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7th > October > 2014 Archive

Bugzilla code critters blab your security sinners, warns Mozilla

Wouldn't it be a shame if your vulnerability database had a vu... patch now

Holey? COWL! Boffins build boxes to hold sketchy JavaScript libs

Worried password_leak_hehe.js is going to spill your precious beans? Well, never fear...

Hey, get the ZUCK up – let's unionize Facebook buses, cry Teamsters

Union demands better conditions, pay for shuttle drivers

VCE adds all-flash vBlock using EMC storage

When a problem comes along … you must not Whiptail it

WhatsApp, Zuck? Facebook finally finishes $22bn upstart gobble

Jan Koum and Brian Acton are now officially obscenely wealthy

Estonia to offer 'e-resident' status to world+dog

ID card will carry security certificate allowing access to Estonian digital services

Windows 10's 'built-in keylogger'? Ha ha, says Microsoft – no, it just monitors your typing

YOU said it was OK when you installed that Technical Preview

Trio share 2014 Nobel Prize for cracking internal GPS of the brain

Neuro space, the final frontier

US Trade Commission to chase NVIDIA's Samsung sueball

GPU dispute seeks to black out latest Galaxies

Chap runs Windows 95 on Android Wear

At last: a touch OS UI worse than Windows 8's

FireEye, Singtel pull on SOCs in Sydney and Singapore

CEO DeWalt labels rivals' security outposts more schlock than SOC

APPLE still building fanbois CULT HQ in Cupertino, it seems

Drone takes flight over Fruit Loop to reveal giant brown circle

Euro probe headed for Amazon's tax back door

Report says Luxembourgian dealings to be scrutinised

EU's super-commish for tech: Geo-blocks on cat vids, music – NOT FAIR

...and vows to take telcos, safe harbour and copyright to task

Redmond flicks switch on Dropbox for VMs

That's how it works, but Redmond calls it Azure Site Recovery

Shift up, gran! Microsoft turns living room into AR game 'space'

RoomAlive's projection mapping offers augmented reality gaming

Storage: Never mind the quantity, feel the quality of service

Give the users what they need

How much is Microsoft earning from its Android taxes again?

AnalysisWe do the maths and reveal THE TRUTH

Storage startups: Hey VCs, it's not just the size, it's the frequency

CommentBackers should analyse patterns closely

£150m, three years... TWO base stations. You guessed it

Mobile coverage project stymied by not-spot ignorance

Hopeful hybrideer Reduxio grabs more cash for disk+flash

Company aims to leapfrog existing hybrid vendors

BIG trouble in Big China: Samsung cops it RIGHT in the wallet

AnalysisXiaOW-ME - that's gotta hurt

Revenge smut bullies who send 'grossly offensive' messages WILL be prosecuted

An indecent image is fine, mind – CPS

Docker acqui-slurps Koality

This one's for you, devs, to stop containers spilling into messy projects

Official: Turing's Bombe better than a Concorde plane

At least according to Blighty's mechanical engineers

EU competition chief goes after Amazon’s delux Lux tax deal

Just WEEKS before he's set to leave

Monster banking Trojan botnet claims 500,000 victims

This ain’t your father’s ZeuS

Britain’s snooping powers are 'too weak', says NCA chief

*Cough* Ripa *cough*... *Cough* Drip *cough* Hand us a lozenge, would you?

Flash storage upstart SolidFire slurps $82m, intros Mini-Me arrays

Shrunken SSD and lower prices

PEAK APPLE: iOS 8 SHUNNED by refusenik fanbois

Slowest adoption rate for THREE YEARS. That's like ... forever

Big racks? Pah. Storage boffins have made a BIONIC BRAIN material

And you'll never guess what happens when you hit it

HP's axe swings AGAIN: 5,000 more staffers for the chop

Extra job cuts not linked to PC and printer biz split

Inflatables in SPAAACE! ISS 'nauts to enjoy bouncy castle spaceship

Blow-up craft to attach itself to the International Space Station

Leading like Mad Leo: HP's Whitman rolls out Apotheker's PC plan

The executioner turns gambler as HP's PCs are set to go

Qualcomm, Ericsson, SingTel hit 260Mbps in live FDD/TDD demo

Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor + Ericsson tech

Oi, lobbyists. Cough up your details – EU's new first vice-president

Mandatory register could put an end to tastroturfing in Brussels

Is Apple incubating a Macbook, iPad bastard child?

Over 12 inches big and running hybrid OS. The stuff of fantasy. Right?

Adobe spies on readers: 'EVERY page you turn, EVERY book you own' leaked back to base

UpdatedApp sends data over the net unencrypted

Microsoft: Yeah, about that 50% post-Christmas customer price hike...

SPLA prices set to soar by up to half again, and this WILL get passed on

NetList returns Diablo's ULLtraDIMM sueball with counter-injunction

Which drags SanDisk into this flashy legal mess

Siri ... why is this semi headed RIGHT AT ME? Phone apps distracting as ever – new study

Hands-free tech still not so safe, claim researchers

Nvidia's screaming new Maxwell GPUs bring 4K gaming to notebooks

What ... you mean your notebook doesn't have a 4K screen?

Nokia's ENORMO factory in India axed after Microsoft-shaped hole appears in order book

But its tax woes will go on

Aussie builds contactless card cloner app, shops at Woolies with fake card

Pro tip: public transport is a great place to scan for card credentials

Countless Belkin routers go TITSUP in massive mystery meltdown

UpdatedMaker says it's got it fixed now ... but what was it?

What do teenagers love doing? That's right: Staying up all night ... debugging

And GitHub'll help some of 'em build and host software for free

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