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22nd > September > 2014 Archive

Apple pours a cup of JavaScript for its Automator robot

A quiet revolution in Automation

CloudFlare ditches private SSL keys for better security

'Sorry, spooks, we can't decrypt this for you'

Home Depot ignored staff warnings of security fail laundry list

'Just use cash', former security staffer warns friends

Surprise: if you work from home you need the Internet

Buffer-rage sends Aussies out to experience road rage

Cherry Creek overflows with HPC goodness at Uni of Nevada

Switched in from Oregon

Your location info is too revealing: data boffins

Anonymity by a thousand cuts does the Harlem Shake

Blame it on LOLing XSS terroristas

Oz carrier Tiger Air takes terror alerts to new heights

Don't doodle, it might cost you your flight

Exercise-tracking app not QUITE fit for purpose

MyFitnessPro splats bug in two days

Moon landing was real and WE CAN PROVE IT, says Nvidia

Different angle on a product demo

Hey, what's a STORAGE company doing working on Internet-of-Cars?

Boo - it's not a terabyte car, it's just predictive maintenance and that

Soundbites: News in brief from the Wi-Fi audiophile files

DTS and Sonos sing out but not off the same hymnsheet

SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD – courting speed freaks and gamers

Review10-year warranties are the new black

EE buys 58 Phones 4u stores for £2.5m after picking over carcass

Operator says it will safeguard 359 jobs, plans lick of paint

EMC, HP blockbuster 'merger' shocker comes a cropper

+CommentStand down, FTC... you can put your feet up for a bit

Mushy spam law's IDEAL for toothless watchdog: Spamhaus slams CAN-SPAM

One in 10 non-compliance? It's worse than that, even in the US

NASA's MAVEN enters Mars orbit to sniff its gas

Smell you later, Earth!

Staff unions call for removal of controversial UN patent agency chief

Masked meeting to be held in Geneva tonight

One-time direct sales giant Dell weds world's largest tech distie... in the UK

Do you, Dell UK, take Ingram Micro to have and to hold?

Bill Gates, drugs and the internet: Top 10 Larry Ellison quotes

'I certainly never expected to become rich ... this is surreal'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone movie: report

Batman's Robin knows all about the bewildered orphan look

Jesus phone RAISED from DEAD. Watch iPhone 6 get BURNED, DROWNED, SMASHED

VidGo on, fandroids, you're allowed to giggle

Ericsson follows Broadcom to modem Mordor

Swedes ring off

Man, its smartphones are SQUARE. But will BlackBerry make a comeback with them?

AnalysisAlso adds dash of PC PIMs

LOHAN wraps Kickstarter tin-rattling at £30,725

Ballocket mission funded - award yourselves beer

The British Museum plonks digital bricks on world of Minecraft

Institution confirms it's cool with joining the blocky universe

Huawei's top UK mobile man walks out in shock resignation

Where could former Samsung man be off to next?

I sold 10 MILLION iPhone 6es at the weekend, says Tim Cook. What did you do?

Apple CEO is understated as usual

Hungry Brit giant Daisy Group extends D-day for buying consortium

To buy or not to buy, that is the question facing CEO Riley & Co

Huawei buys Cambridge Internet of Things pioneer Neul

Fridge shall speak unto smartwatch

Germany strikes again over Amazon warehouse pay

Employees to walk out in long-running wage dispute

Apple iPhone 6: Looking good, slim. AW... your battery died

ReviewAlas, not the generation where batt life stops being an issue

What the 4K: High-def DisplayPort vid meets reversible USB Type C

No more $1,000 monitor cables, Best Buy heartbroken

GRAV WAVE DRAMA: 'Big Bang echo' may have been grit on the scanner – boffins

Exit Planet Dust on faster-than-light expansion of universe

Linux? Bah! Red Hat has its eye on the CLOUD – and it wants to own it

CEO says it will be 'undisputed leader' in enterprise cloud tech

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