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11th > October > 2014 Archive

Judge nukes Ulbricht's complaint about WARRANTLESS FBI Silk Road server raid

Forrest sides with prosecutors, says search was legal

Bird of HEY.... that's MY DRONE! Hawk attacks geek's quadcopter in nature v machine clash

VidThis sky ain't big enough for the both of us

To Russia With Love: Snowden's pole-dancer girlfriend is living with him in Moscow

While the NSA is tapping your PC, he's tapping ... nevermind


Competition21st century Viewmaster up for grabs

Weekend reads: So, Anyway..., Anger is an Energy and Smoke Gets in your Eyes

Page FileJohn v John: Cleese and Lydon tell their own stories

'Utter killjoy Reg hacks have NEVER BEEN LAID', writes a fan

'Shuddit, smarty pants!' Some readers reacted badly to our last Doctor Who review ...

White LED lies: It's great, but Nobel physics prize-winning great?

Worstall @ the WeekendHow artificial lighting could offer an artificial promise

Women in tech: Not asking for raises is your 'superpower' – Nadella. *chirp*...*chirp*

QuoTWWhat's that sound? Was that a mass tweet?

CAW! Vulture's news highlights - all in one smooth, egg-shaped vid

Join Regina Eggbert in studio

Red Bull does NOT give you wings, $13.5m lawsuit says so

Website letting consumers claim $10 cash back crashes after stampede

Jaguar Sportbrake: The chicken tikka masala of van-sized posh cars

Vulture at the WheelIndian-owned Jag's latest offering curries favour with us

Flies WANT beer booze and now we know why - yeast

Boffins: this is a serious bit of research with 'implications' for medicine

I've got a new Linux box, how does it work... WOAH, only asking :-/

CoTWHere's what happens when Reg commentards talk about Torvalds' toys

Jony Ive: Flattered by rivals' designs? Nah, its 'theft'

Oh and it's 'lazy', says Apple iPad and iMac Knight of the Realm

Zippy one-liners, broken promises: Doctor Who on the Orient Express

TV ReviewSeries finally hits stride, but Clara's U-turn is baffling

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