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23rd > October > 2014 Archive

Disney and chums halt Comcast-TWC, AT&T-DirecTV weddings

FCC reaches to pull back curtain, TV networks run screaming from sunlight

RUMPY PUMPY: Bone says humans BONED Neanderthals 50,000 years B.C.

Hairy, saucy protohuman revelations

Whistleblower behind PM's daughter scholarship leak must wait for fate

Magistrate says she needs about five weeks to consider the case

Forget the $2499 5K iMac – today we reveal Apple's most expensive computer to date

PicUnbelievable specs, too

Chipmaker FTDI bricking counterfeit kit

USB-serial imitators whacked by driver update

Privacy complaints skyrocketed in 2013-14, says Pilgrim

DoI set Oz government record for privacy fumbling

In the next four weeks, 100 people will decide the future of the web

While America tucks into Thanksgiving turkey, the world will be taking over the net

NBN Co reports fibre traction and Telstra action

FTTP services breach the not-very-magical 200,000 barrier

Newly-private BMC gets cloud/social/mainframe (!) religion

Warning: Disruption ahead. Once the new products emerge.

NIST to hypervisor admins: Pro-tip, secure your systems

Hypervisor security draft open for comment

Quick PHP patch beats slow research reveal

Simple solution to remote code execution

Boffins who stare at goats: I do believe they’re shrinking

Alpine chamois being squashed by global warming

Microsoft EU warns: If you have ties to the US, Feds can get your data

European corps can't afford to get complacent while American Big Biz battles Uncle Sam

Want to own .app, .blog or .pet? Best sell a third of yourself for $100m on London Stock Exchange

Registry Afilias preps float ahead of gTLD auction battle

Xen says its security policies might be buggier than its software

Users didn't know if they were allowed to patch bug behind world cloud reboot

Vulture trails claw across Lenovo's touchy N20p Chromebook

ReviewThe Googlebook you can fondle

The future health of the internet comes down to ONE simple question…

AnalysisCan ICANN be forced to agree to oversight of its decisions?

Are there sounds on Mars? NASA launches audio athenaeum

Space scientists capture creepy Kepler chorus, Saturn storms

Nokia STORMS back into profit, FREE from phones and Windows

Sales up in all divisions. Having fun, Microsoft?

There's a lot more to backup than you thought

Which kind will you choose?

Long armof of the saur: Brachially gifted dino bone conundrum solved

Deinocheirus mirificus was a bit of a knuckle dragger

Hey, Joe. Give EMC the gun and SHOOT IT DOWN - before someone else messes 'round town

CommentYou built it up; tear it down while you still can

Zuckerberg bombshell: Man married to Chinese woman speaks Chinese in China

Oh stop the world, we want to get off

Consumers start feeling the love as Chromebook sales surge

Samsung, Acer, HP take three quarters of Google-based market

DOUBLE BONK: Fanbois catch Apple Pay picking pockets

Users wail as tapcash transactions are duplicated

Ad-borne Cryptowall ransomware is set to claim FRESH VICTIMS

Cybercrooks slurping hundreds of thousands from innocent marks, say securo-bods

Speaking in Tech: Too fat for MARS!

PodcastAnd Sarah HATES Doctor Who

Amazon's AWS opens data center in Germany – just as we said

Scalability away from Uncle Sam, in theory

Lollipop unwrapped: Chromium WebView will update via Google Play

Speedier updates, and more Google control for Android

Ubuntu 14.10 tries pulling a Steve Ballmer on cloudy offerings

Oi, Windows, centOS and openSUSE – behave, we're all friends here

Entity Framework goes 'code first' as Microsoft pulls visual design tool

Visual Studio database diagramming's out the window

Google Glassholes are undateable – HP exec

You need an emotional connection, says touchy-feely MD... We can do that

Upstart brags about cheaper-than-Amazon private cold data cloud

Storiant man asks you to check out their racks

France to draft blacklist banning alleged piracy websites – what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

La censure! Le bord mince de la cale de fromage, mes amis!

Adobe spies on readers: EVERY DRM page turn leaked to base over SSL

Spot the difference from last time

Apple: We're still GREAT pals with GT and we'd LOVE to team up again

But give us back our $439m

Hello, Ello. Still no ads and no features to sell. What do? Bag $5.5m

Did you LOL at Ello? Now see who's laughing ... all the way to the bank

Microsoft: Cloud-o-bile still only small slice of softening revenue pie

New areas show growth, but still just 13 per cent

GET A ROOM, yells Facebook as it stumbles on IRC, slaps it in an app

Party like it's 1999

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