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27th > September > 2014 Archive

Yahoo! dumps! thing! that! made! it! Yahoo! and! told! to! bed! AOL!

Hindenburg, meet Titanic

Oracle SHELLSHOCKER - data titan lists unpatchables

Database kingpin lists 32 products that can't be patched (yet) as GNU fixes second vuln

Super Cali so litigious, Uber is the focus. Even German judges say it's something quite atrocious

Lies! It's all lies, says upstart

Ello, 'ello, what's all this then? We take a spin on the new social network driving everyone loopy

PicsWhat the 'ell is this 'serpent-wept-constant' code invite?

CURSE YOU, 'streaming' music services! I want a bloody CD

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Like chillax, Dabbsy-o

Weekend reads: Douglas Adams' bio in The Frood, The Bone Clocks and Harry Partch, Hobo Composer

Page FileDon't forget your towel, readers

'Google is NOT the gatekeeper to the web, as some claim'

QuoTWPlus: 'Pretty sure iOS 8.0.2 will just turn the iPhone into a fax machine'

Hollywood's made an intelligent science vs religion film?!

Film ReviewI Origins: the incredible tale of a scientist with an open mind and feelings

Be your own Big Brother: Keeping an eye on Mum and Dad

FeatureAll watched over by machines of loving grace

Bendgate backlash: Apple claims warped iPhone 6 Plus damage is 'extremely rare'

Give this HUGE POCKET STROKER a little respect. Yes?

Japanese volcano eruption reportedly leaves 31 people presumed dead

UpdatedHopes fade of finding survivors on Mount Ontake

Microsoft on the Threshold of a new name for Windows next week

Rebranded OS reportedly set to be flung open by Redmond

That glass of water you just drank? It was OLDER than the SUN

One MEELLION years older. Some of it anyway

iPAD-FONDLING fanboi sparks SECURITY ALERT at Sydney airport

Breaches screening rules cos Apple SCREEN ROOLZ, ok?

Rackspace to hit GLOBAL CLOUD REBOOT button to flush out Xen security nasty

Sysadmins warned of incoming blitz

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