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16th > October > 2014 Archive

On Nov 12, a human-made space lab will try to HARPOON a COMET and land on it

PicScrew flying cars – THIS is science fact

Arab States make play for greater government control of the internet

Nerds told to get lost in last-minute power grab bid at UN meeting

Vulnerable utilities, telcos, top of new Aussie natsec centre's to-do list

Headcount to tip 150 tomorrow, double by year's end

NO DEAL: HP/EMC merger talks are off

HP walks away after 'fruitless negotiations' stalled on price

Microsoft, Docker bid to bring Linux-y containers to Windows: What YOU need to know

AnalysisIt ain't there yet, but Redmond vows to make it work

Oracle ♥s Fibre Channel in virty box refresh

Virtual compute appliance adds support for not-dead-yet networking protocol

Scientists skeptical of Lockheed Martin's truck-sized fusion reactor breakthrough boast

PicPossibly another Perhapsatron in the making

Another ICANN Board member resigns

Olga Madruga-Forti quits domain oversight organization

NetWare sales revive in China thanks to that man Snowden

If it ain't Microsoft, it's in fashion behind the Great Firewall

Batman in the frame to take on Steve Jobs

Christian Bale said to be likely star of Jobs biopic

Down-under record: Australian gets $140k for pussy

'Tiffany' closes deal - 'it's more common to offer your wife', says agent

Adobe CSO offers Oracle security lesson: Go click-to-play

Pots and kettles in heated argument at Oz security confab

AWS pulls desktop-as-a-service from the PC

Support for PCoIP protocol means zero clients can run cloudy desktops

Citrix: Wearables allow conference calls 'while rocking a baby to sleep'

Hands up who still wants Android Wear? Not so many of you now, eh?

Man bites dog: HTTPS-menacing POODLE is 'hard to exploit' – unless you're on public Wi-Fi

AnalysisAvoid sketchy pub wireless, warn infosec bods

FinFisher spyware used to snoop on Bahraini activists, police told

Gamma International on the end of UK criminal complaint

Is living with Dolby Atmos worth the faff?

Breaking FadSubtle, naturalistic ambiance – perfect for Transformers 4

CIO of children's charity: Data re-org will change the giving game

Centralised, digitised, organised - gee, thanks, IT

Cloud skills certification can add zeros to your pay cheque

Grab some letters to put after your name

Securobods RAGE over $600k Kickstarter Tor box components

UpdatedDevs insist: It's NOT just an off-the-shelf circuit board

Euro Commission drags Belgium to court over telco regulator's independence

Ministerial veto must be, er, vetoed, Eurocrats demand

Cyber-punch-drunk eBay slashes revenue forecasts

Chief beanie on 2014: 'series of unanticipated setbacks'

Solaris fix-it firm offers free Bash patch for legacy Oracle kit

Sets up camp on moral high ground as lawsuit rages on

Prehistoric swingbelly KANGAROOS were TOO FAT to jump – scientists

Thumpy, thumpy - THUMPY the Bush Kangaroo

Drupal SQL injection nasty leaves sites 'wide open' to attack

Usual drill - install the patch tout de suite

Edward Snowden documentary premieres across the UK

Citizenfour shows the week of the NSA leaks

Hacker-hunters finger 'Keyser Soze' of Russian underground card sales

Report claims user named 'Rescator' is mastermind

HP slips on Scality's RING, plans to flog it with ProLiant servers

AnalysisNew logo, new reseller

The iPAD launch BEFORE it happened: SPECULATIVE GUFF ahead of actual event

LiveBlurtNerve-shattering run-up to the pre-planned known event

'Urika': Cray unveils new 1,500-core big data crunching monster

6TB of DRAM, 38TB of SSD flash and 120TB of disk storage

Sky's tech bets pay off: Pay TV firm unveils blazing growth for Q1

Oooh... everyone's going to watch on their iPad. NOT gets CUFFED as he announces his new wristjob, the PULS

It's got four KILOWATTS of something, apparently

City council thinks what we're all thinking: 'Comcast is terrible – and NOT welcome here'

Worcester makes bold, entirely pointless stand against deal

Auntie hires API firm to manage new online BBC Store

Where did I put that Top Gear?

Deckchairs shifted aboard tech liner HP's services biz

Time for that fiscal New Year rejig

Ericsson slurps up unified data centre software shop

Customer becomes owner

Keep a beady eye on your business's cloud service shopping

Don't let staff go crazy

Huawei and Accenture pucker up for enterprise love-in

It's all about the cloud, people –cloud, cloud, cloud

Data cops in charge of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google get a new office

But HQ remains next to corner store in the middle of Irish nowhere

AMD pays new CEO $150K LESS than her male predecessor

Not only Nadella that's nuts

The Apple launch AS IT HAPPENED: Totally SERIOUS coverage, not for haters

Live TweetblurtFandroids, Windows Phone fringe-oids – you wouldn't understand

Bad news, fandroids: He who controls the IPC tool, controls the DROID

Researchers discover Binder blinder

Disaster roster: OMG, are YOU SAFE? I dunno. Check Facebook

Zuck me, I feel a whole lot more secure today

Banksy puts down spray can, goes corporate in cybersquat brouhaha

Unsolicited city decorator sticks it to The Man, asks for its help

FBI boss: We don't want a backdoor, we want the front door to phones

Claims it's what the Founding Fathers would have wanted – catching killers and pedos

iPad AIR 2 and iPad MINI 3, 5K iMac: World feels different today – and it IS

PicsBust that piggybank while waiting for OS X 10.10 to install

Giant advertising, sorry, 'Search' firm Google makes BILLIONS - but not enough for Wall St

Another three months, another 16.5 Instagrams of cash

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