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6th > October > 2014 Archive

Man brings knife to a gun fight and WINS

Successfully escapes from police robot

Moneymen dash to hand cash to storage upstarts

CommentIn pursuit of high-growth investment

Will we ever can the spam monster?

An unending battle against email-borne nasties and botnets

ARM spreads tentacles up and down the stack

Cloud-connected OS ramps up its IoT challenge another notch

Uni boffins: 'Accurate' Android AV app outperforms most rivals

...Don't sweat, VXers, it's STILL no use against hidden nasties

Daisy back door sniffers bag extension to come up with the cash

CEO Riley and crew yet to show the money

SHOW ME the MONEY: Payment code spied in Facebook Messenger

And show everyone else in the world, mostprobably

Yahoo close to investing $20m in disappearing chat app Snapchat

Deal would value app at $10 BEEELLION – report

Apple's iPhone 6 can REVERSE BALDNESS (and cause it, too)

Is there no problem the Jesus Phone can't cause, er, solve?

Nokia Lumia 735: Ignore the selfie hype, it's a grown-up phone

ReviewMicrosoft gets (almost) everything right in upgrade

BT's consumer mobe network suffers tech snags – but telco denies delay claims

'We always said femtocell service would take two years'

Meg Whitman: The lady IS for TURNING. HP to lob printers'n'PCs OVERBOARD

'Better together' ... Until now

Want the EU to work on making cloud snoop-proof? Speak up, my good 'stakeholder'

That means you

Adobe unveils mobile app Cloud Atlas

Max 2014Takes Creative Cloud to the MAX

Azure Australia certified good enough for government work

Redmondian outpost signed off to handle 'Unclassified Sensitive data'

Chinese researchers develop fuzzy search algorithm for encrypted cloud data

Can't find your files in your cloudy storage? Relax

It's not you, it's Three. Mobe network goes titsup across UK

'Definitely not planned on a Monday morning (of all days)'. Well, DOH

Apple tries to kill iWorm: Zombie botnet feasting on Mac brains

Updates XProtect

‘This is 2LO calling’: Marconi transmitter, IBM Simon and more at the Science Museum

BBC Click to host event at Information Age gallery

Rise of the Machines: FIRST HUMAN VICTIM – 2015

Internet of Things robots WILL break 1st law - EU top cops

Sprint will KILL OFF WiMax in 2015 – report

395 days to go until the 'other 4G' gets it

'Conscious uncoupling' of HP 'Ink', HP Enterprise: It's the shareholders, stupid

Did I say better together? Um... – Meg Whitman

Hot DRAM! Samsung splurges $15 BILLION on Korean chip fab

Could be logic, could be memory

New EU data chief: 'We share common targets with the United States'

Suspending safe harbour a possibility, but not yet

'Apple Watch' sapphire glass maker files for bankruptcy protection

Wonder material will continue to spew forth, insists CEO

AT&T fires insider for slurping customers' social security numbers, driver licenses and more

To those affected: All your data are belong to ... that guy

Yahoo servers? SHELLSHOCKED? by Bash?

UpdatedHash bang ... WALLOP

Linux systemd dev says open source is 'SICK', kernel community 'awful'

Reckons newbies should beware of hostile straight white males

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