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NBN Co to launch commercial FTTN in Q3 2015

The slow crawl to a faster rollout

Applied Micro: Get lost, PowerPC! We're flinging 64-bit ARM HeliX cores at robots next year

ARM TechConHP's Moonshot buddy is getting boisterous

Google: Hey kids, dump all your files over here with us!

Chocolate Factory promises unlimited storage for students

Vertigan hands Turnbull a knife, Turnbull carves Vertigan report

Government declines to spifflicate the NBN

Proprietary OS source code LEAKED to web – from 40 years ago

No Shellshock bug spotted in ancient CP/M code so far

So long Lotus 1-2-3: IBM ceases support after over 30 years of code

One of computing's first killer apps bites the dust

Vendors join hands to foster open source NFV

Reference platform rather than standards

Researchers bypass Redmond's EMET, again

Version 5 still a bit soft

DARPA joins math-secured microkernel race

Embedded systems need better security

IoT coding kit targets experimenters who can't code

SAMLabs hits Kickstarter target

Supercomputer water-cooling comes to solar power

Big Blue shows off Swiss research project

SLOSH! Cops dethrone suspect - by tipping over portaloo with him inside

VidTalk about raising a stink and soiling your career

VMWare virtually in control of Shellshock

Patch here, here, here ... everywhere, really

Etsy security rule #1: Don't be a jerk to devs

Attack thyself with 0days, preaches former hacker bod

Larry Ellison: Who's the DINOSAUR NOW, cloudy rivals?

'We're just getting started,' Ellison warns incumbents

IRONY ALERT: Former MI6 chief warns of 'mass snooping' - by PAEDOS

YOUR KIDS are, er, spied on by predators, says dodgy dossier chap

One Windows? How does that work... and WTF is a Universal App?

AnalysisMicrosoft's strategy is to make Store apps popular. Good luck with that

LulzSec supersnitch led attacks on UK, Australia – report

Sabu helped Feds target 30 countries, documents reveal

TalkTalk and Three want to make it easier to switch mobe networks

... to them, natch. Why else make the effort?

Apple, Google mobe encryption good news... for TERRORISTS – EU top cop

At least he didn't ask us to 'think of the children'

Ofcom chief exec Ed Richards to step down in December

Top bod reckons 8 years is enough time to spend running the regulator

Apple bats away yet another WiLAN patent sueball

Judge gives fruity firm summary judgment win in LTE lawsuit

Ingredient found in TASTY BEER is GOOD for your BRAIN

You only have to drink 2k litres a day to see the effect...

The magic storage formula for successful VDI? Just add SSDs

They're cheap, they're plentiful... why not?

Music-mad Brits drive up hardware sales too – claims BPI

Chicken and egg - but which was first?

Apple blacklists tech journo following explicit BENDY iPhone vid

Floppy phone gets well and truly buckled by teutonic techie

David Goulden tosses away CFO cap, holds onto EMC II CEO crown

+CommentZane Rowe becomes chief cash counter

EVIL patent TROLLS poised to attack OpenStack, says Linux protection squad

Open-source cloud's own openness a problem

Apple tool: Buying an iPhone in a carpark? Find out if it's STOLEN

Check IMEI number? Bloke said not to open box until he leaves

Leaked: Mobile operators' SCARE campaign against net neutrality

Video streaming won't work but paedo sites will

DRAM! Speedy software upstart PernixData's caching up fast

Caching speed upped by several orders of magnitude

UK reforms on private copying and parody come into force

Plus you can now 'quote' from copyrighted material

OMG! With nothing but machine tools, steel and parts you can make a GUN!!

Analysis'3D printed plastic gun' man talks more rubbish

Atlas snubbed! Ad blocker says it can kill Facebook's stalker tech

Now how do you Like that, Zuck?

JPMorgan Chase: 76 milliom homes, 7 million small biz thumped in cyber-heist

Cyber-details cyber-stolen by cyber-thieves

I'll show you the D next week – billionaire space baron Elon Musk

Sly tweet sends tongues a-wagging

NAKED CELEBRITY PICS LAW BOMB dropped on ad giant Google

Brief briefs chiefs on search beef, warns of $100m+ grief

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