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10th > October > 2014 Archive

NASA: Mars satellites menaced by speeding SPACE ALIEN

PicsStrange object Siding Spring is older than mankind, moving 33 miles a second

Let down by a lousy UberX driver? They probably skipped the 'optional $65 customer service training course'

Satnav? More like sadnav

Sh** just got real: Amazon to open actual shop in New York City

Ship ... shipping just got real

OMG, we're gonna be invaded by NEXUS 6 replicants – no, wait. It's just a rumored phablet

Google mobe set to follow iPhone 6+

Tesla's Elon Musk shows the world his D ... and it's a monster

Zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds for the twin-engined 'leccywagon

Malware analysts tell crooks to shape up and write decent code

Who writes their own crypto these days? Seriously!

Veeam varies virty voyage with free endpoint backup tool

No wonder Symantec's struggling to turn a quid

AWS 'won' Xen-mess-inspired cloud reboot says Rightscale

Sysadmins say less patchwork required in the cloud than own bit barns

No one wants iOS 8 because it's for NERDS - dev

Cool kids have been staying with lucky number seven

Crims zapped mobes, slabs we collared for evidence, wail cops

Don't worry, sarge, we got all the ... oh, WTF!

Intel 'underestimates error bounds by 1.3 QUINTILLION'

Not enough Pi makes FSIN instruction unreliable

Put down that shotgun: Wi-Fi's the way to beat Zombies

CreepyDOL sensors can pick walkers from humans with MAC snack attack

EU, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft: We'll fight terrorists... with WORKSHOPS

EU has dinner with Big Tech before debating data protection

Facebook scammers punt fake 'sexy vid' of Emma Watson

Malware-flinging 'Guy Fawkes' YouTuber lurks behind

SPLITTERS! Symantec cleft in twain

Security and storage units must now take their own paths

Get NAS-ty: Reg puts claws to eight four-bay data dumpsters

Product round-upStorage you can see, clouds you create

Software gurus: Only developers can defeat mass surveillance

Fowler, Dörnenburg urge devs to stick up for the users

Iron out the kinks and all-flash servers just might have a future

CommentNutanix leading way to disk-free serving

The phoney war: EMM vendors joust in jam-packed market

AnalysisWho will survive the inevitable bloodbath?

Internet Explorer stars in monster October Patch Tuesday

Triple patch match as Oracle and Adobe pile on the pain

BEND IT like YOGA: Newest Lenovo gadgets have built in PROJECTORS

PicsFlip it, bend it, UHD display – what's not to like?

'MYSTERIOUS PYRAMID STRUCTURE' found on COMET beyond Mars: Landing planned

Philae to touch down on 67P next month

Selfmite on STEROIDS: Pumped-up SMS worm is BACK...

Geo-aware nasty spaffs dodgy gear all over your mobe

HP turns to Meg Whitman's ex-chief of staff for tough UK job

Jacqui Ferguson to head up Enterprise Services revival

ROBOT TROUSER SNAKE stiffens to master slippery mounds

Boffins overjoyed at performance of slithery tool

Dragon's Outsourcery biz bags another £1m of cash to burn

Loss-making cloudy biz snares VC investor

Beardie Branson backs Blockchain's Bitcoin bandwagon

Yorkshire-based firm ditches flat caps and whippets for digital funny money

Look ma, no hands! The machines are speaking our language

Voice recognition grows up

Toshiba: We'll STAY in PCs! We'll just axe a few bods

'Deadly serious about PCs but will NOT lose money' - exec

Researchers: Trolls have dark tetrad of personality defects

Think psychopathy and BDSM dungeons, not desktops

U2? 81 million Apple iThing-strokers know a place where the Beats have no shame

That's one fanboi for every £1k Apple has in surplus cash

US astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson: US is losing science race

'We've got bigger problems than your next app'

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Ultrabook flexes new 'Watchband' BENDO hinges

PicsThe world's 'thinnest convertible laptop'

AndroidScript returns to Google Play Store: Ad giant YIELDS TO THE MIGHT OF EL REG

Mountain View grovels before Vulture's claws

ePassport to Transnistria: NEXTIFYING the Nation State with BONG

¡Bong!Hey the Man, you can't geoblock distributed democracy

Intel, Cisco and co reveal PLANS to keep tabs on WORLD'S MACHINES

RoTMConnecting everything to everything... Er, good idea?

Wide-ranging UK DATA SHARING moves one step closer

CommentReport shelved as government looks for quick fix

EU waves remote at Liberty Global's Dutch telly takeover

Compo presses OK on merger... with conditions

Europe mulls weaker 'right to be forgotten' Google rule

Could cut out heart out of Data Protection Regulation

Prez Obama backs net neutrality – but can't do anything about it. Thanks, Obama

You're doing a heck of a job, Wheeley

Slap for SnapChat web app in SNAP mishap: '200,000' snaps sapped

This is what happens if you hand your username and password to a 3rd-party

Dairy Queen cuts the waffle, says bank cards creamed in 395 eateries

Burger bars battered by Backoff baddie

SHATTERED: Apple's jilted glass supplier to shut down sapphire ops

UpdatedGT Advanced Tech to shutter factories, lay off 890 workers

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