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25th > September > 2014 Archive

Adobe axes R&D lab in China, insiders blame mandarins and pirates

300 people put Illustrator to good use – designing new CVs

Galaxy Note 4 latest: Samsung rushes iPhone 6 Plus rival to China as Apple flails in dark

Sadly, no suggestion Sammy's made the phablet bendable

Feds: Cheeky scammers are impersonating us in criminal capers

IC3 warns of email payment fraud push

Broadcom looks to 25/50/100 G to drive new chip

'Tomahawk' sampling now, expect products 2015

Xamarin sics army of 1,000 test devices on hapless mobile apps

Cloud-based testing service puts code through virtual wringer

Google to go Loony within the year

Balloon broadband forging ahead, says Teller

Sea-Me-We 5 construction starts

New sub cable to go live 2016

Investment climate hostile to optical sector: Alca-Lu

Turning bit-pipes into bottlenecks

Brandis: NO LIMIT to ASIO network taps

'Whole of the Internet' legislation close to passing

Man's future in space ... Barack Obama: Mars. Narendra Modi: Mars. Vladimir Putin: Er, Moon

Roscosmos confirms carrier rocket tests in lunar base plan

Are you a fat boy? Get to university now, you penniless slacker

Rotund types paid nearly 20% less than people who didn't eat all the pies

Desperate VXers enslave FREEZERS in DDoS bot

Updated Spike malware targets Asia

Bash bug: Shellshocked yet? You will be ... when this goes WORM

Much carnage to come, warn experts

Xen security bug, you say? Amazon readies GLORIOUS GLOBAL CLOUD REBOOT

While we wait until Oct 1 for hypervisor fix

Database virtualisation outfit Delphix: Lotsa dosh, few competitors

InterviewNice niche if you can get it. El Reg chats to founder

Enough with the rack-grappling, kids. Try this MYSTERY app

HPC blogUltra Comprehensive ISC14 Cluster Comp Results - part 2

Alcatel-Lucent techie: Race for ‘5G’ technologies is 'ridiculous'

'5G’ efforts are missing the point of the new mobile networks

IT crisis looming: 'What if AWS goes pop, runs out of cash?'

Canalys Channels Forum 2014Public IaaS... something's gotta give - and it may be AWS

Cisco: Hand us the keys. We'll drive Intercloud into telcos, Google

Canalys Channels Forum 2014And Azure, of course... Just a couple of quarters

On integrating flash arrays with server-side flash

Cache storage gets faster and faster

Indian mom just loves it on Mars, tweets fave holiday snap

PicPM weighs in too, says non-committal nice thing

EMC, HP blockbuster Borg: Big potential or total CATASTROPHE?

CommentEMC plus HP – pundits do the sums

Apple 'Genius': iPhone 6? We've had NO COMPLAINTS about our BENDY iThing

Right, whip out your curved doodah. Let’s have a look

Hot wet alien world discovered in constellation Cygnus

Faraway HAT-P-11b draws back its cloud shroud

Federation fracture: EMC's post-Tucci future is either SALE or SPLIT

CommentIt's two minutes to midnight and everyone's hiding under the duvet

Samsung lays down PCIe server flash gauntlet

Are you listening, SanDisk?

Latest Firefox and Thunderbird updates plug CRITICAL SSL vuln

Not 'just another pointless patch', this one's for real

Seagate cloud bod on EVault's EBA: Why of course we do dedupe

CommentAsks to make some clarifications


Hackers? Pah! It's that sysadmin who has had enough

FlashDIMM flare-up: Netlist hit by Diablo counter-sueball

Patents, it's always the patents they're fighting over

EU operators PLEAD for MERCY, may get roaming rates cut ‘reprieve’

Report: Policy bods to ask for 'no change'

Amazon: Wish in one hand, Twit in the other – see which one fills first

#AmazonWishList A year's supply of Arran scotch, ta

Hackers thrash Bash Shellshock bug: World races to cover hole

Update your gear now to avoid early attacks hitting the web

Euro chiefs: Hi Google. Here's how to REALLY protect everyone's privacy. Hello? Hello?

is this thing on? Anyone there?

Sun of a beach! Java biz founder loses battle to keep his shore private

Surfers win Martin's Beach battle against Vinod Khosla

Let it go, Steve: Ballmer bans iPads from his LA Clippers b-ball team

Can you imagine the scene? 'Hey guys, it's your new owner – WTF is that on your desk?'

The Schmidt hits the brand: Apple's iPhone 6 is a year late, scoffs smug search supremo

Google boss admits competition in phone market 'brutal'

FBI boss: Apple's iPhone, iPad encryption puts people 'ABOVE THE LAW'

Presumably doors, locks and windows, too?

Symantec's CEO search ends where it started, with Michael Brown

Interim chief exec named third 'permanent' boss in three years

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