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13th > October > 2014 Archive

Rebellion sees Chromium reverse plans to dump EXT filesystem

A Linux derivative without Linux's very own filesystem was a strange look

Samsung: Thought your PIPE was FAT? Check our 4.6 GIGABIT WiFi

Suck down a stream in mere SECONDS

Rupert Murdoch outs self as iPhone 6 fanboi

Smithers? Install me an app. That one with the cranky birds sounds amusing

Heistmeisters crack cost of safecrackers with $150 widget

Arduino hack-box brute-forces ATMs, gun safes

Here's your chance to buy an ancient, working APPLE ONE

Warning: Likely to cost a lot even for a Mac

Philip Morris seeks pay-per-puff patent to help you STOP smoking

Internet of things meets internet of vapour. Tobacco vapour

Hardened Hydrazine the source of Galileo satnav FAIL

Russian aerospace firm's kit fails on 46th mission

Can do better: Tech industry report on Australia's tech curriculum

Freelancer CEO Matt Barrie ropable, blames intractable teachers for resistance to new subject

Linux Foundation plans open-source drone hit

Drone me, Tux is going UAV?

Android's Cyanogenmod open to MitM attacks

Code re-use spells zero day for millions of modders

EE TV brings French broadband price war to the UK

It's on...

Nutanix goes all-flash, will rescue dying data from imploding cities

But only if they're reasonably close together, natch

Nimbus Data sues over unpaid bill: 'Kit didn't work', says customer

'Refused to pay the remaining balance until the computer equipment was fully functional'

CMS Distribution bags industry big hitter for sales assault

Andy Bass crosses fence from vendorland into channel

Vanmoof Electrified Bike: Crouching cyclist, hidden power

ReviewFeel like you’re on the flat all the time with this city bike

Secret U.S. 'space warplane' set to return from spy mission

Robot minishuttle X-37B returns after almost 2 years in orbit

Nadella's Karmagate howler was response to MICROSOFT BOARD DIRECTOR – report

Firm to take hard look at pay culture, says Maria Klawe

Facebook storage techies: We sift through your family snaps to find 'warm BLOBs'

Hey, that's no way to talk about Uncle Gary

Xiaomi boss snaps back at Jony Ive's iPhone rival 'theft' swipe

I'll have a handset delivered. Judge us after you try us...

Symantec backs out of Backup Exec: Plans to can appliance in Jan

Will still provide support to existing customers

Shh! Bose and Apple ink secret deal to settle 'noise-cancelling' suit

Call off the ITC...

Cops and spies should blame THEMSELVES for smartphone crypto 'problem' - Hyppönen

IP ExpoSpooks are 'imperfect' warns top securo-bod

GSMA places operators' towel on Internet of Things deckchair

Tells devs how to use mobe networks for M2M IoT

Apple's iPhone bonk to 'Pay' app launches on Monday

UpdateHas Cupertino finally found killer app for NFC?

Ofcom: 'White space' tech to support mobile data services in 2015

UpdatedWill help UK meet demand for data in 'internet of things' era

Of COURSE Stephen Elop's to blame for Nokia woes, says author

Interview'Google did have some unique propositions for Nokia'

Life is good in the data centre – UKFast boss reports from hot tub

Sales up, swanky new HQ, G-Cloud approval...

Greedy datagrabs, crap security will KILL the Internet of Thingies

OpinionIoT still lacks definition, for one

Irish data cops plan long soak in CASH BATH: Gee thanks, Facebook, Twitter, Google

Open the burlap sack, fellas: It's budget time

€2 BILLION: Steelie Neelie wants US to pay for her Big Data splurge

Don't worry about privacy, just think of the jobs

Something ate Google's at about eight in Asia's evening

Public DNS outage sends sysadmins scrambling across Asia

Salesforce and Microsoft to unleash integrations ... next year

Timetable for collaboration looks to be slipping a bit

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