoming the open-source orgasm myth with TODO

If the web giants need it to work, hey, maybe it'll work

Distie titan TD Azlan to cut ties with Huawei

'Can't shift the gear', say channel whispers

SkyHawk array swoops down, 136TB claws extended

Skyera offering more capacity, less power usage

All change at the top of HP's enterprise biz

Same strategy, but can the newbies make it work?

UK consumers particularly prone to piss-poor patching

Java a hot spot – new report

Apple CEO Tim Cook: My well-known gayness is 'a gift from God'

'I have benefited from the sacrifice of others'

Keep up with the fast-moving world of all-flash array storage

How to pick the right kind

Samsung's flagging phone fortunes hit profits hard

Net earnings nearly halve in the third quarter compared to last year

Sales down at UK's oldest tech distie: Northamber losses widen in fiscal '14

But chairman Phillips is rosy about future

Making an entrance: Remote door-opening tech

Breaking FadPersonal portal peace of mind

UK smart meters arrive in 2020. Hackers have ALREADY found a flaw

Energy summit bods warned of free energy bonanza

Ex-Soviet engines fingered after Antares ROCKET launch BLAST

Speculation rife, but Orbital claims it's too early to tell

Facebook OCP crowd to ogle MICROSOFT'S server-room SECRETS

Open Compute Project claps eyes on Redmond blueprints

The ULTIMATE CRUELTY: Sandworm uses PowerPoint against Swiss bank customers

From espionage to cybercrime

Apple dealer CANCOM: We're RAKING IT IN

EBITDA doubles year-on-year at the German firm

BIGGEST THREAT to Europe’s cybersecurity? Hint: not hackers

Largest EVER Europe-wide cybersecurity exercise

Programming Office 365: Hands On with Microsoft's new APIs

AnalysisHalf-baked samples – is this stuff really ready?

Watch out, Samsung and Apple: Xiaomi's No 3 in smartphones now

From obscurity to selling 19 million mobes a quarter

NHS quango fatcats spend £2m tax dosh on iPads and iPhones

British health chiefs coughed small fortune on Apple gadgets

Samaritans 'suicide Twitter-sniffer' BACKFIRES over privacy concerns

900,000 twitterati monitored without consent

Struggling tape bods Quantum a few quids in after good quarter

Firm is growing again

BT: Consumers and cost cutting save the day

Telco adds 88,000 broadband users, sees £4.38bn in sales

EE launches 150Mbps '4G+' in the heart of London

LTE-A – Faster phones for Hoxton Hipsters

Lenovo completes Motorola purchase for $2.9bn – $10bn less than Google paid for it

Ah, but the patents Google keeps were worth every penny

Verizon set to pay $64 MEEELLION for overbilling customers

Company looks to settle charges of bloating family bills

Brazil greenlights $200m internet cable to Europe in bid to outfox NSA

Only one problem: it won't make the slightest difference. And they know it

CoreOS offers private Docker container registries for world+dog

Your containers, your data center, behind your firewall

Danish court finds Pirate Bay cofounder guilty of hacking CSC servers

Jury doesn't buy 'evil hackers pwned my computer' defense

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