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9th > October > 2014 Archive

Gates and Ballmer NOT ON SPEAKING TERMS – report

Microsoft men's friendship said to have ended in clash over Nokia buy

NSA spying will shatter the internet, Silicon Valley bosses warn

Senator Wyden says Congress must act to reassure the world

Want to break Netflix? It'll pay you to do the job

'Senior Chaos Engineer' sought to inflict all sorts of nasty, nasty, pain

Protesters stop ground breaking on world's largest telescope

Hawaiian eyes aren't smiling

Shoppers shun slabs to give Gartner's Q3 PC numbers a rosy glow

Death of XP and new form factors mean sales down just half a point

'Bill Gates swallowing bike on a beach' is ideal password say boffins

Train your brain to remember long passwords with flash card memory-building technique

Google introduces Chromebook-control-freaking-as-a-service

Fifty bucks a year buys you management tools and support

Apple KILLS SUPER MARIO. And Zelda. And Sonic

Fanbois rage as Cupertino bans emulators from iOS devices

Google hauls Java-on-Android spat into US Supreme Court

If at first you partially succeed, try, try again

Pen-testers outline golden rules to make hacks more €xpen$ive

PodcastSorry sysadmins, you just lost root access in the name of security

Cloud to kill off legacy apps, says Rackspace CEO Taylor Rhodes

InterviewTrouble on horizon for today's dev companies and platforms

IBM leaps aboard the software-defined stuff bandwagon

Big Blue banishes storage bleakness with blinding announcement blizzard

Audio playground: How does an Oculus Rift with surround sound sound?

Bose vs Deezer and other sonic snippets: LG adds DTS codec support

Was Nokia's Elop history's worst CEO?

ReviewNo, silly... he was the fall guy for years of Finnish folly

HTC débuts Desire Eye, 'GoPro-slapper' RE digital snapper

No cash, please, we're HTC, says debt-free mobile firm

You can ring my #bellogate. EMAIL STORM hits 29,000 hapless UCL students

Servers flooded with MILLIONS of spam messages

Toys fly from prams as HP rivals stoke FUD fires on its split

PC and printer biz separation is manna from heaven say Dell, Acer and Lenovo

New Scottish Apple Store appears, then VANISHES off map app

McMacHeads appear underwhelmed...

Splitters! First HP's cut in two, now it's Symantec’s turn – report

AnalysisOne beached whale to become two?

Fruit of the Loom: Teradata ladles out free bowls of Hadoop data soup-strainer

Data about data on latest heffalump offering

Corporate crashes in UK IT channel drop back to pre-recession levels

Q3 insolvencies in Brit tech biz fall for 5th straight quarter

El Reg Christmas Lectures to span space, big data and GCHQ

Reg EventsFeaturing speakers who are even cleverer than our readers

Activist investors DESTROY COMPANIES. Don't get me started on share dealings...

CommentThe great storage vulture pecks at the industry

Google AXES AndroidScript app used by 20,000 STEM coders WITHOUT WARNING

Mountain View is paranoid about 'Android', apparently

Landline deregulation: Big EU telcos have Skype to thank

Steelie Neelie says 'spoilt kid' telcos must move with the times

Cisco to sink $16m in cloudy Chinese joint venture with TCL Corp

Sets up $80m commercial cloud firm with China electronics bods

EMC: We're not sitting on the fence anymore. We love disties

Brit channel director looks to Avnet, Arrow and Azlan to manage great unwashed

Foxconn exec on iPhone 6: You're BENDING it WRONG

Stop trying to 'distort' it... That's just gossip!

Right, suits off: Windows 10 preview Internet Explorer is here

PreviewSPDY and Chakra – faster browsing, one browser

'A motivated, funded, skilled hacker will always get in' – Schneier

IP ExpoIt's how you respond that's key, says securo guru

Trustmarque: £2m profits evaporated after accounting change

Soaring overheads and falling sales didn't help as reseller hit the skids

I want to transplant your storage brains: WD desktop NAS refresh

Puts Storage Spaces on Sentinel, leaves RAID behind

Cisco denies plans to pull its cash out of VCE

All-singing, all-dancing boxen partners have our 'full support'

EU privacy boogeyman unleashed by the very people with boogeyman-slaying weapons

Plus won't someone think of the charidees?

Remember that tale of a fired accountant who blamed Comcast? It's kinda true, says telco

UpdatedISP denies getting the guy sacked – but promises probe

No 12-inch maxiPads for Christmas: Suppliers 'smothered by iPhone 6'

Apple's rumored big iPad said to be delayed until 2015

Microsoft confirms Surface NOT DEAD YET, next-gen version coming

Denies report it's planning to axe the line

Breaking news: Man with Apple shares really wishes they were worth even more

Yes, it's Carl Icahn't even

Women, your 'superpower' is ... NOT asking for a raise: Satya Nadella

Updated'I answered that question completely wrong'

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