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19th > September > 2014 Archive

Register journo battles Sydney iPHONE queue, FONDLES BIG 'UN

First FondleSwollen queue suggests bumper Fruitchomp Friday

How's this for a biz expense? SAP pops $8.3 BEELLION on company card for Concur

That's about three or so Minecrafts, right?

Red Hat to Wall Street: I came here to chew FeedHenry and kick some ass. And I'm all out of FeedHenry

rpm -i profit.q2.2015

Google bloke Beer buzzes iOS 8, OS X in bug-busting bonanza bash

Apple's turn to get the drinks in, amirite?

Samsung unlocks Knox at zero bucks

The race to zero in the mobile device management market has begun

Gigantic bazaar Alibaba WILL turn share price up to 11, er, $68 for biggest IPO ever in US

Hopeful cap'ns seek PILES O'DOUBLOONS in NYSE debut

Man buys iPHONE 6 and DROPS IT to SMASH on PURPOSE

First CrackYarrrgh! 'Tis Antipodean insanity, ye crazy swab

Why Oracle CEO Larry Ellison had to go ... Except he hasn't

AnalysisSilicon Valley's veteran seadog in piratical Putin impression

Monitors monitor's monitoring finds touch screens have 0.4% market share

Not four. Point four. Count yer booty again, Microsoft

Oi, London thief. We KNOW what you're doing - our PRECRIME system warned us

Aye, shipmate, it be just like that Minority Report

Stray positrons caught on ISS hint at DARK MATTER source

Landlubber scope-gazers squint to horizons and see anti-electron count surge

Who's that at the door, storage box flingers? It's the hard drive makers. No, they are not smiling

AnalysisNice treasure chest ye have there. Shame if it fell overboard

Google Apple grapple brings crypto cop block to Android

Belike tears of joy to this old seadog's eyes, laddie

Object Storage Alliance launched. Problem: 3 vendors haven't joined

See here, me IBM mateys, why d'ye languish with these scurvy curs?

Russian botnet suspects cuffed over romantic MMS spyware allegs

Avast! Belay that 'RomanticVK' order - there be MONSTERS

Open source and the NHS: Two huge disorganised entities without central control

Nay dragons here, me lad - these be long lost lovers

Plucky Playmonaut parties as LOHAN hits Kickstarter goal

Bring on the wenches'n'mead, set course for New Mexico

TOR users become FBI's No.1 hacking target after legal power grab

Be afeared, me hearties, these scoundrels be spying our signals

iPhone 6: The final straw for Android makers eaten alive by the data parasite?

AnalysisArr, makin' spy kit fer Google, a mug's game matey

Getting to the BOTTOM of the great office seating debate

100% DesignBelay that toil, me hearty, and park your scurvy backside

Bacon-related medical breakthrough wins Ig Nobel prize

Is there ANYTHING cured pork can't do?

Blood-crazed Microsoft axes Trustworthy Computing Group

Security be not a dirty word, me Satya. But crevice, bigod...

Reg bloke zips through an iPHONE 6 queue from ZERO to 60 SECONDS

VidArr, he'm used t'magic o' fast forrard, d'ye see

Buying memory in an iPhone 6: Like wiping your bottom with dollar bills

Anal-ysisMind, t'Motorola StarTac were like GOLD

Divinity Original Sin and Wasteland 2 reviews: Turn-based gaming's not dead yet!

Game TheoryKickstarter funded fun-packed thrills

You - vendor. Pin your ears back, I've got some things to tell you

StoragebodNo, there is no coffee and you may not sit down. Notebooks out

Joan Rivers promotes iPhone 6 from BEYOND THE GRAVE

Deceased comedienne loving the new fondlephab

Bono: Apple will sort out monetising music where the labels failed

Remastered so hard it would be difficult or impossible to master it again

India vs America: Earthling invaders in race to MARS

MAVEN and MOM neck and neck in plunge toward Red Planet

Alien condoms. Stuck to the wall. That's entirely normal, y'know

100% DesignAnd 3D printed model houses, because they're awesome

Hazelcast trousers cash, poises open-source cutlass against Exadata belly

Do ya feel Luck-y, punk?

Lumia rebrand begins: Nokia's new UK web home is

Yarr, them Nokia logos walking the plank and into the drink

Pop open this iPhone 6 and see where the magic oozes from ... oh hello again, Qualcomm

TeardownNew speaking slabs blown to smithereens

Yahoo! Made! $8bn! In! One! Day! And! You'll! Easily! Guess! How!

Plenty o' grog to drink from all thar Alibaba booty

Want a Tizen phone to build apps for? Now's your chance – provided you don't need it to work

Outdated handsets that can't make calls can be YOURS

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