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3rd > October > 2014 Archive

Verizon: We're throttling broadband. FCC: WTF? Verizon: Lol, jk!

Carrier backs down on plan to slow data speeds to unlimited users

Take THAT, hated food! It's OVER, tedious chewing! Soylent strikes back with version 1.1

Now with LESS FLAVOR – and hopefully less, um, wind

Google wants to KILL apps with the 'Physical Web'

It's kinda like shouty bluetooth QR codes

EFF: Cops' spyware for parents is insecure – and a fat waste of money

ComputerCOP: Your tax dollars (and seized assets) at work

VMware squeezes out vSphere 6.0 release candidate – or is it vSphere 2015?

Virtzilla planning hosts with the most - 64TB of storage, 480 physical CPUs and 12TB RAM

Apple pitches record labels on cheaper music service

Cook and Co. want lower fees for streaming songs

Microsoft's nightmare DEEPENS: Windows 8 market share falling fast

XP still clinging on tight, may even be growing a bit

Oz minister says Trans-Pacific partnership '90 per cent there'

Rest of world: nasty treaty 'might not happen at all'

You don't have to be mad to work at Apple but....

iWish someone would give me a better job

POISON PI sniffs WiFi from your mail room, goes on rampage

Snail mail is preferred medium for hack attack pack

Another day, another cloud computing price cut

Chocolate Factory cuts Compute Engine costs by about ten per cent

Desktop, schmesktop: Microsoft reveals next WINDOWS SERVER

Run it in Azure today, sysadmins, and get ready for lots of hybrid hype

HEVC patent prices are out. Look who's NOT at the codec party: Microsoft and Google

AnalysisWill they want to fork out to Apple 'n' pals?

Google ordered to tear down search results from its global dotcom by French court

...but not in a "right to be forgotten" case

SanDisk hopes to lure in enterprise clients with a little TLC (SSD)

AnalysisSets up disk-to-flash conversion service too

Top 10 SSDs: Price, performance and capacity

Product round-upTime to consider the solid option?

Something will happen in Google 'dominance' probe. Just don't ask me what - EU antitrust chief

Hello law, meet tech. You might need some help keeping up

Symantec offers BIGGER, FASTER NetBackup appliance

Move into EMC's market begins with refresh of 5000 Series

Facebook: Ha! Like we'd stop researchers messing with your mind

CTO: Backlash, new guidelines, blah blah. Oh look, a squirrel

We're not Mr Brightside: Asda Car Insurance broker hacked

Customer data NOT exposed - as far as they know

Scale out sister: Open sorcerer pulls v3 Gluster cluster out of Red Hat

Linux pusher intros Storage Server 3

Bored hackers flick Shellshock button to OFF as payloads shrink

But beware of complacency, warn Akamai bods

Google's Eric Schmidt's shock confession: Steve Jobs is.... MY HERO

But Leonardo DiCaprio might not feel the same way

EU blesses $19bn Facebook-Whatsapp marriage

Yet it's not bothered about user privacy worries

Vanished blog posts? Enterprise gaps? Welcome to Windows 10

First lookThe riddle that will satisfy Win 8 haters, at least

Bring your spade: The BIG DATA Gold Rush has begun

Most forty-niners didn't get rich – shovel-makers did

Blighty: Welcome your new, faceless MI6 chief – Alex Younger

Head spook enjoys: Mountains, sailing, music... and, er, MI6

MAC BOTNET uses REDDIT comments for directions

17,000 Macs compromised by malicious miscreants

Our Vultures peck at new Doctor Who: Exterminate or, er ... carrion?

TV reviewPeter Capaldi – best Time Lord yet, or worst?

Ice probe peers at hidden BOTTOMS of oceans from SPAAACE

PicsMurky deeps mapped from orbit by cryosphere mission

FLASH drive ... Ah-aaaaaah! BadUSB no saviour to plug and play Universe

Serious flaws demonstrated by researchers

My employer, comply with data protection law? Don't think so – say 3 in 4 office drones

One to ponder as you're filling in those online payment fields

IBM goes gunning for Intel with Nvidia GPU-charged Power8 servers

Claims victory for OpenPower Foundation in war on 'proprietary tech'

Marriott fined $600k for deliberate JAMMING of guests' Wi-Fi hotspots

Posh hostel biz borked guests' networks to sell pricey offering

Mind-blowing! You'll totally believe what Google is now calling its Cloud Platform previews

Must share. Your friends will love it #britneyspears #seo

Particle that behaves like matter and antimatter found: Majorana fermion

Quantum computing moves closer atom by atom

Worst. Comic. Book. Ever. Marvell's Chipman defeated by France in another patent battle

US biz slapped with $1.7m bill over wireless network tech

You folks probably don't have much to say on the Comcast-TWC merger ... FCC extends deadline for comments anyway

Uncontroversial stuff, right?

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