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30th > September > 2014 Archive

Apple finally patches Bash Shellshock vuln that WAS NOT A WORRY, OK?

F5 scrambling to catch up

Atlas plugged: Facebook hooks ads to profiles, smears 'em over the web

Slapping posters all over the internet, Google? Two can play at that game, says Zuck

Third patch brings more admin Shellshock for the battered and Bashed

'Okay we got it THIS time'

What's a Chromebook good for? How about running PHOTOSHOP?

App streaming tech has Adobe's flagship software running on bargain kit

Alca-Lu spinoff Nuage plugs into Oracle SDN

Integrated with OpenStack under Oracle Linux

Opposition: we passed Australia's 'spook's charter' on PURPOSE

'Picking battles' is strategy, not stupidity, anonymous source claims

Canberra drone team dances a samba in Outback Challenge

CSIRO's 'missing bushwalker' found and watered

Mine Bitcoins with PENCIL and PAPER

Forget Sudoku, crunch SHA-256 algos

OpenDaylight floats 2.0 'Helium' release

Security, OpenStack integration high on list

TEEN RAMPAGE: Kids in iPhone 6 'Will it bend' YouTube 'prank'

iPhones bent in Norwich? As if the place wasn't weird enough

FBI opens Malware Investigator portal to industry

Agency trades malware samples for intel reports

Grooveshark caught in a net of its own making

DMCA didn't protect staff uploads: judge

Bloke accused of making phone spyware StealthGenie is cuffed by feds

Is it on your mobe? You'd never know

Balls of destruction CRUSH your fancy new storage systems ... better get used to it

StoragebodStart planning for disruptive software upgrades

Payment security vastly improved when you DON'T ENTER your BANK DETAILS

Entering randomly generated ‘tokens’ makes it safer – report

Gaming gasm UK: Rubbing shoulders with LEGENDS and newbies

EGX 2014Game devs flock to Kickstarter

Consumers agree to give up first-born child for free Wi-Fi – survey

This Herod network's ace – but crap reception in bullrushes

VMware grabs UK channel exec from SAP

Places bets on industry vet Phil Croxford

'This BITE MARK is a SMOKING GUN': Boffins probe ancient assault

Tooth embedded in thigh bone may tell who pulled the trigger

Is Cleversafe the object storage of HP's affection?

Mirror, mirror etc, StoreAll is the fairest one of all

Apple sues Steven Lamar over Beats co-founder claims

Forgot about Dre? Nope...

George Clooney, WikiLeaks' lawyer wife hand out burner phones to wedding guests

Day 4: 'News'-papers STILL rammed with Clooney nuptials

Vodafone to stock BlackBerry Passport – on sale tomorrow

You Canuck order it today (sorry)

Beijing says YES, GIVE US the iPHONE 6 even if it spies for the NSA

But are Chinese consumers BUYING it? Hmmm

It's official: EU chiefs WILL probe Apple's Irish tax deal

But if impropriety found, Ireland, not Apple, will have to fix it

EU probes Google’s Android omerta again: Talk now, or else

ExclusiveSpill those Android secrets, or we’ll fine you

Anti-Facebook Ello: Here's why we're still in beta. SPAMGASM!

+CommentWhack-a-mole play against abusers

Icahn and I DID: eBay volte-faces, spins PayPal into separate biz

Boards scream in terror as bolshy investor's demands met

Supercomputers: The Next Generation – Cray puts burst buffer tech, Intel Haswell inside

Go faster, faster compute screamers

DOLPHINS SMELL MAGNETS – did we hear that right, boffins?

Xavier's School for Gifted Magnetotaceans

Scrapping the Human Rights Act: What about privacy and freedom of expression?

CommentJustice minister's attack to destroy ability to challenge state

Cisco: Intercloud no longer lonely wanderer – BT, Ingram Micro and pals sign up

Management issues? Check. Data sovereignty? Check

Universal Credit CRISIS: Howard Shiplee SHIPS OUT of top job

Exits post more than six months before contract expires

Oracle crashes all-flash bash: Behold, our hybrid FS1 arrays

Mutant flash/disk box a pillar of storage: It's axiomatic

Enormo reseller Insight hires former Cisco man to run EMEA services

Old world tech supplier to spin up cloudy biz

Hey Brit taxpayers. You just spent £4m on Central London ‘innovation playground’

Catapult me a Mojito, I feel an Digital Innovation coming on

Nicked iCloud snaps: Celebrities were 'dumb' – new EU digi boss

Er, why did you put nude pics 'on the internet', JLaw?

Ice, ice maybe: Evidence of 'Grand Canyon' glacier FOUND ON MARS

Telltale minerals identified in Martian Grand Canyon

Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld and some Apple bloke attend glitzy iPhone 6 Paris launch

PicsNever mind Jony Ive - who's the hobo lookalike?

PEAK IPV4? Global IPv6 traffic is growing, DDoS dying, says Akamai

First time the cache network has seen drop in use of 32-bit-wide IP addresses

Microsoft WINDOWS 10: Seven ATE Nine. Or Eight did really

Vid+PicsWindows NEIN skipped, tech preview due out on Wednesday

Oracle will 'kill MySQL' and steal its users? Ha ha, haha, ha. Seriously, we won't – Oracle exec

OpenWorldThese are the 'best years' of the database's life

Hong Kong protest puts mesh nets to the test in state censorship smash

FireChat becomes tool of choice for organizers

Telstra announces another national WiFi rollout

Party like it's 2004

OpenVPN open to pre-auth Bash Shellshock bug – researcher

Fallout continues. But you've patched, right? Right?

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