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23rd > September > 2014 Archive

Troll hunter Rackspace turns Rotatable's bizarro patent to stone

News of the Weird: Screen-rotating technology declared unpatentable

Harper review says ACCC telco functions need new regulator

Also takes aim at trade pacts and the 'Australia tax'

Net Neutrality? Hold my coffee, I got this: FCC says it's still considering all options for Open Web

Not a deal done, nope. Still reading all those comments

Apple: Beats Music is safe with us. Just like your selfies in iCloud

The Beats goes on ... Cupertino hasn't forgotten about Dre, etc

SpaceX breaks ground on first commercial spaceport in Texas

Musk gets another round of corporate welfare

Google grand fromage Eric Schmidt: Backing climate denier lobby a 'mistake'

Walk away slowly, don't look them in the eye

MediaTek takes aim at Arduino with IoT wearables project

SoC, SDK, breadboards

Comms Alliance preps vectored VDSL2 connection rules

Getting ready for the brand-new, old-copper NBN

Dyslexic, dyspraxic? No probs, says GCHQ

Unique minds set to code-breaking

Game pirates 'donate' compute power to Bitcoin miners

Repack cracks foists Bitcoin miner hack

Ab phab: Apple is Britain's coolest brand YET AGAIN

No sweetie, mummy wants the iPhone 6 plus plus plus

Giuliani's Call of Duty: defeat Noriega in epic boss battle

Video games case gets a bit more starpower

Colias robots SWARMING out of the lab

VideoCheap academic bot for research and mayhem

80 PER CENT of app devs SUCK at securing your data, study finds

Ignore that, look at my shiny-shiny

Will Europe's ISPs unmask anonymous IP infringers?

Debate over monitoring user traffic for illegal file-sharing

Apple slaps a passcode lock on iOS 8 devices, but cops can still inhale your iCloud

Don't congratulate yourselves too soon, Apple – securobod

Microsoft vs the long arm of US law: Straight outta Dublin

CommentHey you, get off of our cloud

BLAM, BLAM, BLAM... nooooo! Hacker crew Lizard Squad spits DDoS venom at Call of Duty

JUST before you blasted 2 'copters with 1 rocket launcher

US team claims PARIS paper plane launch crown

Vulture 1's Guinness World Record broken by 96,563ft paper dart release

Adobe swallows Aviary, hopes to stuff Creative Cloud into mobes

Firm will open up APIs to third parties with new Creative SDK

Phones 4u demise: 1,700 employees laid off with redundo package

'Limited interest in remaining 362 stores', says administrator PwC

Lotus Notes inventor Ozzie invents app to talk to people on your phone

Imagine that. Startup floats with voice collab app for Win iPhone

MOST iPhone strokers SPURN iOS 8: iOS 7 'un-updatening' in 5...4...

Guess they don't like our battery-draining update?

Apple iPhone 6 Plus: GORGEOUS FAT pixel density - but it's WASTED

Review + VidCupertino's fuller phablet stopgap solution?

EU dangles $6bn threat over Google in endless search abuse probe

Sanctions the 'logical next step', warns Brussels' antitrust boss

The object of the game: NetApp 'Amazon-izes' StorageGRID

Web-scale object storage with geo-distributed erasure coding

Tripadvisor site coughs to card data breach for a potential 800k users

Viator: Veni, vidi, rapui

Swiss cops BAN MASKS at meeting of rebellious United Nations IP staff

WIPO chief accused of DNA theft, cosying up to NORKS

SpaceX Dragon cargo truck flies 3D printer to ISS: Clawdown in 3, 2...

Craft berths at space station with supplies, experiments, toys

HP is giving away FREE* STORAGE to lucky server customers

And you don't even have to buy HP hardware. How about that?

Can Marten Mickos make 'Linux for the cloud' work for HP?

The 'not-another-Unix play' play

UK banks hook themselves up to real-time cop data feed

Not like the movies: Law enforcement is in on it...

Puppet-wearing devs: There's now an app (or two) for that

PuppetConf 2014New tools aim to connect customers with IT automation utilities, services

Apple's new iPhone 6 vulnerable to last year's TouchID fingerprint hack

But unsophisticated thieves need not attempt this trick

London slaps down Salesforce's bid to rename Heron Tower

US firm not 'dominant' enough for landmark skyscraper

Samsung abandons Chromebooks, laptops, PCs in Europe

Want a Sammy Chromebook? Live in Blighty? Forget it

New VDI recipe: Pinch of Cisco, spoon of VMware, mix with X-IO arrays

Add salt as required

Emma Watson urges UN to back feminism – trolls threaten to leak her 'nude selfies'

Which rather proves her point

Le whoops! Microsoft France boss blows lid off 'Windows 9' event

Redmond's attempt at Applesque PR is going just as well as its Surface tablets

'In... 15 feet... you will be HIT BY A TRAIN' Google patents the SPLAT-NAV

Alert system tips oblivious phone junkies to oncoming traffic

Canonical, Oracle go two on one against Red Hat in OpenStack bout

Each to support its own Linux on other's cloud stack

Rookie southies S Korea and S Africa prep for cluster-wrestling match

HPC BlogStudents get to grips with HPC apps


Twisty whoppers pop out of snug bottoms

FTC nails pin in Bitcoin mining rig maker Butterfly Labs

Claims biz took in as much as $50m for kit it never shipped

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