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27th > October > 2014 Archive

Azure Australia launches, complete with full-fibre diet

No details on bit barns, but here: listen to this cloud ambient trance instrumental

OpenSUSE tidies up disto model ahead of 13.4

Tumbleweed will be the face of rolling releases

HP releases OpenStack cloud

Community version now, commercial to follow

Verizon Wireless token tracker triggers tech transparency tempest

Users say opt out a feature in name only

ESXi is telling fibs to backup software

Embiggened VMs may not be backed up until you turn off CBT and turn it on again

An 'embed' link isn't a new infringement, says EU Court of Justice

No change, no new audience, no offence

Fanboi-and-fanfare-free fondleslabs fail to fire imagination

First FondleThe iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 are slightly better iPads, nothing more

BAE points electromagnetic projectile at US Army

Railguns for 'Future fighting vehicle'

Mozilla hopes to challenge Raspbian as RPi OS of choice

Project to port Firefox OS to Raspberry Pi is under way

FATTIES: Boffins say their miracle sunshine skin cream 'prevents obesity'

Oh. 'Together with exercise and diet'. Boo

Tor exit node mashes malware into downloads

Windows update haxors saved by Microsoft FixIt

Lumia 830: Microsoft hopes to seduce with slim 'affordable' model

Redmond takes a shot with another pic-tastic mobe

How iPad’s soft SIM lets Apple pit carriers AGAINST each other

AnalysisHe who holds the SIM holds the power

Doctors urged to adopt default opt-out approach to scheme

ICO: It would be perfectly legal to do so

Pure Storage developing converged systems

CommentCommodity server hardware the next big target market

Diablo boss on chipsets, ULLtraDIMM and the Netlist fracas

Opinion/InterviewBadalone won't back down


'I invest only to monitor the threat'

Sunset Overdrive: Exploding teddy bears, dragon fights and more in a tangerine blast

Game TheoryJust don’t drink the Kool Aid

Wir streiken! German Amazon workers down tools

Union Verdi still fighting for better pay and conditions

Game of Thrones man stars in sci-fi bit on comet-catcher Rosetta

ESA boffin: Reality of landing on comet better than fiction

How do Reg readers keep their vendors in line?

Reg RoundtableCIOs talk sticks, carrots and account managers

Now: The REAL APPLE NEWS you need to know

OMG! Gravity's totes amazeballs. Calm down, George Clooney, not your film

Apple's OS X Yosemite slurps UNSAVED docs into iCloud

Docs, email contacts... shhhlooop, up it goes

Painfully trendy: Someone just spent $200k on

Paid owner in cash and, er, Cannabis Sativa shares

Disk drive BIGNESS is back: Seagate revenues and shipments surge

Business spins faster

Schneier, Diffie, ex-MI5 bod, privacy advocates team up on Code Red

Project will fight intrusive surveillance

Ingram's CEO Monie: Show me the... Mobility, Mobility, Mobility

Sales surge on distie slurps but profits are down, down, down

HUGE SHARK as big as a WWII SUBMARINE died out, allowing whales to exist

Who'd win a fight: Megalodon or a German battleship?

Samsung turns off lights on LEDs worldwide – except in South Korea

Not the bright future Sammy was imagining

Recovery-ware upstart Zerto: From Hyper-V to VMware and back again

Intros new cross-hypervisor replication product

OpenStack upstart SwiftStack slurps up $16m from backers

InterviewThe object of its object storage funding exercise

Avnet CEO: enterprise tech spending on the turn in fiscal Q1

But let's not discuss those slippery PC components sales within TS

Planning to fly? Pour out your shampoo, toss your scissors, rename terrorist Wi-fi!

FAA fails to see humor in 'Al-Quida' hotspot jokes

Microsoft brings the CLOUD that GOES ON FOREVER

Sky's the limit with unrestricted space in the cloud

Boffins snap first pics of hot white dwarf nova bursting out of its shell

Thermonuclear fireball roars out at 1.3 MEEELLION mph

HDS launches compute-as-a-service in Equinix bit barns everywhere

Your stack, at your place or theirs

Does the Googler tapped to run the US Patent Office still believe in patent reform?

Analysis'Crony' jeers follow Lee into the chair

NetApp offers ONTAP as a cloud for all seasons

Updates to hybrid ONTAP?

NetApp buys SteelStore from Riverbed

US$80 million for Riverbed, a better hybrid backup story for the Blue Staple

Feathers fly as Twitter squawks of record sales but slow user growth

Losses mount despite rising revenue

Why weasel words might not work for Whisper

AnalysisCEO suspends editor but privacy questions remain

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