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13th > September > 2014 Archive

Gartner ranks upstart trio ahead of EMC, HP and IBM in battle for flash array dominance

Analysts break down why some are ahead and some are behind

Not pro Bono: Apple's audio junk mail made spammers' lives easier

CommentThe U in U2 stands for Unwanted

Super Cali goes ballistic, Uber Pool is bogus: Ride sharing biz is illegal in the state, says regulator

Want to car pool commerically? Get a license

Net neutrality fans' joy as '2.3 million email' flood hits US Congress

FCC invites opinions in CSV format, after Slowdown day 'success'

Apple's Mr Havisham: Tim Cook says dead Steve Jobs' office has remained untouched

'I literally think about him every day' says biz baron's old friend

Read The Gods of War for every tired cliche you never wanted to see in a sci fi book

Page FileThe equivalent of a late-90s Steven Seagal movie in a book

Starship Troopers beat Aliens, Robots AND Chuck Norris to WIN in a FIGHT

Weekend Big DataPirates, Ninjas, Klingons trounced

The Apple Watch and CROTCH RUBBING. How are they related?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Plus: 'NostrilTime' wristjob vid action

Misery for Virgin Media mobe customers over mysterious 'EE data centre gaffe'

Hurrah! New SIM card ... no signal. Oh

Stonehenge's HUMAN ABATTOIR was just a prehistoric Burning Man hippyfest site

CoTWOr so you say, dear Register readers

Oh noes, fanbois! iPhone 6 Plus shipments 'DELAYED' in the UK

Is EMBIGGENED Apple mobile REALLY that popular?

Let XKCD's Randall Munroe satisfy your curiosity in this excerpt from his book, What If

Just how much force power could Yoda really exert?

The sound of silence: One excited atom is so quiet that the human ear cannot detect it

Listen! Could this be a Quantum Communications Leap?

General Motors issues stop deliver for 2,800 corvettes over defects in 2015 model

Faulty air bags and parking brake cables halt sales

Drag queens: Oh, don't be so bitchy, Facebook! Let us use our stage names

Handbags at dawn over free content ad network's ID policy

DARPA-backed jetpack prototype built to make soldiers run faster

Vid4 Minute Mile project hatched to speed up tired troops

Bloat-free, unlocked Moto X to be dubbed 'Pure Edition', says report

Really? But what about that gently tweaked Android OS?

Apple Pay is a tidy payday for Apple with 0.15% cut, sources say

Cupertino slurps 15 cents from every $100 purchase

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